January is the cruellest month in Buenos Aires: half the city is in Mar Del and the other half wishes they were, as in previous years, when inflation was only 10, and not 40, percent. But there’s no need to despair. Wednesday’s cool change has flapped wind into the sails of us all, as we float to the weekend in the mellow mid-20s (though the mercury will begin another steady ascent come Saturday). This weekend in Buenos Aires brings dancing, eating, drawing, storytelling, healing and learning. What are you waiting for? Put on your alpargatas and hit the silver city. She will reward you.

Friday 27 January

Jam and Draw

JAM de Dibujo / 16 de Diciembre 2016
JAM de Dibujo / 16 de Diciembre 2016

Jazz, drawing and not one, but two live models – if this not does not inspire you, then we will proceed with your post-mortem now. This Friday night, as the sun tips over the horizon and the weekend advances, JAM de Dibujo will give new meaning to the word en vivo, as they host one of their tremendously popular life drawing classes. This time with Dan Pocetti on guitar and Andrés Chirulnicoff on double bass. La vida, en vivo. Life, live.

8PM-1AM | AR $100 | Santos Dumont 4040, Chacarita

Night of Poems and Storytelling


According to Eduardo Galeano, in Haiti, “stories are told at night, because the sacred lives at night.” With this in mind, head to Espacio La Farfala for a night of storytelling and poetry with local wordsmiths Sandra Pinard, Cintia Gomez, Leicia Gotlibowski and Nicolás Pedro Bosáa. Entry is free, the food is cheap, and the beer is artisanal. Turn off your celu, forget the working week, and follow the golden thread of the spoken word into the depths of the night.

9PM-12PM | Free For All | Espacio La Farfala | Juan B Justo 3436

Russian Opera

Plaza del Vaticano at Teatro Colon

Get your furs and diamonds on and head to Plaza Vaticano at the world famous Teatro Colon for Stravingsky’s The Nightingale. Presented as part of the III Festival de Musica, this three act opera based on the Hans Christian Anderson story of the same name tells the simple, stirring story of an Emperor and a nightingale. The event is free for all, weather permitting. Directed by Robert Lepage. Orchestra and Choir: National Opera of Lyon.

8PM-10:10PM | Plaza Del Vatino | Free

Wine Tasting

Flush your nose and mouth with the most exquisite of argentine vintages at Vinosfera Wine Gallery’s first Tasting Lounge of 2017. There’ll be heady drops from Matís Riccitelli, Manos Negras, Piedra Negra and Tinto Negro bodegas, enriched by chocolates from CocaoBit, tapas and live music. Go smell, swill and skull at this elegant, Palermo-based Wine Gallery, for Feb Fast is fast approaching.

8PM-12PM | AR $250 | Vinosfera Wine gallery | Guatemala 4720


Got the blues? Hankering for the ragged wail of the harmonica? Blues En Movimiento has organized a one-off celebration of the mouth organ at the Conventillo Cultural Abasto, with their event, Soplando Los Blues (Vol. II). Three of the most exciting names in harmonic blues – Xime Monzon, Nico Smoljan and Spanish Quique Gomez – will be blowing their troubles away from 9pm onwards, with original music, as well as tributes to maestros of the harmonica, Little Walter, Big Walter Horton, James Cotton and Sonny Boy.

9PM | AR $100 | Anchorena 575


chan chan

You want real-deal Salsa? Rum, sweat, Chan Chan, aching hips, guajira and guayaberas, Havana-style, till the first rays of sunlight spill out on the street and you realise your ears are ringing? Hay fuego en el 23 is hosting a night of “sound and fierce salsa” at a ‘secret’ location (email them on their Facebook page, they’ll tell you) this Friday night from 11pm. With DJ Charley El Malo in charge of music, and Mamboo Mendeez and the Guayaberas causing a sensation on stage.

11PM-5AM | Message their event page for tickets

Saturday 28 January

Cooking Course: Breakfast, Afternoon Tea and Snacks

I would certainly take vegan cooking lessons from this person.
I would certainly take vegan cooking lessons from this person.

Stop eating alfajores and other pale, wheat-based argentine things and sign up for this “clever eating” cooking course, hosted by peaceful-looking and sounding human, Clara Aurora. There’ll be no gluten, no sugar and no chemical additives, only true, raw, fresh, wholesome, vegan and organic morsels. Think crunchy granola, muesli bars, vegetable milks (yes, they do exist), the art of “alkalising” raw vegetables (apparently exists), seeds, grains and detoxing shakes. Like all Argentine classes, whether UBA based or not, expect theory as well as practice. Email Clara for more information: claraauroraperednik@gmail.com | @chefclaraaurora

9AM – 2PM | AR $1000 per class or $1500 for the entire course | Conde 4400, Saavedra

Rap Battle

Las Vegas Freestyle, the oldest continuous rap battle in Buenos Aires, will be exploding upon Plaza Noruega this Saturday afternoon like a tired teenager exploding upon his immediate environment. Stop by this Belgrano based Plaza after 3pm for an afternoon of word play, rhymes, one-upmanship, aggressive poetry and beats.

3PM-9PM | Free | Plaza Noruega, Belgrano

Mindfulness Workshop


Stressed? Anxious? Feel like you can’t cope? Same. Life in the 21st century is hard. Monogamous relationships don’t work anymore, houses are expensive, there’s a refugee crisis, there’s a President crisis, Amazon is buying drones, and the AI are coming to steal your job and perhaps even murder you. But there are ways to deal. Mindfulness, which is kind of like meditation for yanquis, basically involves bringing awareness to what you’re doing, and, in so doing, letting the bad feelings roll by like jetsam on the river of life. This Saturday, the Fundación Columbia, specialists in traditional and alternative forms of knowledge, will be hosting a two hour introductory course for all and sundry. Go and get a grip on your anxieties.

6PM-8PM | AR $342 | Fundación Columbia de Conciencia y Energía | Jorge Luis Borges 2020

Open Air Cinema

Three of the best argentine films of 2016 will be screening at the city’s weekly ‘Mobile Cinema‘ this Saturday night. Permitidos tells the story of a seemingly happy couple, and what happens when they confess which celebrity they would sleep with. In Los Ineses (The Ineses), two babies are swapped at birth, or afterwards – doesn’t matter, things get complicated. And, in El muerto cuenta su historia (The Dead Man Tells His Story), a sexist love-rat gets his comeuppance for crimes against women in this comedy for the #Niunamenos age.

8:30PM | Free Entry | Jerónimo Salguero 750, Almagro

Fiesta Smiths Summer Edition


Drag your bittersweet into the summer with Fiesta Smiths Summer Edition. You know the drill: come one, come all, celebrate the Smiths, spill your feelings on the dance floor, sway till it’s light out. Tribute band “Boyfriends In A Coma” (ojalá) will be performing covers of the Smiths and Morrissey, before DJ Danny Lee takes over and carries you to dawn on a wave of danced-up Smithy sounds. There’ll be drinks, vegan food, merch, beautiful, soulful humans and “MUCHAS FLORES” (I’m not translating that.)

12 AM | AR $100 List, $150 Door | Club V | Corrientes 5008 | Villa Crespo

Back To The 80s Party

Ah, the 80s. Somehow fear of nuclear disaster seems so soft and cuddly in comparison to what we now face. To escape to a time when capitalism seemed like a good deal and the walls were coming down, not up, head to you KNOW MY NAME for a night of synthy, dancey, thrashy, whammy hits from people you know and love: Madonna, Erasure, David Bowie, Cindy Lauper, Human League, Pet Shop Boys, A-ha, Soda Stereo, Virus, Sumo, Queen, Siouxsie, Ramones, The clash, and so, so, so many more.

12PM-6AM | Tickets FREE if you’re on the list (clickAttending” on FB) | you KNOW MY NAME | Marcelo T. de Alvear 1540


Or should we say? CUUUUUUMMMMBBBBIIIIAAAAAAAAA! The music that Europeans love to hate (“every song sounds the same”, say the people who bought us trance and techno) will be seizing control of Ciudad Cultural Konex this Saturday night for “Noche Floreada“. Revered purveyors of cumbia villera (originating in the slums, this is the best, the danciest, most DIY, most alive, most pulsing, funniest, saddest kind of cumbia), Mala Fama and Los Gedes will slash and burn the night away with their heavily synthesised and irrepressibly dancy hits. Buy tickets here.

1AM | ARG $100 or $150 at the door | Sarmiento 3131

Sunday 29 January

Open Air Photography Course

If you got the basics of photography down pat, but want to get more from that expensive, intelligent, pug-sized camera you bought, join the Escuela de Fotografia in fokus for an amble through the Botanical Gardens and a lesson in variable speed, aperture, ISO, photometry and exposure and focus mode. Pre-requisite: basic photography course. Reserve your spot in the class by contacting the school before Friday 9pm on 4632-9595 or at info@infokus.com.ar

2:30PM-5PM | AR $150 | Jardín Botánico

The Museum Goes To The Park

Buenos Aires Government Website
Parque Lezama. Photo from Buenos Aires Government Website

Parque Lezama, the “mythic park” on the southern edge of ye olde San Telmo, is believed to be the place the city was first founded back in 1536, before the site was abandoned because of pestilence and disease. And with its barrancas, jacarandas and statues, its summer-time drum sessions and murgas, its markets and free-wife, this park is about as emblematic of Buenos Aires as you can get. This Sunday, the National Historic Museum will be offering a free guided tour of the park. Who were its first inhabitants? What relationship did they have to the european colonisers? What secrets lie hidden in the park? All this and more. Go and feed your brain and lungs. Wind and weather permitting.

4:30PM-5:30PM | Free For All | Museo Histórico Nacional |Defensa 1600

Animé in Tigre ChinaTown


Mere metres from the dreamy Parque de la Costa, Tigre Chinatown is a beautiful, colorful building that offers food, entertainment, shopping and, as they say in Argentina (via English), ‘relax’. This Sunday it will play host to the second edition of ChinaTown Animé, a celebration of the popular, wide-eyed Japanese genre. Pay particular attention to the big and gaudy Cosplay competition (though, in actual fact, it’ll probably slap you in the face), in which swooney fans dress up up up as their favourite anime character. There will also be a Kpop show for fandancers, trivia, talks, stands laden with merch and a food court.

12PM-8PM | Free Entry | Chinatown in Tigre Centre

Open Air Cinema: Pulp Fiction

Honey Bunny, Pumpkin, Vincent Vega, Mia Wallace, “uncomfortable silences”, “be cool”, “the path of the righteous man…”, “the little differences” – Pulp Fiction needs no introduction. It’s possibly the best film ever, and there’s no better way to see it than under the smoggy, neo-noir Buenos Aires night sky at Crêpas ‘Crêpas Cinema Club‘. This bi-weekly, open-air cinema event takes place on a Palermo Soho terrace and offers a choice selection of local and international classics from the 80s and 90s. Head on down at 8pm for a 9pm showing of Quentin Tarantino’s cult-hit-to-end-all-cult-hits, Pulp Fiction.

ARG$100 (includes Grolsch Beer / Aperol Spritz & Popcorn) | Gurruchaga 1791 crn Costa Rica |

Swingin’ Cinema


Take this jazzy tour through the golden age of cinema, as the the one and only Bebop Club uses music to revive some of the greatest films of all time. With Grisel D’Angelo singing, Nahuel Bailo on piano, Pablo Carmona on double base and Luciano Scalera on drums. Attending in spirit will be Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn, Doris Day and Frank Sinatra.

9PM-12PM | Swingin’ Cinema | Tickets from AR $150 | Bebop Club | Moreno 364, San Telmo