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This runoff election — the first in Argentina — is one of the biggest plot twists in the country’s electoral history. The only thing that could make it even more of a surprise is the practically nonexistent and insane possibility of there being a tie between the two remaining candidates today.

As the director of the National Electoral Chamber, Alejandro Tullio, explained, there is no official protocol for this type of scenario. However, he suggested the following:

“When there’s a tie in the Chamber of Deputies, a draw takes place in the Electoral Chamber. The same could be applied here.”

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about a draw to elect a President. Which is essentially like picking the President out of a hat. We could then make policy by playing “Pin the tail on the donkey” in Congress.

But this has actually already happened. There were two cases of electoral ties in El Chalten and Atilio Viglione in which a draw determined which official won their posts.

This is why we love politics.