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Nothing like a controversial presidential inauguration to kick off the weekend, right? Basically, you assumed that everything would be about US President Donald Trump. That makes sense, since the weekend did give us worldwide protests, Aziz Ansari on SNL and memes likening Melania Trump to some of Harry Potter’s Triwizard Tournament contestants.

In short, a media storm big enough to confuse anyone. However, there are other things going on, so get on that second coffee and let’s take a look.

  • Meanwhile, the Argentine ambassador to the US, Martín Lousteau, said that “[Trump’s victory] is the closest thing [the US] has to our que se vayan todos [“Out with the lot of them!].” He was referring to chants made by thousands of protesters in 2001 during the economic and political collapse, in which they demanded all politicians to leave. Lousteau continued to say that “The vote was against the establishment, and that’s what Trump’s discourse is about.”
  • Meanwhile, the Renewal Front’s (FR) Sergio Massa and FR economist Martín Redrado were invited to the Inauguration Ball (invited by Rudolph Giuliani), but did not get a photo with Trump himself. Social media obviously took the opportunity to make fun of them, mostly about them being waiters at the event or questioning why they were there at all.
  • Now that we’ve made good on the Trump news, let’s move on. Remember the widespread fires across several provinces? Well, in La Pampa province, the fires are back, with ten new “focus points.” Over a million hectares have already been destroyed by the fires and the new developments have led to a state of emergency to be declared, on top of the “agricultural emergency” that was already established. Meanwhile,  Environment Minister Sergio Bergman gave himself “an eight [out of ten], like [President Mauricio] Macri” for his work, despite facing a lot of criticism for what has been perceived as a lack of decisive action when faced with the natural disaster at hand.
Environment Minister Sergio Bergman in Neuquén due to massive fires in the province. Photo via Perfil
Environment Minister Sergio Bergman in Neuquén due to massive fires in the province. Photo via Perfil
  • Eliana, the mother of Brian Aguinaco, the 14-year-old killed last Christmas Eve in Flores, gave an interview on Sunday about her visit to see Macri on Friday along with her husband Franco. “The judge said that the judge could have taken measures to keep the minor [the main suspect for Brian’s murder who was released]. And he said that one side always ends up getting angry. […] I know that he will support us,” said Eliana to Radio Mitre.
Photo via Perfil
Photo via Perfil
  • According to the director of the National Institute for the Production of Biological Substances (INPB), there is enough antivenom to combat the wave of scorpion attacks all-year-round. 5,000 vials of the antivenom are produced annually in the INPB itself and helped save the life of a young boy who had been stung in Palermo. “In the City of Buenos Aires, there is a wider distribution […] There is serum for any season, there’s enough stock for all the provinces,” said INPB Director Christian Dokmetjian. Read more: Advice From The Experts: Stop Freaking Out About Scorpions
  • Media mogul and vice-president of San Lorenzo, Marcelo Tinelli, caused a bit of an uproar on social media after tweeting his indignation over WhatsApp including the Malvinas’ flag in their emojis. Which is odd, given that it’s a subject that is hardly ever controversial. Sarcasm aside, the weird thing is that according to Emojipedia, the flag has been available on WhatsApp since 2015.
  • Now for some numbers: according to private consulting firms, January’s inflation rate will sit at around 1.7 percent (the objective was 1.5 percent) while February looks set to hit 2 percent. However, the studies consist of weekly evaluation and may evolve: in any case, the rise in food prices and gas are alleged factors in the inflation rate. Meanwhile, a government report (not yet available to the public) allegedly states that the Argentine economy is beginning to grow, with a 0.9 percent increase in economic activity in the last quarter of 2016 and a projected growth of 3.9 percent for 2017. The IMF doesn’t agree, saying that they’re expecting an even lower growth than they had predicted last October, which was 2.7 percent.
  • A little look at football: Boca Juniors beat Estudiantes comfortably 2-0 late on Saturday and while a tense match was played between Argentina and Uruguay in the South American Youth Football Championship (Sub 20), drawing 3-3.

  • Clarín’s Political and Economic optimism indices were published yesterday, with statistics compiled by the Management and Fit consultancy firm, revealing more stable numbers for Macri after plummeting scores last week. The Economic Optimism Index is up by 0.3 points while the Political Optimism Index increased by 0.6.

Go forth and show yourselves to be well informed, my loyal Monday readers!