With the Argentine version of Indian summer having come to a close (veranito de San Juan), it looks like our favorite damp cold is back to stay. The good news though is that from here on out the days get longer — and provided the forecast for the next few days can actually be trusted, we’re in for a spot of sunshine. If your office (or apartment) walls have been closing in on you this past week, rest assured that there are plenty of opportunities to escape this weekend — both literal and figurative. You might consider paying someone to lock you up in a room while you then piece together the clues to get out, buying a ticket to Wonderland for the night, or embarking on a sensory perceptive journey in the yoga studio. And, if you’re fed up with the carni-lacto-ovo-normative food scene, bid it good riddance by biting into a piece of vegan lemon pie. You have options — now let’s talk specifics.

Friday 30th of June

Photo via Fundación Proa
Photo via Fundación Proa


A retrospective of French artist Yves Klein’s avant-garde work is on display in La Boca’s contemporary art gallery, Fundación Proa. Perhaps most famous for inventing his own color blue (International Klein Blue, or IKB), Klein attracted extreme controversy during his career when he applied the intense, ultramarine blue to naked women and men, essentially using the human body as a living, breathing paintbrush. Tragically, the artist died at only 34 years of age, the victim of a series of heart attacks. The first exhibit of its kind it Latin America, the 70 plus pieces on display to the public span Klein’s short, yet audacious career. If you’re not able to make it today, don’t fret — the exhibit will be up until the 31st of July.

11 AM – 7 PM | Fundación Proa (Pedro de Mendoza 1929) | General admission is AR $50 and $30 for students with valid ID | More info


We’ve all heard that you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Chicken Bros ‘After Office’ all-you-can-eat wing special — and considering the price is only AR $200, we think that comes pretty close (unless you’re a vegan or vegetarian, that is — we’ve also got an event for that!). Show up at the Palermo venue between 5 and 8:30 PM, and snag two craft beers or drinks for AR $100 while you’re at it. I’m not good at math, but that’s a full three and half hours for you to give the bros a run for their money — make sure to turn up with your North American sized appetite.

5 – 8:30 PM | Chicken Bros (Thames 1795) | All-you-can wings for AR $200

Photo via cck.gob.ar
Photo via cck.gob.ar


Self-taught rock and roll duo Luciana Salinas and José Zarazaga were originally schooled in swing in a Swedish summer dance camp. After continuing their studies with big names like Frankie Manning, Ryan Francois, and Steven Mitchell, they later opened Buenos Aires’ own ‘Lindy Hop’ academy of swing. Today they’re teaching a free class on the Lindy Hop, the Charleston, and the rock and roll in the Centro Cultural Kirchner. You don’t need any previous experience, and you don’t even have to reserve your spot or show up two hours early to get a ticket — just head on down to ‘La Plaza del Centro’ and be prepared to move it.

6 PM | ‘La Plaza del Centro,’ in the Centro Cultural Kirchner (Sarmiento 151) | Free | More info

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook


Ciudad Cultural Konex is turning off the lights and turning on the holophonic speakers — this evening the cultural center will be giving you a chance to rediscover Daft Punk’s debut album ‘Homework’ for yourself. A throwback to the nineties, when the electronic duo burst onto the music scene, songs like ‘Da Funk’ and ‘Around the World’ are sure to evoke some nostalgia. A brief explanation of the science behind the sound system developed by Argentine inventor Hugo Zuccarelli will precede the function. Get your tickets online, or at the Konex’s box office.

8 – 9:30 PM | Ciudad Cultural Konex (Sarmiento 3131) | AR$ 150 pre-sale, $170 at the door | More info

Saturday 1st of July


International student organization BAIS wants you to participate in this afternoon’s session of Escape Game! For those who aren’t familiar with it, the phenomenon of escape games (or rooms) started in Japan, before taking off and spreading wildly across the world. A hands-on, team-oriented game played in real-time, the premise is startlingly simple: what would you do if you found yourself trapped in a room with only an hour to escape? Today’s encounter will take place at Eureka LEG, the first company to bring Escape Game to Argentina. Piece together the puzzles and clues with the help of some solid logic and your team-mates. When an hour has passed, will you have made it out? Reserve your spot here as space is limited!

2 – 5 PM | Eureka LEG (Soler 4545) | AR $175 | More info

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook


Maracatu is a general term given to a number of popular performance genres found in the Pernambuco state of Northeastern Brazil. Hearkening back to the days when slavery was still practiced in the Portuguese colony, the highly elaborate dances allegedly have their origins in investiture ceremonies that granted leadership roles to select slaves in the community. Today the performance of maracatu has close ties with the Afro-Brazilian religion of Candombé and forms an integral part of its activities. Recife native Marcela Rabelo, an expert on traditional Brazilian dances, will be officiating a live demonstration of maracatu in the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti, followed by a discussion on the genre’s origins, and its relation to Afro-Argentinean dances (murga, milonga, chacarera). Tickets to the event are free, and can be picked up in the Conti an hour before the performance starts.

8 PM | Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (Del Libertador 8151) | Free | More info

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook


‘Todxs los chicxs recitan poesía’ (‘All the boys and girls recite poetry’) is holding an open mike night in Espacio 22 — all aspiring poets are welcome to come and share their works, provided that they can be read in approximately three and a half minutes. To eliminate as much pressure as possible, no one will be judged, nor will any awards be given — tonight’s reading is being held purely for the love of the craft. If you’re not a poet, but you do happen to love poetry, feel free to join the party as well. Brazilian nosh will be available for purchase, as well as (and I quote) ‘cheap beer.’

8:30 PM – 12:30 AM | Espacio 22 (Zapiola 406) | Free, but donations to the cultural center will be accepted | More info

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook


If you’ve always wanted to follow Alice down the rabbit hole, time is ticking, and this might be your last-best chance — Xirgu Espacio UNTREF is hosting a porteño-style soirée dedicated to everything Alice in Wonderland. Reuniting actors, singers, dancers, and musicians alike, the event is sure to go on into the wee hours of the morning — but before you show up all casual-like, be advised that there is an enforced dress code. You will not be let in without a costume, so make sure to secure appropriate garb ahead of time. If you’re plumb out of ideas, suggested attire includes collars, capes, hats, canes, headdresses, and masks — although for those of you with more of a . . . shall we say sparse wardrobe, elegant suits and dresses will also be permitted. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time online, or at Xirgu’s box office, at 6 PM the day of the event.

11 PM – 4 AM | Xirgu Espacio UNTREF (Chacabuco 875) | AR $400 | More info

Sunday 2nd of July

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook


The July edition of ‘Locura Vegan’ (‘Vegan Craziness’) is setting up today in Abasto neighborhood’s Cooperativa Bar Casona Humahuaca. Your one-stop-shop for delish vegan food, cruelty free cosmetics, additional accessories, and gifts, several free workshops have also been planned to school you in the art of vegan cooking. Of course, if you’d rather avoid the kitchen, you can eat your way through the afternoon instead. Vegano Integral Orgánico has promised some outrageous offerings — double mozzarella pizza, steak bagel, oat ‘legs’ with cheddar, falafel with Taratour sauce, mini maicena alfajors with coconut dulce de leche, lemon pie, brownies, and (last but not least) tiramisú. If you can’t believe that everything on that list is actually vegan, we invite you to find out for yourself.

1:30 – 5:30 PM | Cooperativa Bar Casona Humahuaca (Humahuaca 3508) | Free | More info


A ‘sensory perceptive voyage’ is scheduled for this afternoon in the Centro Cultural Efímero, located close to the D line’s Juramento station in Belgrano (exact address by private message here). Essentially a vinyasa yoga class accompanied by live music from ethereal musical duo Tierra Obsidiana, the session will close with the practice of nidra yoga, a deeply relaxing state between waking and sleeping, that is induced through a set of verbal instructions given by a qualified instructor. The class is pay-what-you-can, with the suggested donation being AR $150. Confirm your attendance through private message on Facebook, or by sending an email to the following address: yogayartecorporal@gmail.com

5:45 – 8:45 PM | Exact address by email or private message | Suggested donation of AR $150 | More info

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook


If you’re consistently bummed that you can never go out on Sundays due to an early wake up call on Monday, hold tight — we may have found the perfect party for you. ZEF Electronic Music Party (whose name is a reference to the South African counter-culture movement popularized by Die Antwoord, zef) starts at 6 PM, and goes until 2 AM — a relatively reasonable time to head home. Boasting free beer from 6 – 7 PM, it’s self-proclaimed as ‘the coolest and hippest electronic music party with the most beautiful people in Buenos Aires.’ Get in for free until 10 PM by mentioning ‘Lista Martin ISN’ at the door, and judge ZEF’s claims for yourself.

6 PM – 2 AM | INPUT (Juan B Justo 1658) | Free until 10 PM if you mention ‘Lista Martin ISN’ at the door | More info

Portrait of Director Pedro Almodóvar at TheWrap's Awards Season Screening Series Presents "The Skin I Live In" - Portraits on November 8, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. *** Local Caption *** Pedro Almodóvar
Portrait of Director Pedro Almodóvar at TheWrap’s Awards Season Screening Series Presents “The Skin I Live In” – Portraits on November 8, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.


Colegiales cultural center Espacio 22 will be ringing in the first full month of winter by screening a series of Pedro Almodóvar’s films. For those who haven’t heard of the renowned Spanish director (we know you’re out there), Almodóvar is credited with revolutionizing Spanish film, being the first in his country to win such a high level of international acclaim since the famed Luis Buñuel. This particular series stands out from others because it will include some of Almodóvar’s earliest works, including today’s showing of ‘Pepi, Luci, Bom, y otras chicas del montón’ — a story of ‘strong vulnerable humans who abandon themselves to passion, suffer in love, and have fun.’ Tickets can be picked up at 5 PM in Espacio 22 — stay for the happy hour (complete with munchies), that’s set to start at 6 PM.

8 – 11:30 PM | Espacio 22 (Zapiola 406) | Free | More info