Happy 25th my faithful ‘What To Do’ readers! Hopefully you’ve rung in the anniversary of the Revolución de Mayo last night with a bang, had a killer lie-in this morning, and a mouth-watering breakfast in bed. Although we are bemoaning the fact that we have to go into work tomorrow instead of enjoying a full four days off (thanks Macri), a feriado by any other name is still a feriado — so stir up the locro, heat up the empanadas, and uncork your best bottle of wine. We’re alive — and more importantly — we’re living in Argentina! Cheers to the country that has taken so many of us in and become our new home — even through all the grief it’s given us, we’ve still had more reasons to stay.

Friday May 26th

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

The seventh annual Argentina Comic-Con will be kicking off this afternoon in Centro Costa Salguero for a weekend-long celebration of your favorite animated movies, cartoons, manga and graphic novels. A colorful homage to pop culture, this year’s edition is open to cos-players, and will feature (as a bonus) several international guests. General admission starts at AR $270 and tickets can be purchased here. The event is also family-friendly — children ten and under get in for free!

12 PM – 8 PM | Centro Costa Salguero (Avenida Rafael Obligado 1221) | Tickets start at AR $270 | More info 


Palacio Barolo, without a doubt, is one of the city’s most iconic buildings — inspired by Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy,’ the building stretches from proverbial heaven to hell. Brothers Tomás and Miqueas Thäringen are responsible for coordinating tours of the Palace, and this Friday a special nocturnal visit has been organized by Ayres Viajes titled the ‘Extraordinary Night.’ An extended tour of the building will take you through each of the levels, all the way to the ‘Eye of God’ lighthouse perched at the very top — made almost entirely of glass, the view is dizzying, and certainly one of the best that the city has to offer. Following the tour is a brief wine tasting, accompanied by regional products, and live violin music. To reserve your place, send an email to ayresviajes@gmail.com, as the tours are intimate, and space is limited. Be advised that parts of the tour do pass through tight spaces, and involve climbing up various flights of stairs.

7:50 – 11:30 PM | Palacio Barolo (Avenida de Mayo 1260) | AR $315 | More info


According to Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah), the first man, Adam, was created with two faces. Originally made up of a woman and a man united at the back, Adam had one side that was masculine, and one side that was feminine. Surprisingly similar to Plato’s Symposium, this myth is the starting point for Cholo Bonavera’s show ‘Travesti’ — painted in two days during his summer vacation this past January, the show examines man’s divine, primeval balance. A celebration of transgender and transvestí identity, the exposition is vibrant and colorful — true to the the Mexican Day of the Dead traditions, it serves as an homage to the members of the trans community, who because of systematic violence, are no longer with us.

8 PM – the wee hours of the morning | POMO, Distrito de Arte (Santa Rosa 5157) | Free | More info

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

Interested in improving your Spanish or English? Buenos Aires’ favorite language exchange is taking place tonight at Manchester Pub. The organizers, who compare language learning to going to the gym, posit that ‘you have to practice regularly to get results.’ To this end, they seek to provide a regular group environment where you can develop your second (or third) language skills comfortably — an environment that is replete with native speakers from a variety of countries, providing you with exposure to a wide range of dialects and accents. They also make sure to include drinks and snacks into the program, ensuring that the experience is as pleasurable as possible. If you’re considering going, plan on getting to the pub early — check in (which is necessary) is from 10-10:40 PM.

10 PM – 2 AM | Manchester Pub (Honduras 5265) | AR $150 (includes drinks, snacks, and club admission) | More info

Saturday May 27th


France, Belgium, and Japan have all come together in an international effort for the creation of Michaël Dudok’s first animated film, ‘The Red Turtle.’ Described alternately as unique, magnificent, and moving, the film is a co-production between Wild Bunch and Studio Ghibli; it narrates the story of a man who comes face to face with a giant red turtle after attempting to escape a desert island that he has been stranded on. Part of ‘Ciclo Pororó,’ a larger cycle of screenings that seeks to further the projection of children’s films, ‘The Red Turtle,’ will be screening a la gorra (by donation) at 5 PM in BAR LA TRIBU.

5 – 7 PM | BAR LA TRIBU (Lambaré 873) | Pay-what-you-can | More info


Argentine Balkan, Gypsy, and Klezmer music group Caravanserai will be hosting a ‘Gypsy Night’ in Club de Música. The troupe, originally from Luján, combines traditional Southeastern European sounds with instruments from different musical traditions to create their own distinctive style. Further set apart by the incorporation of numerous languages into their vocal pieces, including Romani, Romanian, Serbian, and Italian, the group’s musical act is also accompanied by dance. Get to the club early to snag a front-row seat!

9 PM – 2 AM | Club de Música (Paraguay 5519) | AR $80 | More info


A number of restaurants and chefs have teamed up to organize a chili cook-off at Chicken Bros to help stave off autumn’s damp cold. For AR $250, you’ll be served five mini bowls of chili (artistically garnished), your choice of a pint of craft beer or a mixed drink, and a ‘Picante Player Club Voting Card,’ to be cast as you see fit. If we’ve lost you, and you’re still trying to wrap your head around exactly what chili is, according to the event’s page, in (North) American English, chili ‘is a spicy stew containing chili peppers, meat (usually beef), and often tomatoes and beans. Other seasonings may include garlic, onions, and cumin.’ We’ll wrap it up by saying this — it’s also pretty darn good.

12 – 8 PM | Chicken Bros (Thames 1795) | AR $250 | More info


LGBTQ cultural center Casa Brandon is celebrating it’s twelfth birthday tonight with all of the programs, shows, and activities we love in one exaggerated, over-the-top session. Expect large helpings of sass and frivolity throughout the course of the evening as actors, writers, singers and musicians come together to do what they do best. From comedy, to live music, to literary readings, karaoke, and the occasional surprise, Brandon is advertising a night of luxury — and it won’t cost you a single peso!

9 – 12 PM | Casa Brandon (Luis Maria Drago 236) | Free | More info

Sunday May 28th

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Photo via Facebook

Buenos Aires Market is setting up shop in Villa Devoto this weekend for yet another gathering of Argentine chefs, restaurants, regional producers and their healthy, wholesome foods. The moving, gourmet market will have two spaces this time around — the market itself and its goods, that will set up in and around several pintoresque gazebos, and (for lack of a better word) a food court, made up of a number of stands, where you’ll be able to try dishes from around the world. The market does feature areas that are designed especially for kids, as well as a place to park your bike, if cycling happens to be your preferred method of transportation.

10 AM – 6 PM | Plaza Arenales (Mercedes 4000) | Free, but food’s on you | More info

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Photo via Facebook

The seventh edition of Festival Holístico is coming to Parque Saavedra for a celebration of ‘love, colors, healing, and sharing without money!’ Expect a day full of workshops, classes, alternative therapies, free-ferias, free plants, a picnic, and of course — lots of maté. If you’re interested in the free-feria, bring anything with you that you’d like to give away — not sell — and that goes for seedlings and plants as well. If you’d like to participate in the picnic, bring a ‘cruelty free’ dish to share (we recommend something vegan). Yoga enthusiasts keen on outdoor practice will be pleased to note that there are many varieties that they’ll be able to engage in and choose from — pranayama, flow yoga, kenko yoga, acro yoga, and if you’re bringing along the kids, there’s yoga for children too. Just remember to bring your own mats!

11 AM – 8 PM | Parque Saavedra (exact location here) | Free

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

Many women (and men) are the victims of sexual assault and rape. And although exact numbers vary from organization to organization, one person violated is one person too many. Taking place alongside the Festival Holístico this Sunday is ‘Resiliencia: encuentro de sobrevivientes de abuso sexual’ (‘Resilience: a meeting of survivors of sexual abuse’). Organized by artist Mariposa Blanca, ‘Resiliencia’ is a place for these survivors to come together and heal; beyond being a place where you can ask for legal, psychological, or educational resources, it is a place where you can share (and practice) survival tips.

11 AM – 5 PM | Parque Saavedra (exact location here) | Free | More info


For all those nostalgic for a bit of basketball, Buenos Aires International Students (BAIS) will be organizing a 3×3 tournament in San Telmo this Sunday. Taking place on two playgrounds at the same time, to play, you’ll need to get together your own team of three. Once you’ve hit up and confirmed with your buds, send an email to enzo@baisargentina.com with all of your names and pertinent ID numbers. Although you do have to pay to play, all participants will receive BlockParty glasses as presents, and will have the opportunity to compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. For those of you who are interested in playing, but haven’t been able to find a team, send an email to BAIS anyway, and chances are they can find one for you!

2 – 7 PM | Perú 1243 | AR $400 when you sign up through BAIS | More info