In honor of the drink's 170 year anniversary, CNN decided to shit all over our bitter parade.

Yesterday, CNN Español published an article that shook the world. The gravity of their ideas was enough to shift the City of Buenos Aires off its axis. Portenos gasped, clasped their chest and covered the ears of their children when CNN Español published a 1,000 word article critiquing the merits and taste of Fernet Branca, the Italian liquor that Argentines all but worship. The article went so far as to claim that Fernet is even worse than cough syrup.

One does not simply insult Fernet

Fernet is not just a national drink, it’s a national anthem, it’s Carlos Gardel wrapped in blue and white manning the parilla at an asado in front of the Obelisco. It’s a big deal here. Granted the drink does take a while to adjust to, but one does NOT just diss an adopted national symbol and get away with it. Argentines were quick to call CNN out on their blasphemy. The Twittersphere erupted into (somewhat worrisome) outrage, with some going so far as to claim that CNN headquarters be burned for their words.