Hundreds of people in Puerto Madero were pleasantly surprised this afternoon after a huge Minke whale surfaced in one of the docks and swam around for everyone’s enjoyment.

While initially many were concerned for the animal’s safety, the Prefecture (AKA Border Patrol) is currently working to guide it back to open sea.

Now, this may come as a surprise to you but according to Gabriela Belliazi, an expert in stranded whales who talked to TN, whales “get disoriented very easily” and sometimes “they go into rivers” and end up surfacing in the middle of the a city, like it happened a few years ago in London when several whales showed up in the Thames.

She also warned whales “get frightened very easily” and warned against trying to get close to them.

But it looks like this whale in particular, which appeared in Puerto Madero’s Dock 4, has been making the rounds since this morning. The Vida Silvestre NGO said that Prefecture officials had already been working to keep her away from the city after she was sighted this morning near the north inner harbor. However, it looks like she sneaked back in.

Godspeed, Minke whale!