Photo by Martín Mombrú Photography.

Few things are better than the feeling of having a three day weekend in front of you —and thankfully for us residents of Argentina that is the case! Monday marks the celebration of Argentina’s National Day of Sovereignty, providing all us workers with a chance to reflect on our right to self-governance as we kick back and relax. In addition to our normal round-up of activities, this weekend we also have a special Pride Guide, as Buenos Aires revs up for its 26th LGBTQ Pride Parade. Between all the live music, shows, festivities, and parties, there are plenty of things to do. So break out the sunscreen and let’s get planning!

Friday, the 17th of November


Feria COAS de las Naciones is back — Buenos Aires’ highly anticipated fair that showcases the best of global fashion, art, and design. This year big names from both national and international labels will be setting up stands, including Ay Not Dead, Cermela Achaval, Ayres and Ralph Lauren. A special ‘Plaza of the Arts’ with pieces from Galería Zurbarán will also be setting up for the first time. General admission to the fair is AR $130 until 5 PM, with a discounted admission given afterwards for AR $80.

12 – 8 PM | La Rural (Sarmiento 2704) | AR $130 | More info

Luciana Jury. Photo via Tucumán Show.
Luciana Jury. Photo via Tucumán Show.


Argentine singer-songwriter and guitarist Luciana Jury will be performing a solo concert this evening in the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti. Described as ‘one of the most attractive voices in popular Argentine music’ Luciana’s music weds a number of genres together, while at same time staying true to its Latin American roots. Many of her songs explore what could be called in-between places — like the transition of city into country, for example, or fantasy into reality. Tickets are free and will be given out an hour before the performance starts until the Conti’s capacity is reached.

9 – 11:30 PM | Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (Del Libertador 8151) | Free | More info


Experimental play ‘Una tierra salvaje’ will be showing in the Centro Cultural 25 de Mayo this Friday night in Villa Urquiza. A mash-up of a sound installation, performance, and fictional story, the play is based around ‘a far-off memory of happiness,’ and features useless objects and obsolete technology for props. Tickets are AR $180 (with a special 2 for 1 discount) and can be bought at the door.

10:15 PM | Centro Cultural 25 de Mayo (Triunvato 4444) | AR $180 | More info


Singer-songwriter, producer and DJ Miss Bolivia (who is actually Argentine, by the way) is headed to Niceto Club for what promises to be a ridiculously good concert. Fusing together genres like cumbia, hip-hop, and reggae to create a sound that is irresistibly dance-able, Miss Bolivia delivers highly politicized lyrics in a way that makes you want to tear up the dance floor in the best possible way. At the very least you’ll go home singing pero tomáte el palo, y ahora tomateló . . . 

Midnight | Niceto Club (Niceto Vega 5510) | AR $250 | More info

Saturday, the 18th of November

Photo via Disfrutemos BA.
Photo via Disfrutemos BA.


Argentina has often been called ‘the land of six continents’ due to the wide range of climates and terrains encompassed in its immense territory. Boasting towering peaks, picturesque deserts, thundering waterfalls, and kilometers upon kilometers of desolate steppe along with some of the most fertile land in the world, one could spend a lifetime traveling Argentina’s provinces and always see something new. Buenos Aires Celebra will be making such a trip possible by bringing the best of the country’s regions into town — celebrating the incredible diversity, with food, music, and several invited guests, including Los Tekis and group of percussionists who put on the city’s famous Bomba de Tiempo.

12 – 9 PM | Avenida de Mayo and Bolívar | Free | More info


The LGBTQ collective and its allies will start to gather in Plaza de Mayo around noon for Buenos Aires’ annual Pride Parade (Marcha del Orgullo). DJ Ana Logue, Dúo Bravas, Orquesta Inestable, and Tía Marilú will provide the pre-Marcha entertainment. The actual parade will probably start off closer to 4 PM — leaving plenty of time to socialize in the Plaza — and finish up in front of the Congress at approximately 6 PM. Following the parade entertainment will continue in Congreso, courtesy of DJ Jara and Kevin Royk, Chocolate Remix, Rocío Rocha, and Bandana. For more information about Buenos Aires Pride, check out the Bubble’s Pride Guide.

12 PM | Plaza de Mayo | Free | More info

Photo via Buenos Aires Ciudad.
Photo via Buenos Aires Ciudad.


Buenos Aires’ iconic Planetarium re-opened to the public last month after receiving a much needed facelift — and if you haven’t popped in to check it out since then, the weekend provides the perfect time. Experience the Planetarium’s ongoing show ‘Asteroides, Misión Extrema‘ (‘Asteroids, Mission Extreme’), an audiovisual production that examines the danger asteroids pose to Earth, as well as the secrets they might hold, and the possibility of exploring them. Shows are an hour long, and run every hour from 1:30 – 7:30 PM. General admission is AR $120, with free admission for kids under six, retirees, and people with disabilities.

1:30 – 7:30 PM | Planetario Galileo Galilei (Sarmiento and B. Roldan) | AR $120


Cultural space cum resto-bar POE will be hosting Telefonema, Re Signados and Magic Tundra in Belgrano this evening for a night of indie, electronic, and post-punk beats. Venzuelan and Brazilian-Argentine duo Telefonema will be presenting their new record ‘Pasajes Para Dos,’ that explores the rhythms of their respective homelands, while locals Re Signados will be sharing their unique vintage sound that mixes drum machines, synthesizers and a psychedelic feel with elements of ’90s noise. Uruguayan power couple Magic Tundra will be playing tracks from their debut album Real Virtual that channels melancholy into delicious rhythms. Admission to the event is free.

10 PM – 1 AM | POE (Tres de Febrero 2772) | Free | More info

Sunday, the 20th of November

Photo by Martín Mombrú Photography.
Photo by Martín Mombrú Photography.


Buenos Aires Market, our favorite itinerant food-fair, is setting up shop this weekend in San Telmo’s lovely Parque Lezama. The market features a wide selection of organic produce in addition to gourmet and specialty items, including a phenomenal selection of artisanal products, and delicacies like sun dried tomatoes, olives, pickles, mushrooms and the like. Food lovers will be happy to learn that the market has a special gourmet ‘food patio,’ where they can spend enjoy everything from cheesy slices of pizza piled high with toppings to something a bit more unconventional, like foods that use vegan or vegetarian staples like ‘soy meat.’ As always entry is free, and if you don’t care to spend, you can always window shop!

10 AM – 6 PM | Parque Lezama (Defensa and Brasil) | Free | More info


Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi’s name is almost synonymous with Barcelona — but did you know that a mere two blocks from Argentina’s National Congress you can find several buildings inspired by his work? On Rivadavia and Ayacucho, a cúpula crowned building that features designs from Puerta del Dragón in Parque Güell is a stunning example of Art Nouveau architecture, as is ‘La Casa de los Lirios,’ a four-story building just 20 meters away that closely resembles Gaudí’s ‘La Pedrera.’ Free guided tours of these gems are available at noon every day from now until the end of December.

12 PM | Rivadavia 2000 | Free | More info


Buenos Aires’ International Jazz Festival is back, celebrating its tenth edition this year, with an overwhelming number of concerts, films, workshops, classes, and dance-offs. Tonight, ‘Jam and Tonic’ will be taking place in the Usina del Arte — an open air concert held right under the stars. Juliana Gattas (singer in the hugely popular Miranda) is the evening’s invited guest, who will be delighting us (for the first time) with her interpretation of jazz. The Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival is made possible by over 420 artists and will last for a full six days. A day by day break down of events can be found online here.

11 PM | Usina del Arte (Caffarena 1) | Free | More info

The Devïs, or Goddesses of Imaginariüm. Photo by Lucía Raiden.
The Devïs, or Goddesses of Imaginariüm. Photo by Lucía Raiden.


Inspired by the spirit of Burning Man, Imaginariüm, a multisensory, integrative experience that combines visual art, performance, and music, will be taking place this evening. The night will begin with tarot readings, massage, reiki, and continue with poetry, live music, “ritual,” and a number of other surprises. Participants are asked to wear light, comfortable clothing to the event and are also invited to incorporate lights, like glow-sticks, into their outfits. Send a private message to Imaginariüm’s Facebook page for the cost and exact address.

9 PM – 5 AM | Almagro | More info