NML Capital, a subsidiary of New York-based Elliott Capital Management and so-called vulture fund, is not having a good year. Seriously, I’m starting to feel bad about these guys.

Sure, they may be relentless in their pursue to drive this country into bankruptcy after they rejected Argentine debt exchanges in 2005 and 2010, and sued to be repaid in full on their defaulted bonds. But come on man!

Last week the Ghanaian Supreme Court ruled that seizing our beloved ARA Libertad last year was “fundamentally and patently wrong.” This week, the same justices decided that on top of that, Elliot Capital Management will have to pay eight million dollars that the group owes to the Tema port for having to maintain that monster and feed the hungry sailors it came along with for 77 days.

The vulture funds couldn’t care less about this since they have like a 500 trillion bucks, but oh well. At least our dignity remains (mostly) intact.

(Story via Ambito.com, Photo via Wikipedia)

El fondo buitre Elliot deberá pagar unos u$s 8 millones a la administración del puerto de Tema, por los gastos de haber mantenido secuestrada la fragata Libertad durante 77 días. La decisión la tomó ayer la Corte Suprema de Ghana, como fallo complementario al del jueves pasado en el que había determinado que la Argentina tenía razón en el juicio contra Elliot por la detención del buque, definiendo la situación como “injusta” y con “serio riesgo para el país” en referencia a la propia seguridad de Ghana.