Tickets are on sale for the next World Cup qualifier against Paraguay, but the Argentine Football Association (AFA) has a clear message to fans: Watch out for those fake tickets, folks! After the previous qualifier against Uruguay, “we seized a significant number of fake tickets” AFA said.

AFA emphasised how they used increased controls to detect fake tickets. These controls will continue for the next game in Córdoba on October 11 at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium. AFA released a photo of fake tickets from the previous game to make clear how similar they often look to the originals.

“All those who acquire tickets outside the official outlets will be at the risk of buying fakes,” warned AFA.

For the Uruguay match, five people were arrested for the sale of fake tickets through social media. This activity was “identified fast” spokesman Ricardo Tahan told Télam. He added that during the game, there was a police presence of 900 inside the stadium and 300 other private security officers patrolling around the San Martín Park.

All official sales are carried out via Ticketek. Ticket prices range from AR$290 to AR$1,050.