Margarita Stolbizer. Photo via Radio Mitre

Since it was cold with spells of sunshine all weekend, you basically fluctuated between blankets and full-on sun bathing mode, you say? No news included? At all? Never mind, The Bubble is back with the Weekend Roundup so you don’t have to resort to ridiculous measures to get your bearings again.

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  • On Friday evening, Progressive Party’s Margarita Stolbizer accused former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of accepting bribes from businessmen Lázaro Báez and Cristóbal López, both embroiled in legal battles involving overpriced public works and services. The accusation was added to the ongoing investigation (which began due to charges pressed by Stolbizer herself) into the allegedly shady business dealings of Los Sauces S.A., a real estate company owned by the Kirchner family. Cristina’s son, Máximo Kirchner, was also charged. Read more: More Embezzlement Charges For Cristina: Prosecutor Indicts Former President And Son Máximo
  • Some of you may remember that US presidential candidate Donald Trump stated last week that he feared the US turning into Venezuela or Argentina. Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra had something to say about that: “We hope that US [citizens] choose wisely.” Feel the Bern burn, Donald. Read more: Donald Trump Is Afraid The US Will Turn Into Argentina. If Only, Boludo
Photo via Business Insider
Photo via Business Insider
  • Union leader Hugo Moyano announced yesterday that he would be leaving the General Labor Confederation of Labor (CGT), an important and very political position he has occupied for three consecutive terms. According to Moyano, “the younger [members] should be allowed to play more important roles.” He also confirmed that he’s thinking of running for head of the Argentine Football Association (AFA).
  • Our favorite former Economy Minister, Axel Kicillof, published an opinion piece in Página 12 yesterday that was (unsurprisingly) very critical of President Mauricio Macri’s government. His main point was that he considers the current administration’s continuous allusions to the “difficult ‘K’ inheritance” to be chamuyo (“bullshit,” essentially) and that the “crisis” often cited by the government is simply made up. Supporters of Kirchnerism regard the 12 years of the Kirchnerite administration as having slowly amended the wrongs caused by economic policies akin to Macri’s, which they say led to the 2001 economic crisis. Read the full text here.
Photo via La Nacion.
Photo via La Nacion.
  • A project to create a “Youth District” on the Costanera Norte has gained momentum after the Time Warp tragedy, where five attendees died after taking ecstasy-filled pills. The initiative seeks to put all nightclubs in the same area and contain the 200,000 club-goers in a “controlled space that attempts to change the concept of entertainment and disassociate it from drugs and alcohol.”

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