Walter Wayar, the Internet’s favorite mayoral candidate is back and he is still trying to get your vote. Remember him? He’s the one who rose to online fame after his campaign ad featured him dancing awkwardly to the tune of Voyage, Voyage (only the lyrics were changed to “Walter Wayar”). He made an ever more original video a few weeks later in which he used the dubsmash app to lip sync some of the most infamous political speeches of recent Argentine political history and we celebrated him for it.

But now…well…we’re not sure. You guys remember the Alien, Terminator and Scream trilogies? When you talk about them you always say: “The first two were good but the third one sucked”.

That’s how we feel now.

Take a look.

A choir made of working class stereotypes. What was the inspiration for this, a box of Playmobil? (Oh please, don’t look at me like you don’t know what Playmobil are).

Oh, look! What’s that, a baker? Her acting is pretty bad because she’s smiling and looking at the camera. Is she even really singing? The doctor also looks pretty bad.

And what is Walter Wayar supposed to be doing? He looks like a crazy person trying to direct a flock of pigeons at your local park.

Finally, the “no pants” routine, which by now has become so old you’re making the same face I made everytime 24’s Jack Bauer discovered a new mole inside CTU.
A note to the publicists: more money, more production and more special effects a blockbuster do not always make.

Please let this be the end of the Walter Wayar saga.