February, the strange, small month, which wants a day or two, but has an excess of r’s, has officially arrived. It brings with it greater inflation, hikes in energy prices, and all the initial chaos of the government’s “Transparent Prices” scheme. But also long, hot days on the costanera, choripans by the dozen, outdoor picnics, film festivals, tennis, and beer gardens.

Friday 3rd

Choripan Festival

The Choripan, as the name suggests, is a simple yet entirely necessary invention – a sausage, hot off the grill and split in the middle, in bread. Now, the long-sought after day has finally arrived: like the humble hamburger that went before it, it is the choris turn to be gentrified, hipsterfied, or made gourmet.

It was always going to be a risk – hosting a real life “sausage festival.” But thank god they’ve done it. This Friday night from 5pm, Ciudad Cultural Konex will play host to what is surely the most important event of the year: Buenos Aires Chori. Dreamt-up by carnivorous “gastronomic-journalistic” project, Nerca, Buenos Chori is the first ever festival completely devoted to this most humble and argentine of nutriments. Expect local or non-traditional meats (as well as the “pure pork” original), gourmet recipes, the most talented chori chefs, and “meat performances”. Also bands, beer, wine, vermouth, and plenty of “tripe and heart.” Probably best to stop eating now.

5pm-9:30pm | Tickets from $ARG100 online or at the door | Ciudad Cultural Konex | Sarmiento 3131, Abasto

Gypsy Jazz, Beer and Hamburgers

Enjoy the dark, swinging tones of gypsy jazz at Almagro’s favourite all-rounder, La Hormiga de Oro. A jaunty jazz ensemble comprised of Roque Monsalve, Pablo Vázquez, Marco Vaamonde and Joe Troop will delight listeners with the the strummings and pickings of ‘hot club’ jazz, as the bar fuels the dancing with signature cocktails, craft beer, and homemade burgers. Prices are “inoffensive,” “so it doesn’t hurt you at the time or in your memories of the night.” Nothing to lose, and oh so much to gain.

9pm | $ARG100 | La Hormiga de Oro | Av. Medrano 688


Gemütlichkeit is one of those quaintly specific German words that means something like a feeling of cheer, coziness, well-being, and social acceptance. If this is the feeling you are searching for, which I assure you it is, then head to Jardin Cervezaria (Beer Garden), Buenos Aires’s very first beer garden. Debuting this Friday and Saturday night (double the inauguration = double the fun) at Sherwood English Pub, the Beer Garden promises craft beers, signature cocktails, gourmet fast food, a reinvigorating evening breeze, and plenty of open-air conviviality, all in the heart of Palermo. Grab a $60 pint during Happy Hour, from 6pm-9pm. Salud! Or Prost! or whatever.

6pm-2am | Sherwood English Pub | Salguero 1358


The first round of the Davis Cup, the ‘World Cup’ of Tennis, will hit Buenos Aires this weekend. Reigning title, Argentina, will be squaring off against Italy, in what is sure to be a series of heavily passionate, emphatically gesticulative tennis matches. Unfortunately, the very talented argentine, Juan Martin del Potro, will not be in attendance, as Argentina faces a “full-strength” Italian side (they’ve gone the whole espresso it seems.) Friday’s play begins at 11am in the Parque Sarmiento.

11am Friday 3rd | Ticket Information | Parque Sarmiento | Av. Dr. Ricardo Balbín 4750


Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 6.04.56 PM

Reggae, with it’s mellow, “don’t worry about a thing’ vibe, is the perfect music genre for a city that just experienced a 150% increase in the price of electricity. Head to much-loved cafe-concert hall, La Trastienda Samsung, for an evening of reggae, with Reggae Nonpalidece Verano Reggae, to sooth your soul and lower your blood-pressure. There’ll be good vibes some big names, such as english trombone legend, Matic Horns, former lead singer of 80s reggae group Aswad, Brinsley Forde, and the band, Dub Natty Sessions. Big ups to you man, etc.

9pm | Tickets from $ARG 275 | La Trastienda Samsung | Balcarce 460, San Telmo


Groovestuck at Uniclub offers the rawest, bloodiest, realest live rock music, as well as the very best in national and international rock music. This Friday night, they’ll be opening their summer season with performances from Capitan Buscapina, Son Cabot and Acorralados. What are you waiting for? You’re in a city that still thinks rock music is the pre-eminent genre, so you may as well take advantage of the fact. Rip off your shirt, spill beer on your neck and throw yourself into a mosh pit of male and female bodies as they collide with all the violence of asteroids and predictability of the weather.

10pm | Tickets from $ARG100 | Uniclub | Guardia Vieja 3360


Fright Night
Fright Night

In Fright Night, Tom Holland’s 1985 terror-comedy cult classic, teenager Charley enlists the help of a vampire hunter actor to protect him from his vampire neighbour. What could possibly go wrong? Head to the city’s most innovative, most cutting-edge cultural centre, El Cultural San Martín, for a showing of this blood-stained, rosary-threaded, garlic-smeared cult classics. It’ll be dark out, so you are at risk of being bitten, but don’t let that get in the way of a good time.

10pm | $ARG40 (General Entry) $ARG25 (Students, Retirees)| El Cultural San Martin

Saturday 4th

Whole Food Market

Sabe La Tierra
Sabe La Tierra

Sabe La Tierra (a delicious pun that means both ‘taste’ and ‘know’ the earth) will be hosting their weekly whole food market in Vicente López and San Fernando. The aim of the market is to raise awareness about sustainable living and eating in order to preserve both your health and that of your habit’s. The emphasis is on the humane and the natural: consumers are brought into contact with 50 small-scale producers so they can learn their stories and educate themselves about how food is produced. There will be bountiful organic, cruelty-free food, live music and free workshops. If you are hoping for an anonymous, plastic-wrapped, transactional supermarket experience, then the market is probably not the place for you. Go with your brain switched on and your heart warmed up.

Sabe la Tierra San Fernando | 10am-5pm | At the Train Station San Fernando del Tren de la Costa (for further directions click here) |
Sabe la Tierra Vicente Lopez | 10am-3pm | Plaza Amigos de Florida, Av. Gral. San Martín 2400, Vicente López (for further directions flick here)

Ghost Tour


Barracas, that sprawling southern barrio beyond the Parque Lezama, is close to the river and the original pulse of the city. Nowadays it’s a working-middle class neighbourhood you might consider settling down in, but you need only walk down Regimiento de Patricios, past the old alpargatas factory with its smashed in windows and crumbly facade, to sense that something more irrational and ghostly is at at play. Pampa y la Vía Tours will  be hosting a ‘ghost‘ tour of this historically-fascinating, river-bound barrio this Saturday night, unearthing the “mysterious, murders, ghosts and tragic stories” that lie alongside the better known historical narrative. No need to reserve, just arrive fifteen minutes early.

 5pm-9:30pm | Pay As You Feel (‘A la gorra’) | Av. Montes de Oca 850


The BOW Club
The BOW Club

Electronic music fans rejoice! For the first time ever in Buenos Aires: Ben UFO and Joy Orbison, together, all night long, on the gorgeous costanera. The talented DJs will be perfusing The BOW club with their deep house, techno, funky, garage and dubstep sounds. These men were basically born in clubs, so expect a sonically immersive, spine-tinglingly epic experience.

11:30pm-7am | $ARG 250 | The BOW Club | Av. Costanera Norte and Sarmiento

Sunday 5th



Comprised of brass and percussion players who combine the tradition of latin-american orchestral music with that of the grass root “pueblo” band, Todopoderoso Popular Marcial interprets thousand year old High-Andean music with the “urban pulse” of the 21st century. Is there anything missing? This Sunday night they’ll be performing cumbias and other popular latin-american genres at Buenos Aires’ cultural and artistic heart, the Centro Cultural Recoleta. Weather permitting.

Free Entry | 6pm-8pm | Centro Cultural Recoleta, Junín 1930


The verge
The verge

Pay your respects to Pedro Almodóvar this weekend, by attending the San Martín Cultural Centre’s festival in his honour, running from Feb 2 to 26. You owe it to Saint Pedro. He has shown you passion, melodrama, women in all states of emotional and physical undress, tango, the colour red, Gael Garcia Bernal in lipstick, kitsch, camp, the dark side of Catholicism, tango, incest and transsexuality, and those are his family friendly films. This Sunday night, his blackly comic 1988 film, Women On The Edge Of A Nervous Breakdown, which brings together voice-over actors, a Shiite terrorist cell, a Spanish apartment, sleeping pills and gazpacho, will be screening at 9pm. Paint your lips red and go in a state of high emotion.

9pm | $ARG 40 (Gen), ARG $25 (Students, Retirees) | El Cultural San Martín | Sarmiento 1551



One of the world’s more technical, violent, exciting, lavish, over-the-top sports, American football, is having its special day this Sunday. This year, Trumps’ favourite team, the New England Patriots, will go head to head with the Atlanta Falcons, to see who takes home the Vince Lomardi trophy. Lady Gaga will be doing something outrageous at half-time, so you’ll want to see that. Head to Palermo’s La Fábrica del Taco for an evening of beer, tacos and the most american thing this side of John Wayne and bacon. 2 for 2 tacos al pastor and free tequila shots at half-time.

9pm-1am | Facebook Event Page | Las Cañitas location only (Báez 246)

Spanish Opera

Enjoy an evening of first-rate singing and dancing within the creamy confines of the Palacio La Argentina, with “A Night In the Zarzuela“. Zarzuela, or Spanish opera, covers a far chunk of the various artistic modes of expression, combining spoken word, sung passages, chorus, dance and popular music. Seems like good value for money, if you ask me. Grab a table and a meal at 8pm, as you wait for the Lyric Orchestra Ensemble to interpret an “endless number of famous Spanish melodies.” Reserve tickets at reservas@ensamblelirico.com.ar.

8pm | Tickets $ARG 250 | Teatro Palacio La Argentina, Rodríguez Peña 361

Park, Music, Art

jardin botanico

Proyecto Bio in the Botanic Gardens (Jardín Botántico) is the work of sculptor, Gonzalo Alvarez, and will bring together various artists to “create consciousness around caring for Mother Nature.” The program will include free workshops for kids on the topic of nature. Take the kids, your aesthetic sensibilities and a packed lunch.

9:30am-6:35pm | Free Entry |Jardín Botántico Av. Santa Fe 3951