This weekend’s theme seems to be fabulous pairings. What are we talking about? Oh you know, things like Friday the 13th and spooky tours, comedy and beer, movies and food, and Meryl Streep and a microphone. Don’t let the post-holiday-stuck-in-the-city blues get you down, because this weekend is brought to you by the number two, and it’s bound to be better than one.

Friday, January 13th


pink floyd

We all know that Pink Floyd was peerless in their genre, and Konex is recreating their innovative brand of magic at The End: The Best of Pink Floyd. Their massive tribute will include all the hits you know and love  like The Great Gig in the Sky, Another Brick in the Wall, and Money, as well as some of their less famous, but just as psychedelically awesome songs. You can brush up on their trajectory to the top here, and here’s a little classic primer to get your excited for your Friday night Floyd journey. Tickets are AR $250 and you can get them in advance here.

Ciudad Cultural Konex | Sarmiento 3131 | 7:00 PM


Do you have a lucky number? Have you been seeing the same number over and over lately? Find out why! Ok, maybe the universe isn’t directly imparting its deep wisdom to you through the amount the taxi ticker shows, but why not hang out with the yogis at Sangha to see what they have to say about the “divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.” Gabriela Castillo will be leading this lecture on numerology at the Villa Crespo spot, and she’ll be covering everything from the Pythagorean to the Kabbalistic versions. The event is totally free and there’s no need to sign up, so what do you have to lose?

Sangha | Juan R. Velasco 278 (doorbell 1) | 7:00 PM


Instantly up your intellectual game with an open discussion about French philosopher and historian, Michel Foucault, and his opinions on the history of madness. Taller de Filosofía is hosting this latest installment of Filosofía a la Gorra at the Kalima Kultural to help provide that elusive impetus to get those wheels turning. Best known for his ideas about the relationship between power and knowledge and control through societal institutions, Foucault was supremely interested in the history of mental illness. Spend a couple of hours getting to know why with a group of (hopefully opinionated) strangers. The discussion is a la gorra and there’s no need to have any semblance of a relevant background to participate!

Kalima Kultural | Teniente Benjamín Matienzo 2424 | 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


buenos ayres misteriosa

Join the Ayres Viajes guides for the most appropriate Friday the 13th activity out there. They’re amping up their usual spooky historical tour, with its latest installment, Buenos Ayres Misteriósa I. The peeps at Ayres have been highlighting the more macabre secrets of this city’s history for over ten years, and by this point, know exactly what stories will satisfy any and all cravings for a good ghost story. Tickets for your hair-raising experience will run you AR $165 and you absolutely must reserve your spot beforehand, either by emailing or calling 4383-9188.

Ayres Viajes | Av. de Mayo 1260 | 8:15 PM


Bebop is deviating from its normal slew of jazzy entertainment with Buddha Sounds. The Argentine electronic group was founded by Alex Seoan in 2002, and their placid style fits right in with the jazz club vibe. Check out their latest fusion of zen-like acoustic and electronic textures on Friday night, while enjoying a signature Bebop cocktail. If an evening with the band isn’t enough, their full album is the perfect background music to reduce your end of the week at-work anxiety. Tickets to the show start at AR $225 and you can get yours in advance here.

Bebop Club | Moreno 364 | 9:00 PM


white vinyl

The White Vinyl Club knows that summer and punk rock go together like Nutella and a spoon, and are providing a Punk Nacional alternative to the usual Rock Nacional onslaught. Get yourself to Avellaneda for their first concert of the year to hear local bands, Mal Momento and Los Mentirosos share the stage in an all night jam session. Bust out your favorite punk wardrobe, wave your anti-establishment flag, and spend the night picking your favorite of the two. Your chance to show off your pogo/moshing skills is totally free, as long as you show up before 12:30 AM. Punk waits for no one.

White Vinyl Club | Av. Hipolito Yrigoyen 1735 | 10:00 PM


Speaking of things that go well together, how about funny and beer? Olvida3 de Todo has got a triple threat of comedy kings to help you forget all about that crappy week at work. Add some cold beers to the mix, and you might even forget that you are stuck in the hellish sauna that is Buenos Aires in January. Manu Ruffa, Mauro Pulia, and Dany Buituron are on deck for all of your laughter needs, and there will be plenty of libations just in case their brand of funny doesn’t quite line up with yours. Your ticket to hilarity is totally free and there’s no need to reserve your spot beforehand.

Absinth Resto Bar | Bartolome Mitre 1695 | 9:45 PM


Vox is back at it this weekend and both of their dance floors are brimming with beats, glorious beats. Drink some mate and beat your face because you’re in for a sensory overload with their long lineup of DJs and VJs. You can peruse the list of invitees, and what time they’ll be spinning on the Facebook invite, so you can strategize for optimal party enjoyment. Tickets are AR $80 as long as you get there before 1:00 AM and are on their list. Get your name added by messaging via the event.

Vox | Hipólito Yrigoyen 968 | 11:30 PM – 7:00 AM

Saturday, January 14th


nocaut las drogas

Or at least egg on the boxers in the ring… Find your way to Lomas de Zamora to check out FJU, or Fuerza Joven Universal. This vital organization provides a place for at risk youth to gain confidence, find community, and feel heard, and they’re staging a huge match to raise awareness about drug abuse in local communities. Nocaut a las drogas is totally free to attend as long as you bring a nonperishable food item to donate. You can find out more about the organization and event here (and, more importantly, check out a video of their latest attempt at the mannequin challenge).

Microestadio | Calle Molina Arrotea 2407 | 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM


For those of you who can’t make it all the way out to Lomas, here’s a slightly less physical battle that will get you just as hyped up. The Hablemos de Rap + Spit freestyle battle is coming to the Gier Music Club under the capable MC hands of Underdann & Riffo and DJ Mokson. Check out the slickest poets you’ve never heard of or, if you’re really feeling yourself, take your own spitting talents out for a spin for the whole world to see. The top prize is AR $2000, and of course, all of the street cred that comes along with being a rap genius. Tickets are AR $100 if you get them in advance by messaging via the Facebook event, or AR $150 at the door.

Gier Music Club | Av. Alvarez Thomas 1078 | 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM


The city knows that the post-holiday January heat can become a bit insufferable, so they’ve got a few events lined up to keep you distracted and maybe even glad you’re stuck in the city instead of on vacation… not. If you love to dance and are into audience participation, Bailar en el Parque is for you! Teachers Julia Martín and Rita Polo will head up this Saturday’s version, and the theme is world music, so there will be something for everyone. Your ticket to move is totally free and after the groove session, you can follow the crowd to Espacio Cultural Chacra de los Remedios for a free concert by Subzero starting at 8:00 PM.

Parque Avellaneda | Av. Lacarra 1257 | 6:00 PM


un novio para mi mujer

What’s the point of even watching a movie, if you don’t have access to tasty goodies to keep your jaw occupied? There is none, and since this is pretty much universal knowledge, the Patio de los Lecheros is hosting a food truck and outdoor movie night every Friday and Saturday of January. Head on over to the patio to sample all of the hip food trucks that aren’t allowed to roam the city, and settle down to watch Metegol and Un novio para mi mujer. There’s no charge for your movie experience, and food truck prices vary.

Patio de los Lecheros |  Av. Donato Álvarez and Bacacay | 7:00 PM


What’s better than one free movie event? Two, duh. Get yourself to the Patio Salguero to watch Permitidos, the comedy about what happens when you actually meet the celebrity crushes you’re technically allowed to cheat with in real life. There’s no food at this screening per se, but we won’t tell anyone if you pack yourself the prettiest choripan you can snag from your afternoon asado. Here’s a quick sneak peek of your glorious, free movie experience to help fight the fiaca.

Patio Salguero | Jerónimo Salguero 750 | 8:30 PM


Bebop is back with another unmissable show. They’ve convinced the legendary comedian, Ernesto Archer, to jump onstage for a couple of hours to lighten up your Saturday evening. You may have heard of him as one of the members of Les Luthiers, but his chops as a solo stand-up comedian are undeniable and he’s been honing them since the early nineties. He’s been hiding out in Chile until recently, but is finally back in glorious BA to bring you the funny you deserve. Tickets to hang with Ernesto will run you AR $300 and you can get yours in advance here.

Bebop Club | Moreno 364 | 9:00 PM



The unthinkable tragedy taking place in Syria is all the more reason to understand a little bit more about the people who are experiencing such needless suffering. In light of this, The Asociación Cultural Siria is hoping to at least provide a little bit of insight into their rich culture with La Siria Fest. Forego the Netflix and takeout to meet new people, eat good food, and dance to good music at their cultural hub. You can find out more about the organization here, or just show up to see what they’re all about. There is no need to register beforehand, and tickets are AR $50 at the door.

Asociación Cultural Siria | Av. Rivadavia 5581 | 11:00 PM


BirraParty de Verano is providing a little bit of unplugged punk rock to go with your ice cold beer at Rocket Bar & Music. They’ve got Romanes (kind of like Ramones… get it?), pumped up and ready to provide the perfect background sounds for your beverage enjoyment. Your AR $100 entrance fee will not only get you access to acoustic versions of the band’s hits, but also drink specials all night long, and access to their menu until 12:30 AM. You can listen to a more electric version of what Romanes does best here, or just get your ticket to beer and music glory at the door.

Rocket Bar & Music | Rodriguez Peña 1027 | 11:00 PM


We know this weekend is supposed to be about pairings, but Uniclub has come up with a really good trio: booze, retro video games, and dancing, and we couldn’t leave them off of the list based on the technicality. Get your gamer on at Fiesta Stream Retro Start, and take advantage of their classic arcade and console style games, tournaments, and drink specials. If for some reason you’re concerned that your favorite game won’t be represented, you can check out what they’ve managed to conjure up for the event on the Facebook event page. Otherwise, get your AR $80 ticket in advance here (Unless you’re a lady! Ladies get in free all night).

Uniclub | Guardia Vieja 3360 | 11:00 PM – 6:00 AM

Sunday, January 15th



Lowrider Street Argentina is taking over the Costanera Sur to host an expo of their signature bikes. We know you’ve seen them around town, but here’s your chance to inspect the subtleties that make them the hottest trend in the city. Come out for the free celebration of pedaling as close to the ground as possible, and see what bikes take home the top prizes. They’ll be setting up right behind Dique 3 (next to the Parrilla ‘El Torito’), and you can take advantage of the location to fuel up at the parrilla before or afterwards.
Costanera Sur | Av. Int. Hernan M. Giralt and Macacha Güemes | 12:00 PM


The CCR keeps churning out compelling exhibits, and they just opened their latest show Íconos Argentinos – Homenaje. Curated by Renata Schussheim, the expo captures the soul behind Argentina’s favorite icons in the photos of Gianni Mestichelli. More than 60 iconic figures will decorate the walls of salas 3, 4, and 5 until March 24th, so you’ve got plenty of time to catch a glimpse of each hometown celebrity. Like most CCR events, the expo is totally free to check out, so save your money for more important things (like inflation).

Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junín 1930 | 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM


Sundays and yoga is another one of our favorite pairings, and luckily Pinta Yoga is of the same mindset. The studio is hosting an a la gorra outdoor yoga event to make sure that you get your weekend dose of zen. Their M.O. is to create an inclusive experience for everyone who wants to participate, so there’s no need to sign up or have previous experience, and they encourage any experimentation (within reason). Get to the Parque Lezama to find yourself a new yoga crew and get bendy.

Parque Lezama | Brasil y Defensa | 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM



Let’s actually harness the power of the sun, instead of just cursing its existence at the Bandas al Sol #2 concert at the Parque de las Ciencias. It’s being put on by your eco-friendly friends at Sintesun, and is brought to you by 100% solar energy. Spend the afternoon with electronic project, Nación Ekeko, and post-rock La Verganza de Cheetara, all while learning about how solar panels can power everything from rock concerts to businesses and homes. There’s no charge to get in and no need to sign up beforehand.

Parque de las Ciencias | Soler and Godoy Cruz | 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM


Top off the weekend with a bang at the Centro Cultural Recoleta alongside the Orkesta Popular San Bomba. They’re kicking off their three-Sunday stint with the cultural center’s January music series, and are busting out their signature fusion style to give you a chance to dance away your end of weekend blues. You can preview their particular style here before securing a spot on CCR’s terrace to hang out with them in person. Tickets are totally free and there’s no need to sign up beforehand.

Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junín 1930 | 7:00 PM

Happy weekend y’all!