So you were wowed by Tim Cook’s presentation and you just can’t wait to say goodbye to the headphone jack? Well, hope you’re ready to pony up a bit of cash. Presale has started in the United States ahead of the phone’s availability in retail stores on September 16 so that means you can start warming up the credit card.

Obviously none of the Argentine carriers will get stock of the iPhone (for now at least). So what can you do if you’re in Argentina and want to get your hands on the shiny device as soon as possible?

The first obvious choice is Mercado Libre, which already has a whole bunch of sellers eager to get you to part with your money. The prices there range from AR$20,000 to AR$35,000 depending on the model.


But wait that’s not your only choice! Remember that President Mauricio Macri’s administration has resumed door-to-door deliveries of products from abroad meaning that you could technically buy it from a U.S. retailer and cross your fingers that the mailman arrives. In that case you’d still have to pay a 50 percent tax on the retail price.

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So what’s most convenient? Well, Infobae did the calculations and, without taking local state taxes and shipping (two potential stumbling blocks), it is certainly cheaper to buy direct. But is it worth the risk?

Here is the breakdown (again, according to Infobae’s calculations):

Our advice? Just wait.