Pervasive dampness coupled with balmy temperatures has given us city-dwellers a premature taste of spring — thankfully, there’s only one full month of winter left after this week, reminding us that the warmer days really aren’t that far away. In the meantime, if you feel like you’ve been hit with a case of cabin fever, get out there, as there’s plenty to do. This weekend there’s a special kind of magic afoot — nostalgia — that may just take you back to younger days.

Friday, 28th of July


The ninth edition of ‘BEER Festival‘ is set to take over W Bar this weekend — and if you don’t have heaps of pesos to spend, that’s okay — the event is being marketed as a ‘furious’ winter sale. In addition to modestly priced craft beer that will guarantee you a happy end-of-month, there will also be a wide range of food stands, offering both national and international goodies — think a traditional Colombian sandwich de pernil, or a New York style pastrami sandwich. And as if that weren’t enough to get you out of the house there will also be live music — both from a group celebrating Gustavo Cerati, and invited guest Mint Producciones.

6:30 PM – 3 AM | W Bar (Lavalleja 1343) | No cover


Considered to be one of the nation’s most traditional yearly fairs, La Exposición Rural is an exposition of Argentina’s agricultural prowess that showcases its history as ‘the granary of the world.’ And although the ‘agro-exporter’ model was abandoned decades ago, following the 1929 financial crisis that significantly reduced the global demand for its prime materials, Argentina’s economy has continued to rely on the wholesale exportation of numerous agricultural products, including (famously) beef, soy, wheat, lemons, and honey. For a look at livestock from all corners of the country, in addition to agricultural production in general, and Argentina’s take on farming, saddle on over to the exposition center (also called La Rural) at Sarmiento 2704. Tickets are AR $100 Monday through Friday (AR $120 on weekends) and can be purchased outside the venue.

9 AM – 8 PM | La Rural (Sarmiento 2704) | AR $100-20 | More info


Musicians Mono Hurtado and Horacio Montesano will be presenting their new improvisation project at Espacio Tucumán this evening — titled Paisajes sonoros (Sound landscapes), the act is punctuated by musical contrasts, taking the listener will on a figurative, auditory journey from the intense height of dizzying, emotional peaks, to the wondrous, awe-inducing expanses of rifts. Get your tickets at the door for AR $100.

8:30 PM | Espacio Tucumán (Suipacha 140) | AR $100

Photo via
Photo via


The Buenos Aires Museum of Latin American Art (MALBA) is honoring the legacy of Hayao Miyazaki this evening with a screening of his 1984 classic ‘Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.’ Set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by environmental contamination, the film has earned consistent praise for its strong female protagonist. An epic that holds a special place in the hearts of millions of Hayazaki fans, it is considered to have marked the start of the legendary Studio Ghibli. The film is scheduled to start at midnight — tickets are AR $60 at the door.

Midnight | MALBA (Figueroa Alcorta 3415) | AR $60

Saturday, 29th of July

Photo via Royal Albert Hall.
Photo via Royal Albert Hall.


The sixth edition of Argentina’s ‘best’ Harry Potter convention will be kicking off at noon today in celebration of the 20 years that have passed since ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ was first published (or ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, depending on which side of the Atlantic you were born). The title of this year’s meet is ‘I Open at the Close’ — a nod to ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.’ Believe it or not, the seventh book was published ten years ago this Sunday, and tomorrow will also be celebrated with gusto. Included in today’s events are shows by ‘The Weird Sisters Argentina’ as well as a live orchestra, debates, duels, magical classes, workshops, a ‘Hogsmeade’ of 60 plus stands, and more. Get your tickets (AR $120 in advance) at Uruguay 341, or Juramento 2584. They can also be bought at the door on the day of the event but will be slightly more expensive, at AR $150.

12 – 7 PM | Colegio San José (Azcuénaga 158) | AR $120-50 | More info

Photo via Facebook.
Photo via Facebook.


Chances are that if you grew up in an English speaking country like the U.S. or the U.K. you love yourself a good Indian food fest. And while the city has left something to be desired as far as the subcontinent’s signature spicy kick goes, this evening Rasoi is hosting its first ever ‘Pop-Up’ night in Palermo neighborhood’s local delicatessen, Il Posto Mercato. The menu that’s been promised already has our mouths watering — including appetizers like hot potato and chick-pea stuffed samosas smothered in yogurt and chutney, and classic entrées like the world famous Chicken Tikka Masala, and the delectable vegetarian standby Malai Kofta. Prices are reasonable — ranging from AR $75 – $175 — and craft beer and wine will be available on-site for purchase.

6 – 11 PM | Il Posto Mercato (Soler 5502) | AR $75 – $175 | More info


Ciudad Cultural Konex is bringing jazz back to center-front tonight with its third edition of Datafest — a local initiative looking to unite and promote the best of the city’s music scene. This encounter is proudly presenting Javier Malosetti and his quartet along with and El Jardín de Ordóñez. Tickets start at AR $250 and can be bought online here.

11 PM – 4 AM | Ciudad Cultural Konex (Sarmiento 3131) | AR $250 | More info

Invited artists Las Crème Brûlée will be inaugurating Feliza's new space. Photo via Facebook.
Invited artists Las Crème Brûlée will be one of the groups helping to inaugurate Feliza’s new space. Photo via Facebook.


After a nine month period of ‘gestation,’ new LGBTQ club Feliza is finally opening its doors — and considering that it’s organized by the people behind the outrageously popular (and free) Fiesta Jolie, we suspect that the party’s going to explode. The venue boasts a mega bar, patio, theater room, and more — you can play games, have at the club’s piano, or even participate in a workshop (!). In addition, this weekend’s inauguration agenda is going to be jam-packed with invited artists and guests — get there early, as the event’s free and there’s bound to be a line. We’re positive that you’ve already noticed, but pesos are in short supply these days.

10 PM – 6 AM | Cordoba 3271 | Free | More info

Sunday, 30th of July


Attention k-pop lovers — hold that ticket to Seoul! This afternoon you can get down to your favorite beats right here in Argentina, during a free, day-long festival in state-run Tecnópolis. The adventurous of you might participate in the scheduled dance or beauty workshops, while the more timid among you might be content to sit back and watch the day’s dance-off (finalists have already been announced). In either case, you can also expect to hear some live music — both a performance featuring traditional Korean percussion as well as a special k-pop set mixed by DJ Mosquito. It’s gonna be fantastic baby.

12:30 – 7 PM | Tecnópolis (Constituyentes 1638) | Free | More info

Photo via Facebook.
Photo via Facebook.


In conjunction with and several local organizations, Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti will be hosting a night of short films directed entirely by women. A notable line-up that examines the sort of films that don’t make it into the spotlight, tonight’s program includes some artistic works as well as a number of documentaries. Get your maximum of two tickets by showing up at the Conti at 5 PM, an hour before the screening starts, as space inside the theater is limited.

6 – 9 PM | Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (Del Libertador 8151) | Free (details above)

DJ Latmun


English DJ Latmun has been invited to ZEF’s weekly electronic music party this Sunday — and the best part about it is that if you get there before 9 PM and say you’re on ZEF’s list you can see him working his magic for free. After that tickets are AR $150 and $200 for women and men respectively, but mentioning the list will get you a discount. For those who have never been, ZEF is self-proclaimed as ‘the coolest and hippest electronic music party with the most beautiful people in Buenos Aires’ — we suggest you check it out and decide if the hype is true for yourself.

6 PM – 4 AM | INPUT (Juan B Justo 1658) | Free until 9 PM if you mention ZEF’s list at the door


Club Cultural Matienzo is mobilizing legions of young art enthusiasts in its week long celebration of illustration and ‘graphic experiences’ crowned Festival Voraz. With a mission statement proposing to render ‘the seven headed monster’ powerless, it appears that the initiative is noble, although we’re still working out our own interpretation. One thing is certain though — the artists involved in the festival want to push participants to do more; to do more, to learn more, and to produce more art. Tonight you’ll be able to visit a show featuring work from six professional illustrators. For a full list of this week’s workshops (and prices) check out the event’s Facebook page.

9 PM | Club Cultural Matienzo (Pringles 1249) | Tonight’s show is free