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There’s nothing like starting off the week with Monday drizzle after a gray weekend, is there? As if you would pay attention to anything that wasn’t Taylor Swift’s new single — don’t lie to yourself— or the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight on Saturday.

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Meanwhile, The Bubble is here to update you on what happened over the weekend in case you missed out on the fight and want to talk about something else.

  • Santiago Maldonado is still missing. Over the weekend, social media erupted with calls for the 28-year-old artisan, who was last seen on August 1st, to turn up safe and sound with messages like “I’m at home reading a book. Where’s Santiago Maldonado?” Meanwhile, Security Minister Patricia Bullrich was interviewed by Mirtha Legrand, our favorite lunch diva, on Saturday and said that she was “strongly convinced” that Border Patrol officers were not responsible for his disappearance. In addition, she called for unity in the search for Santiago, “the government and human rights organizations have to be on the same side, not in conflict with each other.” Nobel Peace Prize laureate Pérez Esquivel didn’t get the memo, though, saying in a Radio 10 interview that the government was “directly responsible” for his disappearance and that Bullrich “should resign.” Meanwhile, the President of the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo organization Estela de Carlotto defined Bullrich as “an enemy of democracy [with] the face of a bad person.” Read more: The Santiago Maldonado Case Could Soon Be Investigated as a ‘Forceful Disappearance’

Warning: most of the clips from Bullrich’s interview are very awkward. 

  • One person who did appear over the weekend was Oscar Alvaredo, a former police officer who works in the Buenos Aires province’s Security Ministry, who had gone missing last Tuesday. After five days with no news, Alvaredo was found in the casino of the Palermo Hippodrome on Sunday. Alvaredo took to Facebook, saying that “he couldn’t remember the moment when he got lost” and apologized for the “commotion” he had caused. He also admitted to “having a personal problem” because leaving the police force due to being injured had been “difficult” and thanked all those who had searched for him during the week.

  • In case we needed more evidence about climate change, data from the National Meteorological Service show that the average temperature during winter in the City of Buenos Aires has increased by almost one degree between 1961 and 2016. “56 years ago, winter was different in the City of Buenos Aires, there were sub-zero temperatures during several days but that’s not the case anymore. Plus, [winter] is less intense and lasts less,” said Matilde Rusticucci on Saturday, a researcher for the Buenos Aires University’s Department of Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. She also pointed out that intense city growth in Buenos Aires, Rosario and Cordoba also affected temperatures due to the “urban-heat-island effect.”

  • Threats made to government officials and candidates aren’t usually newsworthy, unless they’re very serious. But when a guy threatens a Cambiemos candidate thinking that he’s his girlfriend’s lover? Wow. An 18-year-old was arrested over the weekend after sending threatening messages to Cambiemos’ Buenos Aires provincial candidate Esteban Bullrich: however, after quite the security operation to detain him, they found out that he didn’t really intend to hurt Bullrich. Apparently, his girlfriend had obtained Bullrich’s real phone number after a television interview and saved his contact as “Esteban Cambiemos,” and this 18-year-old thought it was a ruse. He has not yet been released, nor has his identity— or current relationship status— been revealed.
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“Who, me?” Photo via FM 899

Go forth and show yourselves to be well-informed, my loyal Monday readers!