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Buenos Aires has entered an alternate reality. The sun is white hot, Once is empty, none of the men have shirts on and there are beaches in the parks. You could escape, but why miss the opportunity to wander the city in its state of summer undress

It’s the weekend and Buenos Aires is opening like a languid flower. Take time to lie under the bottle-shaped palos borrachos in the Parque Centenario or ride a bike along the costanera. Or read all the supplements in the paper with an agua saborizada and your dog at an outdoor cafe. Or better still, check out one of the carefully curated offerings listed below.

Go on, get out there, leave tracks, drink beer, move your feet, float in a pool, exchange words with a stranger.

Friday 20th January

Poetry On The Terrace 

Give yourself over to the power of the spoken word with ‘Poetry on the Terrace’. For the third year running, a select group of artists will be channelling this most ancient of artforms at the Haroldo Conti Cultural Centre, with the ambitious aim of “presenting and transforming reality”. Grab a seat and a pensive glass of red wine, and let the sun set as the words sink in. It’s free for all, and you just might have a revelation. 

Performing: Frey Chinelli, Pablo Gabo Moreno, Teresa Orbegoso, Luciana Jazmín Coronado and Liliana Velandía Calderón

Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti | Libertador 8151 | 9:00PM

La Noche/The Night

La Noche by Edgardo Castro
La Noche by Edgardo Castro

As we all know, night has a different logic to day. Time flows differently as inhibitions are cast off and the strange becomes intimate. For a meditation on the dark side of the night, head to the MALBA for a late night session of La NocheIn this celebrated debut from Edgardo Castro, awarded the Jury’s Special Prize at the last BAFICI, the protagonist wanders a nocturnal Buenos Aires in search of sensations and satisfaction. Martín, who wears his “solitude” like a “tattoo,” passes the night in a blaze of “travestis, dealers, taxiboys, prostitutes, parties, pools and hotels,” attempting to drown out the sense of a broken soul. Go alone and plunge yourself heart-deep in the agony of being human.

Tickets AR $60 | MALBA | Figueroa Alcorta 3415 | 11PM


Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook


“Like a Virgin,” “Love on Top,” ” “I Will Survive,” “Country Roads,” “I got you babe,” “I Kissed a girl”. What do all these songs have in common? They sound so good when its 11pm, you have a daiquiri in your hand, and it’s your vocal cords that are vibrating them into existence. Set the star within you free by heading to queer mecca, Brandon, for a night of wrenching ballads and unpolished pop hits with Kara Oke. Capacity is limited so if you want to guarantee your spot get in early. And don’t be daft – take advantage of ‘hapy’ hour from 9 to 11pm.

Casa Brandon | Luis Maria Drago 236 | 9PM-12PM

Burger Fest


This event sells itself: meat, cheese, lettuce, bacon, toasted buns, relish, ketchup, in loving proximity to one another. On Friday and Saturday night, the Palermo Hipódromo will play host to BURGER FEST, the festival for “burger fanatics”.  55 stalls will be serving up every possible permutation of hamburger, with fries to boot. Entry is free, so you could go just for the window dressing, but eating seems inevitable. Takes place both Friday and Saturday.

Palermo Hipódromo| Libertador 4101 | 7PM to 2AM

Salsa and Bachata

Salsa is the most piquant blend of sweat, passion, levity and fun, and there’s no better season to dance it in than summer. This Friday, from 10pm onwards, La City will transform into little Harlem, with two dance floors, roving dance instructors and courtesy pizza to fuel the uno-dos-tres, uno-dos-tres. Romeo Santos will feel the hairs stand up on his neck as you all step, grind and sway the night away. Tickets at the door are 150, less if you book beforehand. RUMBA!

LA CITY | Alvarez Thomas 1391 | 10PM


Women’s March, Buenos Aires Edition

If the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has left you feeling helpless or angry, then consider lending your feet to the Buenos Aires edition of the Woman’s March on Washington. This Saturday, women, men, their dogs, their children, their friends, their friends’ friends, their friends’ friends’ dogs’ friends’ dogs, and everyone else who takes offence at what Donald Trump stands for, will congregate at the Plaza Intendente Seeber to march against hatred and division.

“Bring signs; bring friends, family, and lovers; bring ideas for things we can do to fight the spread of fear and hate and encourage true “liberty and justice for all.”

Plaza Intendente Seeber | 11:00 AM to 2 PM

Miranda! at Niceto!


Pop fans are already in paroxysms of pleasure. Argentina’s favorite, weirdest, most effervescent spinners of ‘melodramatic electropop’, Miranda!, will be performing live at ‘good old’ Niceto Club. Famous for their hit, “Don,” which coined the now immortal lines, “Es un solo, es la guitarra de Lolo”, as well as a slew of other irresistibly catchy pop songs, the group is loved throughout Latin America and Europe, and not to be missed en vivo. Tickets will be going from $350.

Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510 | 9 PM

Open Air Music

Open Air Music
Open Air Music

It’s hot, hot, hot, but the evening is so nice and sultry, and the music is like a tall glass of water. Open Air Music has returned to Buenos Aires with their delicious afternoon offering of house music spun out on the banks of the river. Modern maestro of the genre, Nick Curly (the actual one!) will be there, alongside much-loved locals Mariano Trocca and Matias Sundbland. Tickets are 200 pesos. Dance through the sunset and into the night. Starts at 4pm and you are heartily encouraged to ride your bike there.

OASIS PUNTA CARRASCO | Costanera and Sarmiento | 4pm

Foam Party

If you have one bath this week it should be Fiesta Julepe’s foam party, which will kick off this Saturday from 12:30pm.  DJ Sebastian Wuest will be blasting the catchiest, danciest pop hits from 12:30 onwards, before the night descends/ascends into an orgy of sud-soaked cachengue with DJ Yamila Be. An open bar, hundreds of bodies, and an unending sea of foam – there’s nothing like good old fashioned clean fun! Price: 180 pesos. Those celebrating their birthday get free entry.

Julepe | Cordoba 4119 | 11PM

Mansion Pool Party


The team at the beautiful Boero Mansion is hosting a pool party. Constructed in 1919, this San Telmo hulk is a blend of French, Art Deco and Art Nouveau architectural styles, so lush and elegant it’s enough to make you feel like a true bonaerense elite, the kind who vacationed in Venice and bought clothes in Paris. There’ll be food on the parrilla, drinks, and great music from 1pm onwards. Entry is free, just them know you’re attending via email ( Take a camera because you’ll want to instagram the experience.

Mansion Boero | Peru 1573 | 1PM to 8PM



La Boca. Dangerous, beautiful, fearsome, dynamic, porteño, residential, gritty.  It’s one of the city’s most emblematic neighborhoods, and the place where Borges says the city was founded. It’s here, in this low-lying port-side town, that the many waves of European migrants who built the city first arrived. And it wears their colors still – the brightly painted buildings of the caminito owe their brilliance to the excess of boat paint. To celebrate its 20th birthday, Fundación Proa will be hosting an exhibition about the neighbourhood it calls home. “Entre-nos” consists of four halls and  an installation by Marcos López called Il Piccolo Vapore, via which the viewer can enjoy a guided artistic tour of the barrio’s genesis and development. And, once you start to get ‘museum feet,’ head to the restaurant upstairs for meal, a coffee and a view.

AR $50 | Fundación Proa | Pedro de Mendoza 1929 | 11AM to 7PM


What’s better than one cello? Eight cellos. Consisting of eight internationally recognised cellists, Violonchelos Argentinos/Argentine Cellos is Carlos Nozzi’s innovative and lavish musical project. This Sunday evening, the octuple will be performing for free in Plaza Ricchieri, promising to delight listeners with their hugely varied repertoire of classical and folkloric music.

Plaza Ricchieri | Av. Beiró 4800 | 7PM


If you the heat is so intense you can no longer think, there’s only one thing to do – fully immerse yourself in a body of water. Parque Norte is the biggest complex of pools in all of South America. Located in Belgrano, it consists of three pools all bigger than 4500m². There are pools for all tastes: an outdoor pool, a kid’s pool, an over 18s pool, as well as water slides for the young and slippery at heart. Buy some sherbert, take a paperback, and while away the afternoon like your parents did in the 1960s. Entry will cost you ARS$140.  

AR $140 | Cantilo and Güiraldes (in front of Ciudad Universitaria)