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The countdown began yesterday from a site in French Guiana as the Argentine telecommunications company ARSAT launched a satellite into space. ARSAT president, Matías Bianchi Villelli, said that the satellites are some steps toward the ultimate goal of creating a Latin American satellite industry.

In case you aren’t fluent in space geek, all of this is insanely cool.

The US$250 million, three-ton spacecraft ARSAT-2 is the second 100 percent Argentine tech-baby of its kind. This sequel satellite is key in the plan to solidify the Argentine space telecom system. It will provide direct-to-home TV transmissions, Internet access via VSAT antennas, data transmission and IP telephony services.

Translation: more Wifi and better signal. We hope.

It was all very emotional.

“The fact that we have launched two satellites made in Argentina, and put them into Argentina’s orbital positions, shows that we can transform dreams into reality,” said Villelli.

The space fun isn’t over yet; Arianespace, a European launch service provider, announced yesterday that a contract with ARSAT (the Argentine operator, keep up with me here) has been signed to launch an ARSAT-3, making it the first satellite to be sent into orbit in 2019.