If there’s one thing that people love to do, it’s complain – and who knows it better than the Buenos Aires Government? In 2015, while the current president Mauricio Macri was in charge of the City’s affairs, they received a massive 333,613 complaints through the ‘Citizen Attention System’ on the Government website and twitter. 2016 and the arrival of Rodríguez Larreta saw that figure grow significantly: 401,040 gripes were registered officially.

So what’s everyone been grumbling about over the last couple of years? La Nación has been doing some number crunching and revealed that, during last year, Transport and Traffic was the area residents had the most grievances over, with 52,558 official complaints. This finding was at odds with the previous year. For Macri’s 2015 Buenos Aires Government, the same category only gained 7th place on the list (26,119).

The website lets you choose who to complain to.. Marta looks most helpful.
The website lets you choose who to complain to.. Marta looks most helpful.

Among the most cited issues in this area were: the removal of abandoned cars (30,093), problems with ecobicis (13,747), broken traffic light repairs (5,367) and the lack of marking at bus stops (629). Big problems in the world of today. It seems that the ecobici system hasn’t had the uptake that its creators predicted and many people haven’t adjusted well to the introduction of a new metrobus system.

In 2015, it was Urban Sanitation that took the top spot (70,457) but it seems that, by the time Larreta arrived in office, the City’s cleanliness – or lack thereof – was no longer a big porteño priority, with the number of complaints for this category dropping to 42,439 (6th place). But maybe it’s not a coincidence: both Macri and Larreta made a show of committing to creating a “green city”, involving a lot more recycling. Among the latest measures implemented are the opening of a recycling center in Villa Soldati and the compulsory use of eco-bags or reusable bags in supermarkets.

Many residents tweet their complaints.

Other areas have remained more consistent, though. The Citizen Attention System received 43,126 complaints regarding Public Lighting in 2015 (2nd) and 47,620 the next year (3rd). Meanwhile, Bad Parking accounted for the third highest number of complaints in 2015 (36,538), and the second in 2016 (51,752).

Bad parking? Don’t even get us started.

Also featured towards the top of the lists for both years were categories including Urban Trees (4th in 2015, 5th in 2016), Sidewalks (5th/4th), Social Assistance (6th/7th), Road Surfaces (8th/8th), and “Queja”, which basically translates to general, non-specific complaints (9th/10th).

You can also learn what people in your barrio are complaining about most via La Nación’s interactive table, just in case curiosity was getting the better of you.