Congratulations on making it through another work-week. France has dodged the bullet and we can all breathe a sigh of relief — apparently the French really are better than the rest of us after all. There’s heaps to do in case you haven’t noticed — make sure to check out this week’s Setlist! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the cultural offerings in this fantastic city though — keep your cool — The Bubble is here to help. Here at ‘What To Do’ we’ve got several of your good ol’ standbys, and a few off-the-beaten-path activities to keep things fresh. By next Monday, we’ll have you wearing handmade deodorant and divining next week’s portents with your very own set of Nordic Runes while spouting Nietzsche to your coworkers! Or not. Whatever you decide to do, have fun!

Friday May 12th

Photo via The Unbounded Spirit
Photo via The Unbounded Spirit

Chances are you’ve heard the expression ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,’ but did you know that Friedrich Nietzsche was the man who first coined it? Arguably one of the most influential German philosophers to date, Nietzsche’s ideas have had a profound influence on Western thought — sadly, many of us do not know nearly enough about his remarkable and tragic life. ‘Filosofía a la gorra’ to the rescue! A pay-what-you-can approach to philosophy, this specific session will deal with Nietzsche’s two-fold idea of the ‘Apollonian and Dionysian.’ No prior knowledge is necessary to participate, just reserve your spot by sending an email to

9-11 PM | Kalima Cultural (Benjamin Matienzo 2424) | Pay-what-you-can | More info


If existential questions leaving you feeling a bit… shall we say empty, then refuel and fill yourself up with some of the best gastro offerings to hit BA this year with the return of Feria Masticar. The massive food fair brings together the biggest names in Argentina’s food scene and offers the public a chance to try their grub for much more accessible prices than you would find in their restaurants. Bring a friend and some patience – lines can be a factor during peak hours but this is one of life’s few examples where the payoff is definitely worth the weight / wait. Plates go from AR $60 to AR $100. The feria runs through until Sunday.

12 to 11 PM | Zapiola y Matienzo | AR $100 to enter (open Friday, Saturday and Sunday)


Can you identify with being a starving artist? Are you in serious need of therapy, but can’t afford to see a psycho-analyst? Look no further for your cathartic fix — a little theater is just the thing you need. Jump back in time — the year is 1956, the place, somewhere along the South Atlantic coast. Picture a beach-town scattered with tables, chairs, and of course, the spectators. On the other side of the curtain, a group of varieté artists are doing their damnedest to make ends meet and secure their daily bread. That’s you! Directed by Andrés Binetti, ‘La Rascada, un teatrito de las orillas’ is an homage to all of the artists who never made it big, but who in one way or another, are still with and among us.

11:30 PM | Teatro Anfitrión (Venezuela 3340) | AR $200


Missed Lollapalooza this year or just didn’t care to buy tickets? Fiesta Plop has you covered — and at a fraction of the price! For just AR $50, you’ll be able to hear all of your favorite artists (check out a full list here) and shamelessly get your dance on while exaggeratedly singing through the lyrics (Is it too late now to say SORRY?). As a bonus, there is a lovely drag show to look forward to, and a few go-go boys will doubtlessly grace the set. Be absolutely certain that you have your ID with you, because security are sticklers and there’s no way to talk yourself in to the party — trust us, we’ve already tried.

11:55 PM – 7 AM | Teatro Vorterix (Avenida Federico Lacroze 3455) | AR $50

Saturday May 13th

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

Have you always aspired to divine the future? Wanted to interpret signs, but didn’t know where to start? If you’re actually interested in making good on your dreams of becoming a clairvoyant, you might consider signing up for a workshop on the Nordic Runes. 24 ancient letters collectively called the ‘Futhark,’ the use of the Runes was once confined to the reaches of Northern Europe — reading them, however, has since become standard magickal practice, and it would seem as if the alphabet’s renown is so great that it has finally made its way South to Argentina. This Saturday (if you so choose), besides learning about the nature of each rune, you’ll be able to practice throwing them; you’ll learn about their relation to one another in a spread, and get to make your own set. Additionally, if there’s an area of your life that needs a little extra umph, you’ll be able to give it an energetic boost by creating a runic amulet or talisman (yes, there is a difference) just for that purpose. Space is limited, so we recommend reserving your place by sending a message here.

2:30-7:30 PM | Villa del Parque (private message for exact address) | AR $850 | More info

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

Argentine writer and director Lucas Santa Ana has been enjoying some well-deserved time in the spotlight. Following last November’s debut of his drama ‘Como Una Novia Sin Sexo’ during Buenos Aires’ annual LGBT Film Festival, Asterisco, the film opened in theaters around the country, earning him public recognition, and putting him on the proverbial map. ‘El Puto Inolvidable,’ another of Santa Ana’s works, is a documentary about the life of LGBT activist Carlos Jáuregui. If the name sounds familiar to you, it might be — the H line’s ‘Santa Fe’ station was recently renamed ‘Estación Carlos Jáuregui’ in his honor. If you’re curious what life was like for the LGBT community thirty years ago, we recommend attending the screening of this historical flick. It showcases a time when being openly gay in Argentina was unfathomable–revolutionary — and likely to be met with violence.

6 PM | Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (Avenida del Libertador 8191) | FREE

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

If you’re down for a little booty-bumping, and love Brazilian beats, head on over to tonight’s ‘MEGA’ music festival in Centro Cultural Carlos Gardel, organized by sensational singer-songwriter Héli. In addition to a number of promise-to-be-poppin’ performances, there will be other exciting activities going on at the same time, including live painting by illustrator Paöla Böcca. Space (as always) is limited, so make sure to show up early! Party go-ers will be let in until the venue reaches capacity.

8:30-11 PM | Centro Cultural Carlos Gardel (Olleros 3640) | FREE | More info


If invigoration is the name of the game, why don’t you re-fuel by soaking up a bit of jazz? Although many are convinced it doesn’t make for much more than elevator music, the die-hards will try to convince you otherwise — and so will we! ‘International Django Jazz Festival’ is going on at the one and only Thelonious Club, and the pure, soulful sounds of sax, piano, bass, and drums are sure to deliver your weary self a heady dose of life. With an acceptable entrada and a mean-looking setlist, c’mon — make your way down — what’s not to love?

9:30-11:30 PM | Thelonious Club (Jerónimo Salguero 1884) | AR $200 | More info

Sunday May 14th

Photo via Disfrutemos BA
Photo via Disfrutemos BA

Buenos Aires Celebra strikes again! And come on BA — it was high time that we celebrated the birthplace of delicacies like borí borí, chipá, sopa paraguaya and authentic tereré! God knows the porteños love their cheesy chipacitos so much that there’s no chance of getting them from the bakery by the time you come home for your afternoon merienda. The early bird gets the worm chipacitos in this town. On a more serious note, while few people have qualms about eating their food, Paraguayans, along with their neighbors and fellow immigrants, the Bolivians, are on the receiving hand of significant discrimination in Argentina. As we gather to celebrate their homeland, let’s remember to always be consciencious and respectful of the people who are different than us; to revel in the beauty of cultural diversity, and most importantly of all — our shared humanity.

11 AM – 7 PM | Avenida de Mayo y Bolívar | FREE


For the health conscious of you who have toyed with, or even actually tried, making your own deodorant (this fella’s guilty as charged), this do-it-yourself natural cosmetics class is definitely for you! Apart from deodorant, you’ll learn how to make your own toothpaste and bar-soap, as well as face-masks, moisturizers, and hand creams — incorporating your favorite essential oils at the same time. Intrigued? Send a message here to inquire about the cost and reserve your place. Begin the journey of eliminating parabens, sulfates, and phthalates from your life once and for all!

2-5 PM | Teatro Carnero | Cost through private message | More info

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

Who said staying fit had to be expensive? Ditch the gym membership and get your yogi on! As they is custom on Sundays, Pinta Yoga is hosting a pay-what-you-can class in Parque Lezama — the class takes place at the end of the walkway lined with flowerpots on the Paseo Colón side (pictured above). It’s a good idea to bring a blanket or a mat that you can practice on, in addition to a coat to keep you warm during the relaxation exercise. Considering that the cold-resistant mosquitoes plaguing the city seem to be as blood-thirsty as ever, some OFF, or other repellent of your choice is a wise option as well. Namasté!

4 PM | Parque Lezama | Pay-what-you-can

Photo via DIVISION Agency
Photo via DIVISION Agency

Acclaimed German DJ Sven Väth will be raising the roof in club Museum this Sunday night if you’re looking to send your weekend off with a bang. Catapulted into his career by single ‘Electrica Salsa,’ Väth is a producer whose music spans techno, ambient techno, and trance. Lovingly called ‘Papa Sven’ by his fans, he is credited with growing the underground electronic music scene in his native Germany and in Ibiza, where he spent time in his younger days, and where he currently owns a house. A die-hard proponent of records, Väth is known to play only music that has been released on vinyl during his sets.

8 PM – 5:30 AM | Museum (Perú 535) | Tickets start at AR $350 | More info