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If the rainy forecast for the next few days has got you down, don’t open your Netflix account just yet. There’s plenty to do this weekend, and nearly all of it involves coming into contact with a little music. Whether you’re into folk, rock and roll, Latin, hip hop, ambient, or electronic, we’ve got it covered — and if none of those genres floats your boat, homages to some of the world’s dreamiest singers ought to do the trick (that’s not fake news either, that’s a fact). Although we’re continuing to bemoan the steadily increasing price of wine and other drinks of its ilk, take heart dear reader — nothing on our list is going to set you back more than AR $200. And that in itself is a miracle!

Friday May 19th

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Artisans from across the country will be joining in the central hall of the Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK) to display and sell their handcrafted string, wind, and percussion instruments this weekend, as well as to give you some information about their family techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Besides browsing their wares, there will be a plethora of additional activities — this Friday, starting at 3 PM, a documentary will be screened about the Italian family that opened the first accordion factory in Latin America, followed by live wind music at 4 PM by Milton Blanco. An exploration of the differences between the guitarra flamenca and criolla will take place afterwards, at 5 PM, with a live demonstration featuring the music of the flamenca at 5:30 PM. Entry to the event is free!

3 PM | Centro Cultural Kirchner (Sarmiento 151) | FREE | More info


As we approach (or pass) the hundred year birthday of creative revolutions like dadaism (2016), surrealism (2025), and all of the historic movements that fall in-between, ‘Advertencia Relativa’ has been created in the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti as a space for artistic improvisation. Poets and musicians who have been specially selected for their flexibility and versatility will gather, without having previously rehearsed beforehand, to make an experimental, transient art grounded entirely in the present moment. This is not something that you’ll want to miss, as necessarily, the same act will never be repeated twice.

9 PM – midnight | Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (Avenida del Libertador 8151) | FREE | More info

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Photo via Facebook

Although seven years have passed since the death of Sandro de América, the iconic singer and actor, crowned the ‘Argentine Elvis,’ still stirs devotion in the hearts of his fans, as well as something (dare we say) in the loins. One of the first artists in Latin America to successfully sing rock and roll music in Spanish, later in his career he became famous for popularizing the romantic ballad. Casa Brandon will be throwing a heartfelt homage to Sandro tonight, and we expect that it could get quite steamy. Among the things that will be remembered? ‘His poetry, his voice and his pelvis.’

Doors open at 9 PM  | Casa Brandon (Luis Maria Drago 236)  | AR $150  | More info


If there are two things Chicken Bros know how to do well it’s how to make solid drinking food and throw a hip hop fueled party. This Friday the guys behind the fried winged magic are throwing a free Hip Hop Karaoke event. All you have to do sign up with your favorite hip hop, rap or R&B song prior to the event and then (as they say) live “the mother flocking dream.” Participants also get a free shot after they wow the crowd with their mic skills.

Starts at 10 PM | Chicken Bros | Thames 1795 | Free

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Photo via Facebook

The first edition of ‘Fiesta Latinoamericana’ in Buenos Aires will be held tonight in Ultra Bar. The idea is simple — to unite the diverse Latin American communities that reside in the city for a night of shared Latin music, food, and dance. Argentine band Desierto y Agua will go on stage at 11:30 PM, followed by Chilean folk singer TROSTRIGO. Afterwards, several contests will be held, and you’ll also have the chance to get down with some karaoke. Entry is free until midnight as long as you are on the list — afterwards it’s AR $100. To get on the list, like El Residente’s page on Facebook, send an email to with ‘Soy latino + your nationality’ in the subject line, and include your name and those of your friends in the body.

11 PM – 6 AM | Ultra Bar (San Martín 678) | FREE before midnight (see above), AR $100 afterwards | More info

Saturday May 20th


Centro Cultural Recoleta (CCR) will be hosting a variety of events celebrating hip hop culture throughout the afternoon this Saturday. A break dance class is the first item on the list at 4:30 PM in Sala 6, with a street dance class going on simultaneously in Patio del Aljibe. At 6:30, when both sessions end, an event titled ‘Battle All Styles’ will take place in the Patio — several judges will be present to choose a winner, and music will be mixed by DJ Monti. Following the battle, a ‘family friendly edition’ of ‘Block Party’ will take over the Patio at 7:30, while another ‘Block Party’ titled ‘House Session,’ will be going on at the same time in Sala 6. The last event is scheduled to take place at 8:30 in the Patio, where ‘Funky’ Cypher will be wrapping things up, and sending the night off. Participation in all of the events is free!

3 PM | Centro Cultural Recoleta (Junin 1930) | FREE | More info


While star-gazing is generally not an activity possible in your typical megalopolis, Buenos Aires International Students (BAIS) is in the process of trying to change that. The organization has planned a night of electronic music under the stars in one of the city’s most beautiful parks — El Rosedal. Ambient duo Sophos will present their chill ‘spacial music’ on the park’s famous floating stage, creating the perfect environment for you to lie back, look up at the night sky, and space out. Following the performance, concert-goers will have the chance to actually take a look into outer space using telescopes that have been provided by the Buenos Aires Planetarium. All those interested should present themselves at 5:30 PM in Casa BAIS (Ayacucho 1571).

5:30 PM | Casa BAIS (Ayacucho 1571) | FREE | More info


A spectacular marriage of light, color, and sound will be taking place at one of our favorite arts venues in BA, Ciudad Cultural Konex. ‘Laser Experience,’ a 45 minute long light show that features the music of Argentina’s legendary band, Soda Stereo, is a ‘choreography of laser rays’ that ought to leave your senses buzzing. While none of us at The Bubble is able to dispense medical advice, please note (in case it’s not already clear) that there will be bright, flashing lights during the show that are probably not apt for people with light sensitivity or epilepsy. Plan accordingly!

8 PM | Ciudad Cultural Konex (Sarmiento 3131) | AR $150 online, AR $170 at the door | More info

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In honor of Morrissey’s 58th birthday, Club V will be hosting a new edition of Fiesta Smiths! Come on down and sing your heart out as you dance to your favorite classics, meet fellow fans, browse merchandise, and enjoy delicious vegan food (both savory and sweet) courtesy of Amaranto Viandas and Dimensión vegana. You can buy your tickets ahead of time for AR $100 at Galería Bond Street’s Dominatriz. Indumentaria y Accesorios as well as at Vader Store in Palermo — or, you could just buy them at the door for an additional AR $50, that will get you a free poster. Just don’t ask us what you’re meant to do with it while you’re dancing!

11:45 PM – 5:30 AM | Club V (Corrientes 5008) | AR $100 ahead of time or AR $150 at the door | More info

Sunday May 21st

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Photo via Facebook

For all the comics fans out there, this one’s for you! For one day only, Amicomix is bringing back all the great anime from the 80’s and 90’s in a retro edition that’ll have you drooling. Expect video games, manga, fanzines, trivia, tournaments, and kick-ass competitions. Really though, if you’ve got any talent whatsoever, and are in need of a little extra cash, listen up! You can participate in a cosplay competition (only characters from the 80’s and 90’s though) where first place will win you a total of AR $1000 — and to be honest coming in second place wouldn’t be that bad either — you’ll walk out with 500 . Fancy trying your hand at karaoke? Win first place and you’ll walk out with AR $500. We suggest you get comfortable with some 80’s and 90’s throwbacks and warm your voice up beforehand!

11 AM – 7 PM | Colegio San Jose (Azcuénaga 158) | FREE | More info

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Photo via Facebook

This afternoon the first edition of ‘Quiero ESE DISCO’ (‘I want THAT RECORD’) will be launching in Avant Garten, bringing together record collectors, artists, and music lovers without the need for any other intermediaries. New and used 12”, 7”, Maxi, LP, and Box Set records will be available for sale (or perhaps trade), in all styles and genres of music. Several DJs have also been invited to the event to present their favorite tracks and collections.

2 – 11 PM | Avant Garten (Avenida del Libertador 3883) | No cover | More info

Photo via Bonsai Colmenar
Photo via Bonsai Colmenar

If you haven’t checked out the Japanese Gardens yet, today may be the day to do so. Included in the entrance fee to the gardens this Sunday is a one time admission to an information session about our favorite tiny trees — bonsai! Alejandro Sartori, president of the Argentine Bonsai Cultural center, will be in charge of the educational chat. It’s apt for people of all abilities and ages — whether you’re already familiar with this thousands-of-years-old art, or just merely interested. As an additional bonus, if you happen to have a bonsai that isn’t doing so well, bring it along with you to the talk, where you’ll be able to consult an expert.

4 – 5 PM | Jardín Japonés (Casares 2966) | AR $95 | More info


‘Life is monotonous . . . We are creatures of habit . . . Doing the same thing over and over gives us a sense of security . . . But what happens if we stray from that track?’ Short film ‘La casa de al lado’ explores just that — and asking the viewer, what is it exactly that he or she is waiting for? Why is leaving one’s comfort zone so scary? What is the real risk? Screening in CIRCE Fábrica de Arte this Sunday, the masterminds behind this ‘La casa de al lado’ are intrigued with breaking the barrier of time. Using music as a focal point for the encounter, they meditate on the one thing that is truly constant: change.

6 – 8 PM | CIRCE Fábrica de Arte (Córdoba 4335) | AR $150 | More info