So perhaps it’s time to pull out the long underwear — or at least seriously consider investing in a pair. A hot water bottle might also be a good idea, if you haven’t got any other way to warm your bed (we hear you, amargados de la vida). Regardless of how many layers you’re wearing, we’ve got lots of reasons why you should get out there and actively slay your weekend — the cold is not a reason to waste away indoors! There’s a healthy mix of activities going on — some opportunities for mindless fun and several opportunities to help out the underdog, so to speak. Collections are being taken up for homeless people and animals (see categories TRANS and PURR listed below Saturday and Sunday, respectively). Provided you’re financially able to, show up for your community and help!

Friday 9th of June

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

The Editor’s Fair, now in its sixth year of running, has been designed as a space where you, as a reader, can connect with the masterminds who produce books. Bringing together 140 editorial groups from Argentina and abroad for the weekend, there will be chats, book signings, and a exposition by photographer Daniel Merle. This Friday, at 6:30 PM, a special chat called ‘The Figure of the Graphic Author: Differences and Similarities with the Literary Author’ will be given by Max Aguirre, Sol Otero, and Juan Vegetal. The fair is taking place in Chacarita at Santos Dumont 4040, and to participate you don’t need to buy a ticket — entrance is totally free!

3 – 8 PM | Santos Dumont 4040 | Free | More info

Photo via Allo Ciné
Photo via Allo Ciné

Film series ‘Women and Work’ will be presenting L’une chante, l’autre pas — a 1970’s French film called ‘a valentine to female friendship.‘ Depicting the lives of two, ordinary women, the film examines how the protagonists’ lives intertwine through the ups and downs of experience, and the bond they maintain despite the contrasts. Screening in Biblioteca Popular Eduardo Martedi, the objective of the series is to highlight social ‘(re)productive’ relations through lesser known audio-visual works.

7 – 11 PM | Biblioteca Popular Eduardo Martedi (Pasco 555) | Free | More info


Proyecto Extraños de Argentina (Argentina’s Strangers Project) is an initiative that collects spontaneous, anonymous stories from the people who live in, and transit, Buenos Aires. The stories that are collected are written on regular sheets of paper — just like ‘in the old times.’ This encounter is at Café San Bernardo, and while you’re there, you’ll be able to read the 80 plus stories that (so far) have been penned. You’ll also have the opportunity to write your own story — with the condition that it be anonymous and real. There is no charge to participate, but you must be over 18, and bring your photo ID to the event (DNI if you have it).

9 – 11:59 PM | Café San Bernardo (Corrientes 5436) | Free | More info

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

If you’ve always wanted to participate in an all you can eat empanada and arepa event, then it’s time to give Los 3 Duendes 3 a run for their money. A small group committed to bringing you 100% authentic Venezuelan food, they tout the quality of their product, as well as the taste and the price. Tonight (and every night this weekend), for AR $200 you can have at all the ground corn-flour pastries and cakes stuffed with the typical, savory, Venezuelan fillings that you want. This is a closed door event, and be advised that the price of AR $200 does not include booze (sold separately) or the price of live music (AR $20, featured group is Monareta Latin Groove).

6 – 11 PM | Abasto, address by private message here | Minimum AR $220 | More info

Saturday 10th of June

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

If you missed the first edition of Buenos Aires’ newest architectural walk, this is your chance to get with the program — a second walk has been scheduled for this Saturday afternoon, and will be starting at the former Banco Tornquist. Centering around one of Buenos Aires’ most iconic (and photogenic) corners — Florida and Diagonal Norte — some of the big-ticket items that will be visited on this walk include the ex Banco de Boston, Bencich towers, and Italian American Palace. Accompanied by stories of robberies and anarchist attacks, tour-guide Alejandro D. Machado is aiming to make history come alive. As per the walk’s Facebook page, ‘the walk culminates in a private place, not open to the public, one of the most magical and beautiful secret places in the city.’ If that includes a view of the city skyline, you can certainly count us in.

2:30 – 5:30 PM | Mitre 531 | By donation


If the tail-end of autumn’s gloom and cold has you feeling a bit melancholy, consider channeling that emotion into practicing Argentina’s most iconic dance! Chau Che Clú is hosting a night-long tango fiesta, with a class (a la gorra) at 8 PM, followed by the opening of the milonga, and music by three different live orchestras. Admission to the venue is a steal — AR $50 per person — and included in the price of admission is a consumición (a drink). We suggest you get there early to make the most of the pay-what-you-can class, but if you’re unable to make it, you can still get in afterwards.

8 PM – 3:30 AM | La Academia Tango Club (Av. Vélez Sarsfield 222) | AR $50 | More info


The dudes behind Chicken Bros are throwing a fundraiser to help provide support and medical supplies to the people living through one of the worst social and political crises in the region. A hundred pesos gets you a wristband and access to special promos throughout the day — with proceeds from the bracelets going to Accion Solidaria, an NGO that focuses on providing relief and resources to people in need in Venezuela. Come for the good cause, stay for the soil grub, beer selection and hip hop playlists.

12 pm – 8 pm | Chicken Bros | Thames 1795 | AR $100 | More info


‘The Night of the Breweries’ is back and wants YOU to participate in this celebration! The ‘imminent advance’ of craft beer in Buenos Aires has been declared — and seriously, not a minute too soon. In essence, the event is a sort of pub crawl — all the bars are scattered around Palermo — so we suggest you bundle up, and wear some good walking shoes (and your beer goggles). For all those of you who are interested in taking part, make sure to buy your tokens ahead of time online; you can also get them in person at one of the bars on the list — Koi (Carranza 1591). If you’re not sure how to say token in Spanish, we’ve got you covered — they’re fichas. It’s important that you buy them, since doing so will get you a discount on all your beers — and also (in a strange turn of events) you won’t have to wait in line.

7 PM – 1 AM | For a full list of participating bars and their addresses, look at the details here | AR $100 – $250, depending on your thirst

Photo via
Photo via

Festival Furia is looking to stir you up by providing a space for reflection on trans issues through carefully selected thematic art; far from feel good work, the pieces that have been selected are likely to be disquieting. Whether by collage, photograph, or illustration, the aim of the night is to raise consciousness about the violent struggles that the trans population faces. Donations are being taken at the door for a local organization that provides shelter to homeless trans women — Centro de Integración Frida. Non-perishable food items are needed, in addition to clothing, blankets, and personal hygiene products. Organizers are also asking for cosmetics — and we would be remiss if we underplayed their importance.

11 PM | Ask for the address on the event’s page, and it will be sent to you by private message | AR $50 + a donation

Sunday 11th of June

Photo via CCK
Photo via CCK

Another (free) opportunity to visit the Teatro Colón has presented itself this weekend as the theatre gears up for the next performance in its most recent series, ‘Intérpretes argentinos.’ String quartet ‘Cuarteto de Amigos’ will be playing compositions by Haydn, Mendelssohn, and Brahms; renowned for their work in the classical genre, together they constitute some of the city’s finest string musicians. To get your tickets, show up early at Teatro Colón’s box office (Tucumán 1171) on this Friday the ninth — from 10 AM to 8 PM, two tickets to the performance will be given out per person. Bear in mind that large crowds are expected, and consequently long lines — it might be a good idea to cajole a friend into accompanying you. Bonus point will be given if you or your friend bring maté!

11 AM | Teatro Colón (Cerrito 628) | Free, tickets to be picked up beforehand | More info

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

Buenos Aires Celebra Italia has returned to commemorate ‘The Boot’ this Sunday — and considering the number of Argentines who have Italian ancestry (some estimates assert that 65% of the population has at least one Italian ancestor), the celebration promises to be grand. From pasta, to pizza, to gnocchi, to sfinge, gelato, and cannoli, there is so much that falls under the umbrella of ‘Italian’ that we’re not quite sure where to start. Instead of taking place at the corner of Perú and Avenida de Mayo, this edition of Buenos Aires Celebra will be taking place in El Dorrego.

11 AM – 8 PM | El Dorrego (Zapiola 70) | Free | More info

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

Feria Purrrr (with four r’s) is back for its autumn edition; organised by CAT FEST, the event benefits rescued, abandoned, and abused cats and dogs. Your donation is what gets you in, and two are required — one for cats and one for dogs. Some of the suggested donations include dry cat or dog food, tuna or other wet food in pouches or cans, litter, and anti-flea and parasite medicines. Choose any two of the items on the list, or choose only one and make a small cash contribution. There will not be any adoption taking place during the event, but there will be loads of cat and dog themed goodies and merchandise.

2 – 7 PM | Teatro Mandril (Humberto Primo 2758) | Entrance by donation only | More info

Photo via Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti
Photo via Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti

Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (consistently bring it in terms of its cultural offerings) will be welcoming Guinean artists Oumar n ‘Diaye Martinos and Sekouba Oularé for an evening of traditional African dance. Accompanied by a group of Argentine musicians, the performance will take place to the sound of live percussion. Space inside the Centre’s concert-hall is limited, so arrive early and get your tickets an hour before the function starts. In your free time, consider browsing some of the ongoing exhibits and expositions — ‘Ciudad oculta‘ and ‘La conciencia de los objetos‘ are both good places to start.

7 PM | Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (Avenida del Libertador 8151) | Free | More info