José Gutiérrez / Los Andes

Football fans have been forced to endure another few days of uncertainty over who will get the rights to broadcast Argentine football, after the AFA requested that the three companies bidding for the rights provide further details on their offers. Now, the AFA says the decision will be announced next week.

In the meantime, as Argentine football continues inching towards a very dramatic “nervous breakdown,” let’s take a look at what the three companies are offering for the right to broadcast, based on La Nación’s sources.


USA-based sports broadcaster, ESPN, has offered to pay 1.2 billion pesos (about 77 million USD) for the “goodwill” of the business.

They will be offering 3 billion pesos for the first year of contract. This amount will be updated annually based on increases in the subscription rate of cable users. They are pushing for a five year contract with five options.

They have also offered to pay AFA 50% of the profits generated from subscriptions after they hit 2.5 million subscribers.

Users will have the option of choosing between basic, premium coverage and pay-per-view. Initially, games will be screened on Thursday and Friday nights at 7PM and 9PM.


US television networks Fox and Turner have reportedly offered $3.2 billion pesos, in addition to a goodwill fee of $1.2 billion pesos (total of $4.4 billion). In the second year, this amount will be increased and include a “second goodwill fee”.

Users will have access to the games on a pay-per-view basis, and Fox and Turner have offered a similar profit sharing arrangement to ESPN.


Like Fox/Turner, Spanish sports rights agency MediaPro has reportedly offered to double ESPN’s “goodwill” fee. They said they will pay $1.2 billion in the first year and $1.2 billion pesos in the sixth year. Meanwhile, they’ll pay $3 billion pesos each year, as well as share profits from subscriptions.