So you didn’t score tickets to Lollapallooza and you’re sad that Argentina lost to Bolivia? Never fear, the weekend is almost here, and it’s a good one.

Friday 31st

Freak Show

“COME TO THIS HORROR-INDUCING SHOW! DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS TERRIFYING EXPERIENCE,” reads the promotional material for the Horror Circus, happening at the Ciudad Cultural Konex this Friday night. The show combines old-schooling clowning with “faquirismo” (an eastern tradition that emphasises mind over matter, with practitioners piercing, perforating, burning or suspending their bodies), to frighten, horrify and captivate viewers. Expect exorcisms, contortions, body suspensions, weird objects and a host of other things designed to appal. The show’s creator, Jaque Mate, said “we were inspired by our nightmares”. Appropriate for those 16 years and over.

10pm | AR $200, Tickets | Ciudad Cultural Konex, Sarmiento 3131

Queer Kumbia

Meneo (shaking, shimmying) is guaranteed at Kumbia Queers y Chocolate Remix, an all night cumbia and reggaeton fiesta for the weird and wonderful among us. Lesbian reggaeton outfit, Chocolate Remix, will be telling all those machos in the reggaeton world how you really “echarse un polvo”, and transforming reggaeton into a “tool of female emancipation.”Get your perreo (bump and grind) on as they present their first album, Sátira. Ten-year old tropical-punk  band, Kumbia Queers, will also take the stage and cause a sudden onrush of tropical pogo-ing, before DJ Ana Logue spins some sweaty tunes.

Midnight-5am | Club Cutural Matienzo, Pringles 1249 | More info

La Chicana

Via lachicana_ok on Instagram
Via lachicana_ok on Instagram

Tango meets argentine folk and the northern genres of chamamé, chamarrita and chacarera, as well as ‘foreign’ genres like Berlin tango, cumbia and the paso doble in La Chicana. This “rootsy” yet post-modern outfit, formed in 1996, has toured the world performing their richly evocative, avant-garde music to much acclaim. This Friday night they’ll be performing their two last albums at old-favorite Niceto Club, “Antihéroes y Tumbas” (Tombs and Anti-heros) and “La Pampa Grande” (The Big Pampa).

9pm-Midnight | AR $200-$250 (cash at club, or buy online) | Niceto Club, Niceto Vega 5510 | More info

Saturday 1 April

Tartan Parade

Instagram: @stuartpyper
Instagram: @stuartpyper

There are few thoughts more delicious than a collective of humans wearing tartan and marching through the streets. Make this thought a reality by heading to Tartan Day this Saturday at midday on Avenida de Mayo and Peru. Tartan day is a celebration of the Scottish people, who have a proud history in Argentina, which all began with two scotsmen, David Spalding and John Carter, who arrived by boat in 1802. By 1822, there was a community of some 1,200 Scottish people living and working in Argentina. They brought with them the novelties of the Industrial Revolution, their Scottish pride and Scottish food, and were very involved in establishing the wool and beef industry down south. Now there an estimated 100,000 Argentines with Scottish ancestry. From midday onwards, Avenida de Mayo will play host to a variety of events devoted to the Scots. There will be food (think Haggis, Cranachan, Smoked Salmon and Cullen skink), musical shows, dancing and even the recreation of a battle.

Midday to 6pm | Free entry | Avenida de Mayo and Peru

Hip Hop

Hip Hop culture will take over the Recoleta Cultural Center this Saturday afternoon, with rap battles, a live show, music and urban art. The music and art movement that developed amongst African American communities in the Bronx  in the late 70’s, and which has since become an enormously varied, irrepressibly popular, hugely successful commercial genre, has a bit of a macho reputation in Latin America, though events like this Saturday’s hope to change that. Young hip hop artists will demonstrate their prowess across four areas: rap (poetry), turntablism (DJs), breakdancing and graffiti (painting). From 4:30pm onwards there will be free Street Dance performances, and at 6:30pm a series of lectures, talks, roundtables and shows will begin. Immerse yourself in hip hop.

4:30pm – 7pm | Centro Cultural Recoleta, Junin 1930 | Facebook Page with agenda

Post-Folk + Performance Art


Mysterious Bond girl” muso and visual artist, Eva Shin, will be performing with performance artist and musician, Pablo Dacal, at the Club Cultural Matienzo on Saturday night. Shin, who was born in Seoul but lives in Buenos Aires, sings her elegant, experimental songs in French, Spanish, English and German, and makes video art about biotechnology. Dacal, meanwhile, is a mop-haired guitarrist who writes clever ditties and composes music for the performing arts scene. This weirdo hipster duo will be merging their music to make “post-folk” alongside invited musicians, electronic sounds and recitals, tribal rhythms, synths and contemporary textures.

9pm | AR$120 | Centro Cultural Matienzo, Pringles 1249 (Almagro) | More info

Sunday 2nd April

“Sexy Sunday Brunch”

Still-Life with Fruit, Nuts and Cheese, Floris van Dyck, via Wiki commons
Still-Life with Fruit, Nuts and Cheese, Floris van Dyck, via Wiki commons

The first time I stayed over at an argentine’s house, they offered me Toddy biscuits and instant coffee for breakfast. What kind of an abomination is this?! I thought to myself. Turns out, Argentines don’t really do breakfast, let alone that most fabulously plump and variegated of breakfast-lunch bastards, brunch. If, since being here, you’ve started to hanker for smashed avocado, waffles and lavish, many-egged stacks of sourdough and bacon, then get your greedy toosh down to Sexy Sunday Brunch at Palermo’s Chicken Bros. The three principles this event will build on are simple, and they even rhyme: Booze, Beats, and Eats. Prepare your aching, post-Saturday night belly for pitchers of Sangria, Mimosas and French press coffee by Full City Coffeehouse, as well as southern style fried chicken, bacon, egg and cheese, waffles and maple syrup. Beats are provided by SWRV.

12pm | Chicken bros, Thames 1795 | More info

Theatre (or life?)

From Las Ideas facebook page
From Las Ideas facebook page

In “Las Ideas“, by Federico León, the two actors on stage – who aren’t really acting but thinking and working in real time – drink whisky that could be real or fake, smoke weed that could be real or fake, and rip up a note that might be counterfeit (which they check with what could also  be a fake ‘fake-note’ detector). Fourth wall: smashed to pieces. Described by La Nacion as an “convincing scenic laboratory created by the brilliant mind of a brilliant person: one Federico León,” this casual encounter between friends/intense workday between colleagues/60-min piece of alternative theatre is basic in Buenos Aires after an extensive international tour. It will be playing this Saturday and Sunday at Teatro Zelaya, close to Abasto Shopping.

8pm | AR $300, Tickets | Teatro Zelaya, Zelaya 3134

Silent Film With Live Music

Casa Brandon presents the 1925 silent film version of The Phantom Of the Opera (or, “THE PHAAANTOM OF THE OPER-RAAA”), that most creepy and beloved tale of a deformed musical genius whose love for a dainty soprano leads to no end of murder and mayhem. Accompanying the film are Tomito Ramos on guitar and Tato Germano on synthesisers. In Villa Crespo only two blocks from the Parque Centenario. Sing for me angel!

9pm-midnight | AR $70| Brandon, Luis Maria Drago 236 | More info