The long wait to know who will televise Argentine football is almost over. Argentine Football Association representatives will finally reveal the winning broadcaster. The three contenders for the top spot are media giants Fox/Turner, ESPN and MediaPRO, and the winner is expected to get the broadcasting rights for a least five years

But rather than what channel is going to end up with the rights, football fans are actually expecting for AFA to announce what they really care about: how much is going to cost them to watch the games every month, as this tournament marks the end of the state-sponsored Fútbol Para Todos (FPT) program, which broadcast first and second division games for free. Well, it wasn’t actually free, we paid for it with our taxes, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, member of AFA’s normalizing committee, Carolina Cristinziano, said they estimate viewers will have to pay between US$15-20 dollars per month if they want to watch the action. 

“Free football is over. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to put a value between 15 and 20 dollars to watch the football.” said a club representative, Carolina Cristinziano. At today’s exchange rate of AR $15.8, that would be between AR $237 and AR $316.

How much will the rights be? Well, in November, broadcaster Tuner and Fox aimed to have the rights for 15 years, offering a sum of 165 million dollars for the first year of transmission, however this was deemed as insufficient. Executives are asking for AR $3.5 billion for televising rights. We’ll see how much they finally offered in Friday.