Those who have lived in Buenos Aires for several years will know that it’s high time for the appearance of Santa Rosa  or in English, the torrential downpour that traditionally hits the region five days before or after the feast day of the patron saint of the Americas, St. Rose of Lima, on the 30th of August. The storm (that is actually less punctual than many are brought up to think) is produced by the collision of warm and cold air masses over the continent, and fortunately for us, signals the impending advent of spring. So long story short, be prepared to get wet weather regardless, we’ve got loads of things to do. And whether it’s pigging out on wings, or indulging in the best wine, film, or music, we can assure you it’s way too good to miss.

Friday 25th of August

Photo via Facebook.
Photo via Facebook.


Chicken Bros is celebrating two years of shenanigans this Friday, and has planned quite the ‘Flockfest’ party to boot. Held in the famous ‘Palacio de Pollo,’ the night promises to be grand. Order something off of the Bros’ brand new menu, or stick with your trusty, time tested favorites. Enjoy shots of the Bros’ own fireball whiskey, or jalapeño tequila, and jam to some fresh hip-hop beats served up by SWRV party’s DJ Trilliam. Additionally, indulge in beer pong, and participate in the complementary raffle you’ll have a chance to win some pretty unbelievable prizes, including (for you sports lovers) 20 wings and a pitcher of Isenbeck on every Sunday or Monday American Football Nights until the end of the season.

5 PM – 2 AM | Chicken Bros (Thames 1795) | More info


Anima Mundi, or the World Soul, is a concept that comes to us from the Ancient World. As the soul is to the body, so Anima Mundi is to the earth in a nutshell, it means that the planet is conscious, animate, and alive. Tonight an interactive multimedia event in the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti will explore this classical concept via an exhibit that will fluctuate and change in direct relation to the people who visit the installation. Essentially the exhibit will illustrate the principle of interconnectedness or in other words, how our actions and decisions immediately impact and modify the environment, and the people who populate it, around us.

8 – 11 PM | Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (Del Libertador 8151) | Free | More info


El Mercado Wine & Cheese Bar is hosting (you guessed it!) an affordable wine and cheese night. Taking place in their intimate Palermo local, it provides the perfect opportunity to unwind after the work-week. Besides a spectacular wine list, the bar boasts a selection of regional cheeses that will make you go weak at the knees including products from Quesos La Suerte , Cabaña Las Dinas Tandil, Pueblo Escondido, Espacio Piedras Blancas, and Salvaje Bakery. El Mercado opens promptly at nine, and there is no cover for the event.

8 PM – Midnight | El Mercado Wine & Cheese Bar (Gorriti 4954) | No cover | More info

Photo via Facebook.
Photo via Facebook.


Ciudad Cultural Konex is launching a new music series this Friday Ciclo Asteroide. Bringing together the best from the Rioplatense electro-pop scene, the cultural center wants to introduce a unique concept to the city’s burgeoning nightlife. The series’ first, inauguratory concert in the ‘Hall of Columns’ boasts a pretty formidable line-up, including performances by DiosqueSante Les AmisCoiffeur and Rayos Láser. Tickets start at AR $200, and can be bought via Ticketek online.

12 AM | Ciudad Cultural Konex (Sarmiento 3131) | AR $200 | More info

Saturday 26th of August


If you’re still searching for that special, furry critter to make your house a home, today could be your lucky day the Buenos Aires city government is hosting a day-long cat and dog adoption event in Plaza Roque Saenz Peña. Organized by Mascotas de la Ciudad, past editions of the event have united the city’s large number of charitable organizations that get cats and dogs off the streets. Help them out by providing a forever homes, or by sharing the event with someone who can.

12 – 5 PM | Plaza Roque Saenz Peña (Boyacá and Juan B. Justo) | Free | More info

Photo via Facebook.
Photo via Facebook.


A workshop on Larvarian masks will be taking place in Almagro’s Escuela Internacional de Creación Teatral y Movimiento Cabuia on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. For those who aren’t familiar with them, the premise of Larvarian masks is fairly simple through exaggerating the features of the human face, they inform the actor or actress about the nature of their character. Today’s interactive event will examine the importance of masks in the creative and pedagogical processes, and interested participants will be invited to don them and experience theater as something experimental and beyond their control. For further information, or to register, contact the organizers via email ( The cost of the workshop per day is AR $100.

10 AM – 2 PM | Escuela Internacional de Creación Teatral y Movimiento Cabuia (Maza 28) | AR $100 per day | More info


If you’re just here for the food, we’ve got your back. Buenos Aires Market, our favorite movable food-fair, is setting up shop for the first time in the beautiful Plaza Francia, located right in the heart of Recoleta. Bring your reusable bags as you browse a wide selection of organic produce and specialty items, including an exquisite selection of artisanal breads, pastries and sweets, homemade jellies, jams, pickles — you name it. If you’re lucky enough to have some hundred peso notes burning a hole in your pocket, you can spend them on cheesy slices of gourmet pizza piled high with toppings, steaming stir-fry noodle dishes, or perfectly seasoned vegetarian empanadas with ‘soy meat.’ As always entry is free, and if you don’t care to spend, you can always window shop!

10 AM – 6 PM | Plaza Francia (Del Libertador and Puerreydón) | Free | More info

Photo via Facebook.
Photo via Facebook.


Lukas Bärfuss, ‘the new voice of the Swiss novel and dramaturgy’ and about whom there is still relatively little detailed information in English will be visiting the Centro Cultural Recoleta this afternoon and treating us all to an unforgettable master class. Discussing both the large and small questions that have affected him emotionally and impulsed him to write for over twenty years, Bärfuss will give us an intimate view into the inner workings of his ingenious mind. Tickets to the event are free, and will be given out an hour before the class starts. Get yours at the Center’s box office a maximum of two tickets can be obtained per person.

4 PM | Centro Cultural Recoleta (Junín 1930) | Free | More info

Sunday 27th of August


Che Vegano has organized the second edition of its wildly eclectic Festival Natural a get-together for health-minded family and friends where you are encouraged to snack, chat, and participate in educational activities (check out the selection of discussions and classes and sign up ahead of time now) . The festival also boasts the most bizarre and ingenious health market we’ve ever seen, where you can find products like vegan ‘life food’ yogurt, purses and bags made out of up-cycled materials, homemade deodorant, and eco-friendly toothbrushes.

10 AM – 6 PM | Border (Godoy Cruz 1838) | Free | More info


Cultural center La Gran Jaime is projecting Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia’s newest film, El Bar — a tense and suspenseful work of art that will have you on the edge of your seat. In addition to savoring the adrenaline rush, you can also kick back and enjoy a beer, as the house has quite an ample selection, including blondes, reds, IPAs, and stouts. Tickets to the screening are AR $50, and the proceeds go directly towards the completion of “Ostranenie,” a short film that is the brainchild of a group of students from Universidad del Cine. Show up early to guarantee you get a spot, or reserve your tickets via Whatsapp with Lara (11 6969 5272) or Sofia (11 4399 6735).

9 – 11 PM | La Gran Jaime (Aráoz 832) | AR $50 | More info


Although his Saturday gig at The BOW has been completely sold out, English progressive house DJ and producer Nick Warren will be playing to the masses in Argentina one more time tonight at Crobar’s Sunday electronic music party ‘Be Techno.’ Famous for his eight albums released in the Underground Music series, and for his work in power duo Way Out West, Warren’s career started in Bristol before blowing up and taking him around the world. Order your tickets from Electronic Music Argentina via phone today (11-5726-9884).

7 PM – 3 AM | Crobar (Infanta Isabel and Marcelino Freyre) | More info


‘English Storytelling Night’ is back — shaking up the routine by setting up in Teatro Trilce — and this edition’s theme is going to be (drumroll please) adventure. Stories exploring the wild word in all of its varied denotations will be shared tonight — participants are welcome to share their own or simply enjoy listening to others. The encounter (convening for the eleventh time) is propulsed by the desire to hear a good story, as well as to forge meaningful connections without the aid of technology.

9 – 11 :30 PM | Teatro Trilce (Maza 177) | Pay-what-you-can | More info