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So, the excitement of Game of Thrones just took up all of your weekend, did it? Or perhaps the fact that you could actually go outside for the first time in four weekends distracted you from your carefully allotted news reading time?

Right. Gif via Talking Points Memo
Right. Gif via Memecenter

Let’s move away from the stress of potential spoilers and get to what happened over the weekend so you don’t feel so lost.

  • The State prosecutor of Jujuy Province, Mariano Miranda, published an open letter to Máximo Kirchner, head of the Kirchnerite youth organization La Cámpora, to justify the fact that Tupac Amaru leader Milagro Sala is currently being held in jail. Miranda stated that Kirchner should “start packing some suitcases, since [he] knows how to do that, to spend some days in Jujuy and explain where the [stolen money] went.” This was a burn directed at Kirchner because Sala is accused, among other things, of transporting suitcases filled with money under the previous administration. Kirchner had questioned Sala’s arrest in an interview with Radio Del Plata. Read more: The Controversy Over Milagro Sala, Explained


  • The paper Tiempo Argentino returned yesterday to Buenos Aires City, the Greater Buenos Aires Area and La Plata, after crippling conflicts over salaries last year paralyzed its production. Its staff has now created a cooperative called Por Más Tiempo (“For More Time”) in order to keep up its publications, which will now be on a weekly basis. Tiempo Argentino received a good amount of State funds under the previous Kirchner administration and, as indicated by its first front-page missive against President Mauricio Macri (seen below: the headline reads “The unemployment Macri is hiding: there have already been 1,000 layoffs per day”), it is expected to be a voice for the government’s political opposition.
Photo via Infonews
Photo via Infonews

  • Yesterday was also Superclásico Sunday, meaning that various “classic” rivalries were played out (no punt intended) on the pitch throughout the day, two of which ended 0-0. Overall, social media reactions to the matches were more exciting.

“Pablo Pérez [as a] Pokemon. Contribution of El Malaguero to the superclásico [snoozefest].”

Now go forth, my loyal Monday readers, and change the subject from Game of Thrones. I mean, show yourselves to be well informed. Preferably both. Happy Monday!