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The unavoidable afternoon torpor that comes with the summer is making everyone wait until sunset just to merely consider the idea of having a social life, and as if that weren’t enough, sporadic rains might have already ruined your master plans for wearing ojotas everywhere in the city just for the sake of the blazing temperatures.

In other news, we are so far from real beaches that we have invented our own in the middle of the city, and they are so stupendous that they even have free wifi, so you can stream yourself wearing a swimsuit and having a mojito, and no one will ever suspect that you have faked those vacations you didn’t actually have in Mar del Plata. But hey, summer is always the best excuse for doing things that would otherwise look bizarre during the rest of the year, like spending the day at a “beach” that is actually not a beach.

Since your stuck in Buenos Aires for the foreseeable future (or the next few days only, if you’re lucky), here’s how you can make the most of your time in the city:

Buenos Aires Playa
Now you can ask in the middle of the bustling Buenos Aires streets “which way to the beach?” with no shame at all. (Photo via GCBA)

Friday, 19th of January


For culinary artists, the burger is not just another fast food meal, and the fourth edition of the Buenos Aires Market’s Burger Fest has come to prove it again.

Starting on Friday 19 at 6 PM, foodies will have to decide between more than 50 stands and food trucks offering the most mouthwatering burgers in town, congregated in just one place.

Kary’s Burger, Burger Mood, Marlon, Bar de Carnes, Berlín, Hard Rock, The Embers, Saint Burger, Burger Mood, La Dorita, Nómade, Negroni, 180 Burger Bar, Hoboken, and La Burguesa will be presenting their most exquisite proposals, many of which are vegetarian and gluten-free.

6 PM – 2 AM | Paseo de la Costa (Urquiza y el río), Vicente López | Free access | More info 

Burger Fest San Telmo
(Photo via Buenos Aires Market.)


On Wednesday 17, art galleries worldwide celebrated Museum Selfie Day, which challenged people to take as many selfies as they could alongside all those characters depicted in canvas (who, if they were alive today, would surely have had a dazzling social media presence).

The Museo de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts) joined the movement earlier this week, and it has already received thousands of people who are looking to share a funny moment with the sacred artworks that in another situation, would mean turning the museum into a somber place. You can still join the campaign during the weekend when most galleries in town will remain open until 8 PM. Don’t forget to add the hashtag, #MuseumSelfieDay!

Every Museum in Town | $0-100 |

Selfies at the Museum What to do in Buenos Aires
(Photo via Olivia Muus)


Now that sunset starts around 8 PM, you might consider the idea of going to one the city’s many rooftop bars. After an arduous week of work, what’s more revitalizing than having a glass of crafted beer while looking at the pink brushstrokes in the Buenos Aires sky?

The classic Sky Bar at the Pulitzer Hotel, the modern Crystal Bar at Alvear Icon’s 32nd floor and Tango De Mayo’s voguish Dome Bar are the hottest spots in town for watching the sun hide amid the eclectic Buenos Aires buildings, and each of them will show a very unique panorama of the city. Hint: the weekend has three days.

Sky Bar (Maipú 907) | Crystal Bar (Aimé Painé 1130) | Tango de Mayo (AV. de Mayo 1396) 

Buenos Aires Sunset
(Photo via Sandra Kreuzinger)

Saturday, 20th of January


If you haven’t made it to Mar del Plata or Pinamar yet, Delta del Tigre is still a fantastic place to enjoy the summer vibes (ojotas not allowed, sad face). The Tigre Opera Festival will culminate on Saturday night with the sui generis performance of the Argentine soprano Daniela Tabernig. Tickets start at AR $100, while the most expensive ones at AR $650 includes transportation to the island.

9 PM | Isla Kaiola Blue, Delta del Tigre | $100-$650 | More info 

Tigre Opera Festival What to do in Buenos Aires
(Photo via Tigre Opera Festival)


The emblematic San Telmo Fair is holding an evening of swing and jazz with the presentation of Seaglass Music, who will be spicing up the fair’s romantic aura with their banjos, ukeleles, pianos and vocal notes through the night. (If you are planning on having a romantic date this weekend, there will even be a dance floor at the plaza).

7 PM – 10 PM | Plaza Dorrego (Defensa 1098, San Telmo) | FREE | More info 

San Telmo Open Air Festival
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Even when summer vacations is the most awaited time of the year for most kids, by mid January, the vast amounts of free time with no end in site start to feel a bit long. It’s with this in mind that every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of January, Parque Centenario will be hosting theater performances for the little ones, including Beauty and the Beast, Romeo and Juliet, a Play under Construction, and The Songs of Your Childhood. The entry is free and the plays stand to be suspended in case of rain, so keep that in mind when planning your weekend.

7 PM | Parque Centenario (Díaz Velez y Ángel Gallardo) | FREE | More info 

Performances in the park
(Photo via GCBA)


The Japanese Garden will be open for free on Saturday 20. Our recommendation: take your mate kit and arrive early to find the best shade under a silk floss tree, and concentrate on finding your inner peace just before the place gets loaded. By that time, you might better go home and continue your relaxing journey with a DIY spa day.

10 AM – 6 PM | Av. Casares 2966 | Free | More info 

Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires
If you can’t find inner peace here, then I don’t know what to say to you. (Photo via Luis Argerich)

Sunday 21st of January


A new edition of Microteatro has come to town, this time focusing around a new subject – vacations!

The intimate nature of Microteatro creates a bond between actors and audiences that immediately captivates those who disapprove the etiquettes found in many theater rooms, turning it into the perfect plan for summer, when everyone just wants to chill out (bro).

9 PM – 11 PM | Bar Quince, Serrano 1139 | $70 per play | More info 

(Photo via Microteatro)


The Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA for friends, or Latin American Art Museum of BA) is holding a Sunday movie night with Mujer Entera, a complex documentary that explores the macabre scene of human trafficking in Argentina.

Here’s the film’s description:

“There are the pimps, the catfishes, the ruffians, and the corrupt police and state officials who make human trafficking an excellent business. On the other side, there are the victims. But crossing this whole network are the clients, always safe from any condemnation. Above them, rests the gaze of Mujer Entera.”

6 PM | Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 3415 | $60 | More info 


Every weekend, the Galileo Galilei Planetarium receives everyone who wants to observe the sky using the observatory’s state-of-the-art telescopes, and you don’t even have to pay an entrance fee. The activity starts when the sun comes down around 7 PM, and it extends until 10 PM.

7 PM | Av. Sarmiento 1425 | Free | More info 

(Photo via GCBA)


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