Olympic Rings at the Obelisco, Buenos Aires 2018 Summer Youth Olympics
Olympic Rings at the Obelisco, Buenos Aires 2018 Summer Youth Olympics. (Photo via Parabuenosaires.)

Right, so we are aware that you can’t just walk in and say “Hey, I wanna compete for the Gold Medal, okay, thanks,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the Youth Olympics. So, who’s up for some movement?

Starting on October 6th, Buenos Aires is receiving 4,000 young athletes from 206 countries who, for two weeks, will be taking part in the third edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games. And if you are up for lending a hand, they are already receiving applications for the over 8,000 volunteer positions open.

The volunteer program is looking for people eager to work on translation services, media relations, sports competition support and spectator assistance (so basically, all things right down our reader’s alley!). Anyone older than 18 can apply for having a place at the event.

Olympic Volunteers Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games
If you do volunteer and attempt to jump in the air while your friends aim to catch you, please make sure someone takes a pic and sends it to us. (Photo via Getty Images)


There will be one shift in the morning and one in the afternoon, so you might still consider the idea of participating even if your agenda is already on the verge of collapsing during the first week of the year.

All volunteers will receive a transport fee, snacks, and food depending on their assigned schedules. And when the games come to an end, the Buenos Aires 2018 Organising Committee is going to send a digital certificate of participation to everyone who helped in the event.

If you are one those people who love uniforms, you should know you’ll be wearing the official uniform of the Youth Olympic Games. Also, if you never achieved to go to the Olympic Games as an athlete (as, you know, like 99 percent of the population), then this can be your chance to obnoxiously begin every sentence with “When I was a part of the Olympics…” (#BraggingRights).

Volunteering is can be a great way of expanding your comfort zone in 2018. It has been proven (this is serious science) that helping others can trigger your own happiness, while it will help you increase your self-confidence and achieve deeper connections with the people around you.

For sending your application, you just need to sign up at the Buenos Aires 2018 site and fill up all the necessary data. The process will be open until March 31.

Buenos Aires 2018 has already set a notable milestone in the sport’s history, as it will be the first Olympic event with complete gender equality.

“With a 50-50 balance, the same number of girls and boys are taking part in the same number of sports events,” assured the International Committee President Thomas Bach in a New Year’s letter.

If you love watching opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games, volunteering might get you closer to appearing on TV at the Buenos Aires 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games. Trust me, even if you’re wearing a tree costume, it will surely be a fun experience.

Buenos Aires 2018 Volunteers
That moving sculpture everyone saw on TV wouldn’t have been possible without the help of all those people wearing tree costumes. Image credit: Rio 2016.


Mr. Bach has already assured the opening ceremony will add a cool touch to the event!

“The opening ceremony in the center of this passionate sports city and the new ‘parks concept’ will bring a new dimension to the Young Olympic Games, engaging the local population in many activities beyond the actual sports events themselves,” added Mr. Bach.

I wish you the best of luck in the selection process, and If we don’t make it to the event, maybe we can still organize a huge parrillada or show these superstar kids the wonders of dulce de leche that will lead the next generation of sports legends.