Doesn’t it feel wonderful to live in a country with a seemingly endless stream of holidays? With yet another three day weekend before us, there was never a better time to say TGIF. While it certainly would be nice if we could all fly the coop splurge on a quick trip to somewhere a bit greener and warmer, if inflation has been eating away at your pocket, don’t worry — this weekend’s round-up is chock-full of free (or at least reasonably priced) activities. Enjoy!

Friday, April 28th

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook


If you haven’t heard about the concentration camps that have been opened for gay and bisexual men in Chechnya, it’s high time you did. At the beginning of April, Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported that dozens of men aged between 16 and 50 had disappeared off the streets, and that three men were killed during the round up. Current estimates put the total number of men who have been abducted, detained, tortured, and murdered at over 100, and there is no sign that the terror is stopping. Alvi Karimov, spokesman for Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, has denied reports of the alleged crimes, claiming that ‘If there were such people in Chechnya, the law-enforcement organs wouldn’t need to have anything to do with them because their relatives would send them somewhere from which there is no returning.’ We think his words speak for himself. The Argentine LGBT community, for its part, has condemned the proceedings in Chechnya, and expressed solidarity with the men who have been rounded up. A protest converging on the Russian Embassy (Rodríguez Peña 1741) has been scheduled for 5 PM. Organized with the support of Casa Brandon, the aim is to break the majority of the world’s complicit silence, and to remind it of the promise it made after the Holocaust: never again.

5 PM | Russian Embassy (Rodríguez Peña 1741) | FREE | More info

Photo via Sky Guida TV
Photo via Sky Guida TV


A group of 39 children between the ages of nine and twelve were asked to respond to a series of questions about life. The result, Walter Veltroni’s ‘I Bambini Sanno,’ (The Children Know) is an Italian film that showcases the lucid and poignant wisdom of youth. Reminiscent of documentaries like ‘Human,’ that explore themes like happiness, family, love, and death through the lenses of age, nationality, and gender, the film yields some startlingly profound insights into questions people have asked themselves since they first learned how to talk. While not the most traditional way to start your Friday night, it could certainly be a memorable one.

6:30 PM | Village Recoleta 10 (Vicente López 2050) | 45 pesos


Longing for some authentic, eye-watering spice? Taste buds dying for some holy-cow-I-need-a-glass-of-milk heat? Chicken Bros Co-op is here to let you know that your days of bemoaning bland food are over — and they want YOU to take part in their first ever ‘Picante Players Club,’ where the Chicken Bros themselves and their cooks will battle to create the best spicy wing sauce the city has ever seen. And considering that ‘some of the hottest peppers in the world’ have been imported just for this event, it’s likely to get pretty hot. If you’ve got what it takes to face the fire, get yourself down to Buenos Aires’ self proclaimed ‘Hot Sauce Headquarters,’ aka the Chicken Bros Co-op. And maybe consider bringing some bagged milk.

8:00 PM – midnight | Chicken Bros Co-op (Thames 1795) | No cover | More info


Rev yourself up for a night of dreamy, house-infused trance, and dance your pre-winter blues away — Omnia and Unnamed are presenting local talents Mariano Mellino and Marcelo Vasami in Niceto Club with opening act by Ezequiel Anille and Nicolas Petraca. There’s a five hour set scheduled, so expect solid beats all night long. The best part? You can see the whole shebang for FREE by getting there before 1:30 AM (gents) and 2 AM (ladies).

12 – 7 AM | Niceto Club (Niceto Vega 5510) | FREE (conditions above) | More info


Saturday, April 29th


If the coming of autumn has left you nostalgic for a bit of Halloween my friends, look no further for your fix. For a whopping 80 pesos, Museo Santa Felicitas has organized guided visits of the Barrancas church’s tunnels and ‘Hidden Temple’ at 3, 4, and 5 PM (in Spanish). No prior reservations need to be made — just show up fifteen minutes before your visit starts. Entrance is at Pinzón 1480. Following the final visit at 5 PM, a vocal ensemble will perform ‘Choral Versions of Sebastian Monk’s Works’ free of charge (5:30 PM). Be there or be square, but don’t bring Grandma — unfortunately, the visits are not apt for people with reduced mobility.

3, 4, and 5 PM | Museo Santa Felicitas (Pinzón 1480) | 80 pesos | More info

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Marcelo Gutman will be teaching an origami workshop in the Buenos Aires Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) from 4-7 PM this Saturday. The workshop, based on Josef Albers’ original course “Basic Design, Werklehre,’ was originally taught in the renowned German school of art, Bahaus, from 1919-1933. ‘Werklehre,’ which can be translated to mean ‘learning by doing’ is the slogan of the workshop — students are meant to learn by adopting a hands-on approach — by doing. As an added bonus, several techniques that Albers himself implemented will be used during the workshop. No previous experience is necessary, but if you’re interested, we encourage you to reserve a spot by sending an email with your name, and passport/DNI number to

4-7 PM | MACBA (San Juan 328) | 300 pesos | More info


Fancy a walk around the town? It’s no secret that Buenos Aires has one of the most eclectic mixes of architecture in the world. Combining the old and the new with the traditional and avant garde — where else could you feel like you are in London, Paris, and New York at the same time? Meeting up on Banco Nación’s steps (Rivadavia 301) and then continuing on to visit some of Buenos Aires’s principal buildings, this pay-what-you-can architectural walk promises to be interesting.

4:30-5:30 PM | Steps of Banco Nación (Rivadavia 301) | More info

Photo via Zerochan
Photo via Zerochan


As a part of BAFICI’s series of open air film screenings, Makoto Shinkai’s ‘5 Centimeters Per Second’ will be shown in Plaza Francia (Junín and Avenida del Libertador) this Saturday at 6pm. The film, a tender, animated drama that explores young love, unites themes of fate and free will, while creating an atmosphere of color and nostalgia. Once described as the ‘poet of heartbreak,’ Shinkai’s touching animation is the right choice for you if you’re in need of some emotional catharsis, and warrants your buying a 10 peso pack of pañuelos (tissues).

6 PM | Plaza Francia (Junín and Avenida del Libertador) | FREE

Sunday 30

Photo via Disfrutemos BA
Photo via Disfrutemos BA


Now we know that you may be thinking “Didn’t we already celebrate Italy this year?” And you would be right dear reader, we did — Buenos Aires Celebra Italia took place quite a few months ago. But apparently the city government has decided that the toe of the boot deserves to have a day all of its own, and with over 60 stands that will be selling traditional goodies like zeppole (deep-fried, doughnut-like fritters), Calabrese pizza, hard cheeses, and special Calabrese sausages like soppressata and spianata, we can’t really say that they’re wrong. In addition to all the good eats, there will also be live music and dance.

11 AM-7 PM | Avenida de Mayo and Perú | FREE


If you’ve spent more than three months in Buenos Aires, and are running out of excuses as to why you’ve never been to Teatro Colón, here (at last) is your chance! This Sunday the theatre will be presenting ‘Duo Bercelleni and Formaro’ as a part of the series ‘Argentine Performances.’ To get your tickets, show up early at Teatro Colón’s box office (Tucumán 1171) on Friday the 28th. Starting at 10am and ending at 8pm, two tickets will be given out per person, HOWEVER large crowds are expected, and consequently long lines, so bring a friend, and aim to get there around 9am. You know the drill.

11 AM | Teatro Colón (Cerrito 628) | FREE (tickets to be picked up beforehand)

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook


Pinta Yoga is hosting a pay-what-you-can yoga class scheduled for the afternoon (the class does not go on if it rains). You don’t need any previous experience to take part, nor do you have to wait in line to register, reserve your place, or get tickets. According to the Facebook page, the class takes place ‘at the end of the walkway lined with flowerpots that figures in the photo (pictured above), on the Paseo Colón side.’ Bring a blanket or a mat that you can practice on, and a coat to keep you warm during the relaxation exercise (winter is coming when you lay down and do nothing your body temperature tends to drop).

4 PM | Parque Lezama | FREE