If you’re feeling a weekend of museums there is always the Mexican mural exhibition at the Bellas Artes, Jorge Macchi’s “Perspectives” at the MALBA or Incan photography at the FoLa. It’s my last weekend so I will be at Rosebar (#yatusabe) white girl dancing and crying for Argentina from Friday through to Sunday but here’s what YOU can do.

Friday 27th

MUSIC: What do you see when you don’t see? Go to Teatro Ciego (Pasaje Zelaya 3006) at 6PM and let your ears paint pictures for you as The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” album is played to you in the dark for AR$75.

HOMAGE: From 7PM to 10PM Gaumont cinema (Rivadavia 1635) is hosting an event which pays tribute to the late Argentine documentary maker, Raymundo Gleyzer, who disappeared in 1976 during the military dictatorship. There will be a presentation of the book “Compañero Raymundo” and the film “Los Traidores” will be projected.

MUSIC: Southampton-based (Saowfamptan, init) Alan Fitzpatrick is playing a 3 hour long DJ set at Crobar (Marcelino E. Freyre) for AR$500 from midnight. THREE HOURS?! We’ve heard that one before. I’ll believe it when I see it. FIVE HUNDRED PESOS?! I could literally get myself five burgers and fries with that. To Burger Joint! Who needs techno when you have the Tevez. By the looks of things Alan would def be down for that burger-papa combo too.

event of the year? possibly.
event of the year? possibly.

Saturday 28th

CAT FAIR: I can’t even.

EXHIBITION: From 2PM to 9PM an exhibition initiated by 50 artists who are currently working on the largest bronze statue to be made in Argentina, of a native woman, will be on show at the Espacio Memoria y Derechos Humanos, AKA ex-ESMA (Libertador 8151). There will also be bands playing so if you haven’t yet paid a visit to this impactful space, this is a good opportunity to do so.

ART: At 3PM you can spray your heart out on the walls of Mercado de Las Pulgas (Dorrego 1650) as part of the Aerosol Urbano. It’s on every Saturday from 3PM to 7PM so if you are interested you must sign up online by clicking on the above link or by emailing

BURGERS & GAMERS: I can’t even.

MUSIC: Argentine DJ Hernán Cattáneo and fellow Brit Nick Warren will be playing from 11PM at Centro Costa Salguero (Rafael Obligado 1221).

MUSIC: San Francisco based DJ, Atish Mehta will be playing at The Bow (Punta Carrasco) from midnight, as will Buenos Aires based electronic duo Max & Nim, who you can check out here. They’re pretty sick. Atish too I guess, I mean he played at Burning Man and people can’t seem to get enough of it. Go tranqui on the pastillas.

MUSIC: Cumbia at Centro Cultural Konex (Sarmiento 3131) at midnight! Multiple bands will be playing, buena onda will be oozing. Tickets cost AR$100 and can be purchased here.


Sunday 29th

BOOK FAIR: Diaries, books of poetry, fiction and all sorts. All unique. All hand made and decorated, made from leather, cardboard and recycled materials. There will also be workshops so you can get creative. From 3PM in San Telmo on Bolivar 646.

MUSIC & PROJECTIONS: Club Cultural Matienzo (Pringles 1249) opens its doors to us for an evening of audios and visuals from 8PM with the aim of guiding us through the labyrinth of the spirit for AR$60. Deep shit. There will be live music. The top terrace is always a safe option, just in case you get too lost in the spiritual maze, ya know.

ART & MUSIC: Bring your crayons and your sketchbook and just draw to the sound of live jazz at the Club Cultural Matienzo from 10PM. It costs AR$70.