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Yet another long weekend came around, meaning yet another round of asados, pool parties and getaways to Colonia — or watching Netflix and following other people do those things on Instagram.

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Whether you couldn’t read the news because the sun’s reflection would have rendered you blind or because The Crown was just more important, The Bubble is back with its weekly update.

  • Most of the news over the weekend was permeated by President Mauricio Macri’s first anniversary in power: there have been 10 books published this year alone on the administration and there were a myriad of columns, opinion pieces and analyses over the weekend picking Cambiemos’ first year apart. According to a study published by Poliarquía, 45 percent of those surveyed thought that Macri’s first year was worse than expected.
  • Twitter was also a part of the first year evaluations: while the government released a video titled “Don’t Blink” with shots of various achievements made by the administration, the Peronist youth organization La Cámpora responded with a gif parodying its style. Without the positivity, of course.
  • The Nisman case popped up again over the weekend. Federal Judge Sandra Arroyo Salgado, the mother of late prosecutor Alberto Nisman’s daughters, reappeared in the media on Luis Majul’s political TV show La Cornisa, reiterating that Nisman had been murdered (whether or not his unexpected death was a suicide has yet to be defined almost two years later). Meanwhile, new accusations against Attorney General Alejandra Gils Carbó have appeared because she allegedly denied a prosecutor the resources to further investigate Nisman’s death. You thought it was over? It’s never over.

  • Onto some media/celebrity scandal, singer and actor José Luis Rodríguez, known as Silvestre, revealed on Mirtha Legrand’s dinner show — Argentine diva extraordinaire and televised arch-conservative-but-beloved grandmother — that former presidential candidate Daniel Scioli had been in a relationship with his ex-wife when she was only 13. Convoluted? Yes. But accusing Scioli of being with an underage girl cooked up a storm and is the latest in a series of attacks against him. Scioli’s response on Facebook, which has become a staple, was to say that this was yet another way to distract people from Argentina’s real problem right now: the government.
  • Yesterday’s superclásico was won by Boca Juniors football club, beating their classic rivals —sworn enemies  — River Plate 4 -2 in a dynamic game. Cue the memes, videos and general teasing.
  • As the end of the year comes closer, general concerns about security and protests start running high as always. Security Minister Patricia Bullrich said on the same Mirtha Legrand show that she would be pressing charges against Facebook groups that call for “looting and overthrowing” the government for inciting violence (but that she wasn’t worried about it).
  • A bridge was constructed in Misiones province for a Guaraní community and inaugurated over the weekend, which hugely benefits children who were forced to swim across a river and then walk almost two kilometers to school every day. Their case came to light in October in the media, where their hellish commute was filmed during the community’s protests. “While they built the bridge we watched and [the children] were excited and happy. They said they wouldn’t have to get wet anymore, they wouldn’t lose their school things and their parents are over the moon,” said a local schoolteacher. 

  • According to the National Weather Service, this summer will be hotter than previous years and with less rain while the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says that 2016 is set to be the hottest year on record. Such are the joys of global warming: don’t forget the sunscreen. Ever.
  • Clarín’s Political and Economic optimism indices were published yesterday, with statistics compiled by the Management and Fit consultancy firm, revealing a strong decrease in both: the political index fell by four points and the economic index decreased by 2.1 points. The dramatic fall is attributed to the opposition’s income tax reform bill, which was also a hot topic over the weekend.

Go forth and show yourselves to be well informed, my loyal Monday readers!