Mother Nature’s been flexing her cold muscles since last Saturday, and chances are that your desire to do anything else but cuddle up with a hot chocolatada in bed have been close to nada. Enter The Bubble with this weekend’s ‘What To Do’! Okay, perhaps we’re overestimating our importance in your personal life (it wouldn’t be the first time), but in any case, we’ve got an impressive line-up of activities to help you make the most of the next three days, with plenty of opportunities to see some live music and art, as well as to make your own.

Friday June 23rd


Bombay-born, London-based artist Anish Kapoor is known across the world for his sculptures — those who have visited Chicago, for example, will know him as the mastermind behind the city’s ‘Cloud Gate,’ more commonly referred to as ‘The Bean.’ Recently Kapoor created an exhibit especially for Buenos Aires’ emblematic Parque de la Memoria. The exhibit, titled ‘Destierro’ (‘Exile’), features three unique pieces — ‘Imagine Blue,’ ‘Exile,’ and (the exhibit’s namesake) ‘Destierro.’ In these recent works, Kapoor seeks to problematize the relationship between matter and perception — an issue that is increasingly relevant, in a world where it can be difficult to differentiate an opinion from a fact.

10 – 5 PM | Parque de la Memoria (Rafael Obligado 6745) | Free

Photo via Berlinale Talents
Photo via Berlinale Talents


Guido Fuentes is a Bolivian immigrant who lives in Villa 31; dedicated to sharing his love for fashion, he runs a modeling school out of his own pocket for the youths who grow up in these marginalized areas. From cultivating self-love and pride in his pupils to organizing parades as a form of protest against the discrimination that residents of the villa face, Guido’s work is carried out with the hope that the education his models receive will help them to attain a better life. Film director Julieta Sans has portrayed Guido’s laudable work in her documentary ‘Guido Models’ — for those who never got a chance to see it the first time around, there will be a free showing this evening at 7 PM in the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti. Sans herself will be in attendance, and will presumably take questions after the showing.

7 PM | Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (Avenida del Libertador 8151) | Free, show up an hour early to get two tickets

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook


Let’s girthy baby! Several ‘bulky’ fictions will be presented tonight at Casa Brandon’s seventh edition of ‘Gordx el que lee,’ or in English, ‘Fat guy/girl who reads’. An inclusive, body positive celebration, Brandon is promising a night of ‘wide words and sweaty readings,’ featuring Gabriela Borrelli Azara, María Moreno, and Mauro Cabral as this round’s selected readers. Local artist ¥OHA will also be performing at the event live — to get in the mood, listen to her anthem Jalea‘ (Jelly). A translation of the all-too-catchy chorus? ‘It’s my jelly — not just anyone touches it or a fight is started.’

9 PM | Casa Brandon (Luis Maria Drago 236) | More info


Mendocino indie group Mi Amigo Invencible is putting on one last show in Teatro Xirgu tonight before retiring from the public eye for several months; in the process of recording their seventh studio album, the forthcoming disc has been self-described as ‘super spicy.’ The band, that originally came to Buenos Aires from Mendoza several members at a time ‘to try their luck,’ started off small, playing shows in cultural centers, poetry recitals, and fairs, before the opportunities to play live began to grow. Tonight they’ll will be owning the beautiful, otherworldly, San Telmo venue, along with fellow groups Shaman and La Otra Cara de la Nada. Get your tickets online, or at Xirgu’s box office, open from 4 – 8 PM on weeknights.

9 PM – 2 AM | Xirgu Espacio Untref (Chacabuco 875) | Tickets start at AR $120 | More info

Saturday June 24th

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook


Embroidery — a millennial handicraft that involves stitching pictures, scenes, or decorations on cloth — has definitely been making a comeback among young creative types. And if you want to embroider your own smiley Frida face, Sofia Bojanich will be teaching a workshop on Chinese embroidery this afternoon in the lovely Casa del Árbol. Registration is necessary beforehand (send a message to Sofia here: and the all-inclusive cost for the course is AR $400. As a bonus, tea will be served during the workshop, along with some treats.

4:30 – 7:30 PM | La Casa del Árbol (Fitz Roy 2487) | AR $400 | More info


Albert Lamorisse’s highly acclaimed short film, ‘The Red Ballon’ (‘Le ballon rouge’) is an ode to the simplicity of childhood — as well as to the streets of 1950’s Paris. Centering around the story of a sentient, red balloon, that develops a friendship with Pascal, a young school-boy, the camera portrays the budding of their unorthodox relationship and the challenges that emerge along the way. A brief, heartwarming classic, Lamorisse leaves us with some big questions — what really is the red balloon? Is it no more than a small colored bag filled with air, or is it something less tangible (but equally fragile) like hope? Come to your own conclusion this afternoon at 5 PM in BAR LA TRIBU.

5 PM | BAR LA TRIBU (Lambaré 873) | By donation | More info

Photo via FM Libre
Photo via FM Libre


La Botica del Ángel is one of those hidden gems you probably wouldn’t know about unless you happened to walk past it; located in underrated Monserrat, it’s off what one would call the beaten path. Often mistaken (on the outside) for a church, today, the Botica is an art museum run by one of Buenos Aires’ private universities — the Universidad del Salvador (USAL). This Saturday the museum will be rendering several homages to Carlos Gardel — both with a guided visit at 6 PM, and with a piano concert and musical comedy at 9 PM. This is a wonderful chance to get a look at the inside of one of the city’s most alluring, enigmatic buildings, that houses select artwork and manuscripts of Argentinean greats such as Antonio Berni and Jorge Luis Borges, as well as commemorative pieces dedicated to tango and folklore composers including Astor Piazzolla, Mercedes Sosa, and Maria Elena Walsh.

6 or 9 PM | Luis Saenz Peña 543 | AR $150 per activity

Palacio Barolo. Photography by Axel Eandi.
Palacio Barolo. Photography by Axel Eandi.


Well known for bringing the urban backdrop to life, artist collective Al Ver Verás fuses music with visual art; projecting specially selected images onto otherwise blank walls, materials like brick and concrete are the group’s canvas. Hauntingly orchestrated melodies and sounds accompany the lucid, imaginative projections, creating a singular experience that is unique and thrilling — memorable, albeit transitory. This night’s projection will take place in the porteño neighborhood of Monserrat, and space will undoubtedly be limited. Send a message to Al Ver Verás’ Facebook page to reserve your spot, or for further information (link above).

9 – 11:59 PM | Monserrat | More info

Sunday June 25th


Yes, you read that right — Paint-Nite does exist in Argentina! For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s the art class you always wanted, but never had — because here, at Paint-Nite, not only can you paint a masterpiece with step by step instructions, but you can paint a masterpiece with step by step instructions and drink at the same time! While us winos will have to settle for a few beers instead of our preferred vintages — this edition is in Palermo’s Cervelar the time is ripe to loosen the artistic muscles and liberate your inner Picasso. Perhaps we could put a spin on one of Nietzsche’s most famous quotes? ‘And those who were seen painting were thought to be insane by those who were not drinking.’

4 – 6 PM | Cervelar (Jose Cabrera 4399) | Reserve your spot and get a discount by sending a message to Paint-Nite Argentina here | More info

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook


A Middle Eastern varieté will be going down this afternoon in Villa Pueyrredon an event dedicated to the popular music and dance of the region, artists Javier Mokdad, Ma Haram, and Arabic Flow will be showcasing their talents live. It’s safe to expect that more than a little belly dancing will take place, along with a sampling of Iraqi, Lebanese, Morisca, Sephardic, and Syrian folk dances. Among the troupes that will be performing include Desveladas Danza and Mujerías Compañía de Danza. In addition to the performances, there will be Turkish coffee (served alongside sweets) and heaps of Middle Eastern merchandise think hand-crafted goods, hookahs (narguiles), printed t-shirts, and more.

4 – 8 PM | El Alambique (Griveo 2350) | AR $100 pre-sale or $120 at the door | More info

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook


Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet ‘Swan Lake’ is coming to the city’s Teatro Colón. Based on the composer’s original (that interestingly enough was a failure in 1875) and the revisions that were later made to it, the Argentine version, additionally modified by Mario Galizzi, has a twist love triumphs over death. Tickets can be bought at the theater’s box office (Tucumán 1171) or online, from the comfort of your home, here.

5 PM | Teatro Colón (Cerrito 628) | AR $80 – $1400 | More info


El Emergente Bar a combination of a bar, club, and cultural center dedicated to providing a stage for budding artists is celebrating nine years of promoting the creative underdog, and they’re inviting you to the party too. To commemorate the occasion, El Emergente has gone all out there’ll be live music by groups like Cisne Elocuente and El Exilio Universal, ongoing expositions by artists like Giovana Tr and Llama y verás, and poetry by  Julio Dario Vera II and André Demichelis, along with several performances by Mariu Jarazo and Belén Salazar. Confirm your attendance on Facebook and you get in for free just announce yourself as an inviteé of El Emergente at the door.

8 PM – 4 AM | El Emergente Bar (Francisco Acuña de Figueroa 1030) | Free if you confirm your attendance on Facebook