Marches, protests, marches, pickets, marches. The year is trotting along in typical Argentine fashion. So prep your banners and clear your throat for a day of chanting and singing. Then, citizen’s duty done, hit the city’s bars, restaurants, parks and cultural centers for nights of passion, revelry and relax. After all, autumn is fresh upon us, when all fruits fill with ripeness to the core. Mellow delights await…

Friday 24th


From Facebook of Encuentro Memoria Verdad y Justicia
From Facebook of Encuentro Memoria Verdad y Justicia


The biggest, the most heartfelt, and arguably most important march of the year is taking place tomorrow. El Día Nacional de la Memoria por la Verdad y la Justicia (Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice) commemorates 41 years since the golpe de estado, or coup, that marked the beginning of a military dictatorship that systematically disappeared 30,000 people in Argentina. In the context of new controversy about the dictatorship and indeed the national holiday itself –  some ministers have denied the systematic nature of the disappearances, and the government attempted to make the 24th transferrable – expect a big turn out from human rights organisations. Prep your banner, head to Congreso at 1pm and start marching on the Plaza de Mayo at 3pm.

1pm (meet) 3pm (march) | Congreso | More Info


As part of the day of remembrance, the Haroldo Conti Cultural Centre will be screening “The Long Night of Francisco Santis” (La larga noche de Francisco Sanctis) at 7pm. Based on the novel of Haroldo “Cacho” Conti, the disappeared Argentine writer for whom the center is named, “The Long Night…” tells the story of an apolitical man who receives information about two people wanted by the dictatorship. If he acts now he can save their life, but this would mean endangering himself. The centre is located at located at former illegal detention centre, the ESMA.

7pm | Free (but go early for tickets) | Av. Del Libertador 8151, Núñez


“Tango is not dead!”

You take the stripped-back grotty realism of punk and you mix it with the melancholy lyricism and strident sadness of tango and you get…Tangopunk (makes sense, right?) Sounds like one hell of an unholy union, but it must be pretty good, because this is the third year in a row that the “Encuentro de Tango Punk” festival is happening. Taking place at legendary cathedral of rock, Salón Pueyrredón, Tangopunk is the congregation of a “culture that moves subterraneously through the corners of a system that reeks.”  With live music, art and a zine and mag market. Take some bandaids and anti-establishment attitude.

10pm – 6am | AR $100 | Salón Pueyrredón, Av. Santa Fe 4560 | More info


From Facebook
From Facebook


Ricardo Villalobos fled the Chilean dictatorship to Germany with his family when he was three years old. He then proceeded to become one of the famous, influential and sought-after DJs of all time. Raised in a heady melting pot of musical styles (salsa, samba, chilean folklore, Kraftwerk), Villalobos took up percussion as a teen, honing an intricate, infallible sense of rhythm that has served him well on the techno scene. The event at Crobar should be a special one. After all, Villalobos (who has been performing for almost 30 years) is also famous for pioneering those outrageously hip German parties that take place for days under highway bridges and abandoned buildings. Imperdible.

12PM onwards | AR $840 | Crobar (Paseo de la Infanta, Arco 17)

Saturday 25th


Canadian art collective, General Idea
Canadian art collective, General Idea, have the cure for your weekend blues


The MALBA will be hosting a retrospective of General Idea, the transgressive Canadian art collective famous for their interrogation of media and image culture. Comprised of AA Bronson, Felix Partz, and Jorge Zontal, General Idea was founded in Toronto in the 1960s in an attempt to escape “the tyranny of individual genius.” The influential group, active from 1967 until the death of two of its members in 1994, is perhaps most famous for creating a symbol of the words AIDS in the style of Robert Indiana’s iconic pop art image LOVE, though their oeuvre is extensive. The MALBA show aims to expand the reach of the collective, and encompasses close to one hundred and twenty works in all of the formats they used (performance, video, photography, publication, installation, and multiple editions of objects for mass consumption). From 24 March to 26 June 2017.

Midday – 8pm | General: AR $100 | Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA), Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415


Manuel Alemain (1971) is considered a leading voice in the “renaissance of Argentine poetry.” Also a journalist and carpenter, he writes original, cryptic poems in a variety of styles, and is a darling on the indie-scene. This Saturday, artisinal editorial, La Carretilla Roja Ediciones, will be presenting his latest work of poetry, “La Pasión del Varela” (The Passion of Varela), at Varela Varelita Bar on the corner of Scalabrini Ortiz and Paraguay. Javier Fernández and Fernando Guillermo Neo will be doing introductions.

7pm-10pm | Varela VarelitaScalabrini Ortiz and Paraguay

PM Open Air: Closing Party

You know the drill. The costanera, the atardacer, the best DJs going around, some nocturnal passion and your friends. PM Open Air is closing a wildly successful season of dance parties (they were voted “Best dance party” for 2016 by DJ Mag LatinoAmerica) with a night of good music and better grooving this Saturday arvo, with “PM Open Air: Closing Party“. Berlin based producer/live act, Emanuel Satie, and hugely respected Jorge Savoretti will be spinning sweet afternoon/evening delight for bright young things, after new sensation Gluck warm up the crowd. Secure your ticket by getting your name on the guest list:

4pm-Midnight | Tickets start at AR $150 | Oasis Punta Carrasco, Av. Costanera y Av. Sarmiento

Sunday 26th

$50 peso Garage Sale

Yes, you read correctly. In a city with food prices on par with Monaco (true), 50 pesos seems too good to be true. Well, it ain’t. This Sunday, head to mini cultural Mecca, Casa de Arbol, close to the Palermo subway station, and shop like it’s the year 2000 (when 50 pesos actually got you more than a fistful of puchos sueltos and some caramelos). Second-hand men and women’s clothing, books, CDs and miscellany, and all for fitty’ p or less. Doors open at 12pm and they stay open until everything is pillaged and plundered.

12pm | La Casa del Árbol, Fitz Roy 2483, Palermo | More info

Holistic Festival

This is the event photo, so you know what you're in for
This is the event photo, so you know what you’re in for. Via Facebook.


Celebrate “love and colors, health and money-free sharing” this Sunday in the Parque Saavedra, with Festival Holístico. Organized by Yoga y Arte Corporal, this is the fifth edition of the totally free festival, which brings together soulful, loving types in a day of workshops, talks, yoga classes, alternative therapies, reiki, palm reading and picnicking. The day begins with Ashtanga Yoga at 11am and concludes with the sweet strummings of earthy songstresses, Mayura Indirock. Take vegan food and mate to consume and exchange – the idea is that everything is free, so there won’t be any buying and selling

11am | Free for all and sundry! | Parque Saavedra, exact location


Such an indecent proposal...
Such an indecent proposal…’Propuesta indecente’ by Romeo Santos.


Born from the merging of Spanish, Latin and African elements, banned in its native Dominican Republic during the 30 year dictatorship of Trujillo (it was considered too vulgar), and made very famous by that honey-voiced, honey-skinned crooner, Romeo Santos, bachata rivals salsa for popularity. Take your feet, hips and heart to this three-hour Bachata intensive with Eze Garcia and Jaz Rodriguez. Basic knowledge of bachata is required.

6pm-9pm | AR $400 | Academia CubArte – Federico Lacroze 2620, Belgrano