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Happy Independence Day! If you weren’t eating locro or way too many empanadas, you might have spent your weekend avoiding the outside world, as freezing and as wet as it got. That probably means that most of us look like a particularly disgruntled Ron Swanson this morning.

Gif via Giphy
Gif via Giphy

Let’s take a look at what happened over the weekend as we get our core temperature back to normal, shall we?

  • Vice President Gabriela Michetti was in charge of the official Independence Day celebrations this weekend, as President Mauricio Macri was in  Germany for the G20 Summit. As she left the traditional Te Deum ceremony, held in the Cathedral of Tucumán province (where the Declaration of Independence was signed), she was booed and insulted by a group of people alleged to have been Kirchnerite supporters (according to La Nación, they responded to local Peronist lawmakers). Not the most pleasant of Independence Day celebrations, but the protesters limited their participation to yelling at the Vice President (although some did follow her to other event venues). The Archbishop of Tucumán, Alfredo Horacio Zecca, had said moments earlier that it was necessary to “leave grudges behind and set aside our useless, sterile differences to build a stronger house.” Apparently some people didn’t get the memo.

  • Meanwhile, Macri held his own Independence Day event aboard the Fragata Libertad (the Argentine navy school vessel that got seized by the vulture funds in Ghana, remember that?). Alongside Argentine residents, they sang the national anthem a cappella and ate chocolate churros (nothing says Independence Day like sweet staples). Macri told those present that “We won’t get anywhere by isolating ourselves” and that Argentina “is ready to take a central role on the world stage [in order to] address the most urgent global challenges we face today.”
  • The G20 ended on Saturday, with a lot of focus on climate change and Donald Trump. As for Macri, he did not meet with Prime Minister Theresa May as expected but did hold his first bilateral meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. Macron allegedly expressed support for brokering a deal between the MERCOSUR and the European Union, a project that Macri has been trying to push since becoming president. Overall, Macri said that he was “very happy” with the G20 and that he “perceived support for the transformation [Argentina] had undertaken.” Read more: The G20 and Its Impact on the Fight Against Corruption
Photo via Infobae
Photo via Infobae
Stolbizer and Massa relinquished their privileges at a press conference today. (La Gaceta)
Stolbizer and Massa relinquished their privileges at a press conference on Friday. Photo via La Gaceta
  • According to the private consulting firm Economía & Regiones (E&R), the inflation for July already has an “elevated base value” due to the increase in fuel prices and prepaid medicine. According to their projections, the core inflation rate (which doesn’t take into account the prices of seasonal products or services) “will be around 1.7 percent.” What does this mean for government estimates? “A high core inflation means that general inflation isn’t under control, so […] it wouldn’t be surprising if an inflationary upsurge were to eliminate any chance of getting to the official objective of 12-17 percent.” Happy Monday, guys.
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  • Calling your school and anonymously leaving a bomb threat is a bit of a trope when it comes to students avoiding exams. Although the phenomenon does not allegedly occur much in Santa Fe province, 450 students had to be evacuated last week after such a 911 call made from a private school in Santa Fe City. The police found that it was a false alarm and traced the cell phone from which the call was made and a 16-year-old girl was “retained in her home” for 48 hours, had her phone confiscated and has testified before a judge. Next time, just do your homework, kids.
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, a girl's private school in Santa Fe. Photo via Perfil
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, a girl’s private school in Santa Fe. Photo via Perfil
  • In honor of Argentine Independence Day, yesterday’s Google Doodle was illustrated by the Argentine artist Liniers (pen name), with tango as the central theme and featuring the legendary accordion player Aníbal “Pichuco” Troilo (with the amount of fingers we all thought he had to have in order to play so well). “I played around with several archetypes that most represented the national holiday [to me]. There were various attempts until this tango version went through […] What was awesome was that they gave me total freedom,” said Liniers in an interview with Clarín.

Go forth and show yourselves to be well informed, my loyal Monday readers!