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Between all the Christmas eating, last-minute gift buying, mandatory movie watching, mourning George Michael and reeling from the shock over Carrie Fisher, this festive weekend was more distracting than most for catching up on what was going on news-wise.

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Not to worry, The Bubble is here with the Weekend Roundup in case you don’t want to remind the office about last week’s Christmas party.

  • In her Christmas message to Malvinas residents, Prime Minister Theresa May said that the UK is “resolutely committed to [their] right to self determination,” while also alluding to progresses made with Argentina throughout the year and calling for improved relations. “A better relationship with Argentina is in everyone’s interests, and in time, I hope you will reap the rewards through benefits to your economy, improving trade and tourism, and developing your hydrocarbons and fisheries industries,” reads the message. Read more: Argentina And The UK Agree To Re-Establish Air Travel To The Malvinas
  • Christmas greetings all around! Politicians and celebrities spent most of the weekend sending their best wishes to everyone: as is his tradition, President Mauricio Macri went to Los Piletones, a soup kitchen run by Margarita Barrientos, before heading to Villa Langostura in the South on holiday until January 8. There were various posts across social media throughout the day to mark the occasion.
  • Former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner took to Twitter on Saturday to wish everyone a merry Christmas with a picture of her granddaughter and former President Néstor Kirchner: on Sunday, she continued to post on Twitter to criticize Macri and Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña among others.
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Governor Alberto Rodríguez Saá and Lawmaker Luis Lusquiños at the jail entrance. Photo via El Chorrillero
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Photo via Perfil
  • Santa Fe was reeling once again over the weekend as details of a killing spree came to light: 25-year old Marcos Feruglio allegedly attempted to kill his ex-wife Romina Dusso and murdered both her parents, her sister and her stepfather. The judicial system is being criticized for failing to prevent the tragedy because Dusso had pressed charges the night before, after he beat her up in a conflict allegedly linked to a disagreement over where their children would spend Christmas. Feruglio refused to testify yesterday and has been formally charged with murdering his former father in-law and sister-in-law. Read more: December Femicide Watch: Every 24 Hours A Woman Has Been Murdered In Argentina
  • The tradition of pyrotechnics during the holiday unfortunately comes with an annual count of injuries and damages. Over 80 people were reportedly treated in three hospitals alone with severe burns and injuries: many of the patients were minors. In addition, a chemical wholesaler for perfumes and cleaning products was set on fire in Don Torcuato by stray fireworks (although investigations are underway to rule out foul play).

  • Before leaving for his holiday, Macri went to footballer Carlos Tévez’s wedding reception on Saturday and was spotted dancing once again with his signature moves: it’s kind of his thing. Tévez unexpectedly returned to play with Boca after a career in Europe and was recently offered an insane amount of money to play for Shanghai Shenhua football club in China. Read more: Boca President Issues Warning To Fans Fearing A Tevez Departure

  • Congress finally agreeing on the Income Tax Reform has meant that Clarín’s optimism indices took a turn for the better politically, but the numbers compiled by the consulting firm Management and Fit revealed that the economic optimism index continues its decreasing tendency. Read more: Finally: Argentina’s Income Tax Reform Passed By Congress

Go forth and show yourselves to be well informed, my loyal Monday readers!