Daybreaker Partygoers
Daybreaker Partygoers. Image credit: Daybreaker.

On Wednesday, Buenos Aires is going to take the boliche experience to a new level when more than 300 indefatigable party animals will gather at a 6-am-sober-party on the terrace located at the 25th floor WeWork Torre Bellini, to perform their best pirouettes at the dance floor.

Daybreaker is the opposite to any ordinary party you have been in the city. There’s no Fernet nor craft birras, and wearing sexy black clothes with 10-cm platform shoes might not be ideal if you are going to meet a client just after partying in the morning.

On the other hand, wearing your favorite pajama to a morning dance might not be as great as it sounds, considering DJ Le Freak Selector will fill the aura with kinetic beats that will surely make you bounce like crazy as you see the sun rise through the downtown buildings.

If this is your first time at Daybreaker, here’s a list of five ingenious ideas to boost your morning outfit. It doesn’t matter if you are going to dance at 6 a.m. or 6 p.m., there’s a secret rule for every party: just wear what makes you feel comfortable and be yourself!

1. Printed Yoga Pants

An hour before hitting the dance floor, the first partygoers will make literal sun salutations at a 6-am yoga class led by master Dafne Schilling. Printed yoga pants are flashy, yet versatile, so you can wear them even after the party with a classic white t-shirt and a pair of comfortable sneakers.

Image credit: LMFAO Vevo.

2. Bandanas

This timeless piece has trespassed all cultural limits and everyone, from the iconic Johannes Vermeer’ Girl with a Pearl Earring to Lady Gaga has worn a bandana. They are so functional that you can wear them around your head, your neck, or use them as a bracelet.

Kerchiefs are also a safe bet if you’re planning to dance all morning long since they easily absorb sweat. Budget tip: bandanas are AR$ 35 in Barrio Chino and available in every color.

Photo by Luis Ruiz
Image credit: Luis Ruiz

3. Animal Masks

If you consider yourself a shy person, you can dress as your spirit animal, or Patronus, if you will. Animal masks are always fun and can give you confidence, since no one will ever know who was that guy making vigorous horse-like movements. Bonus: you don’t need to wear makeup and you can put them in your backpack just before going into the office.

Animal Mask GIF
Image credit: 99 Percent via Youtube.

4. Onesies

If you are not a boliche person, chances are you hate wearing party attires, which aren’t exactly designed to dance comfortably from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. without breaking a leg in the attempt.

If this is your case: a onesie is the perfect mix between a pajama and a creative dance-ready outfit that can easily adapt to every dance movement, from cumbia to reggaeton.

Onesies Daybreaker
Image credit: Insomniacevents.

5. Kinky Accessories

Colorful shades, retro prints, suspenders, long gym socks, carnival masks – any creative accessory will always make you feel fabulous when you are surrounded by positive people who are sharing the same objective: having fun in the most innovative and healthy way possible.

Daybreaker Partygoer
Image credit: Daniel Lee.

On Wednesday, Daybreaker is bringing together the most energetic party people and cool hunters in town for the first time in Argentina. The last few tickets for are still available, starting at AR$ 400 for people who go in groups.