First they came for Palermo. Next they came for Alto Palermo… then Palermo Queens. When will the madness end? Not anytime soon, Palegiales has arrived.

According to an article in Minuto Uno, real estate agents are now branding the southern part of Colegiales as a part of Palermo… aka Palegiales. The internet has reacted accordingly.

Palegiales! I feel like Lillian from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I’m going to cut these hipsters’ beards.

What do you mean I live in Palegiales? The horror! The humanity!

They say ‘Palegiales’ and I want to conduct nuclear testing over the area.

They are saying the area between Palermo and Colegiales (Palegiales). Leave the earth please.

But they won’t leave the earth, or even Palermo; in fact “they” flock in droves. With their European or US passports and their craft beer and their man buns. Winter is coming, and so is brunch. Let’s all just keep in mind that 15 years ago Palermo was a place that most people steered clear of and not one where you could get a bacon burger and speak in English the entire time. Not that any of us here are guilty of following that trend…

Time’s they are a changing. So sang Bob Dylan. But you already know that. You hipster.