Let’s face it: in the city, everyone is already gearing up for the holiday later this week. For those who are already in vacation mode, there’s no better time to try one of Buenos Aires’s more unique food events this month. At PorteZuelo, just across from Recoleta Cemetery, you can try a few limited-edition dishes that, well, aren’t for the faint of heart.

PorteZuelo has invited Mexican Chef Jorge Córcega as a guest chef this week only, from Monday to Wednesday, to bring an authentic taco “tour” to Argentina. He’s worked with the restaurant’s own chef, David Ribulgo, to design a special tasting menu that runs the gamut of traditional Mexican flavors and ingredients.

Córcega has been at this for years, traveling the world for special events celebrating Mexican cuisine as well as organizing the Ruta de la Milpa, a food tour that takes travelers on a culinary journey around Central Mexico. While he often works with gourmet ingredients, Córcega felt that this time, tacos would provide a familiar introduction into his country’s more exotic flavors.

“We’ve created a more accessible experience here,” he said. “What I try to do is to communicate who we are, our culture, through our native ingredients and cuisine.”

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Ranging from the pleasantly familiar to the unique and experimental, you’ll receive a dozen tacos (not bad value at AR $220 per person) and a small dessert tasting. Mexican classics like mole are paired with more unusual meats like lamb and duck, while more unexpected regional specialties are represented in all their quirky glory, from chilaquiles (small grasshoppers) to nopal (cactus), squash, and huitlacoche (a mushroom like fungus that grows on the corn plant). You’ll also try fresh seafood tacos that hearken from Mexico’s coasts, including octopus.

Of course, all good things should come with some alcohol and sugar, so make sure to order a margarita or top shelf tequila to complete the experience. Twelve Instagram photo ops later, your meal ends with a tasty arroz con leche and an interesting bean-based dessert, which tastes a lot like the red beans used in many Asian desserts.

The taste and texture of the tacos varies widely, so while you may not fall in love with every one, there will surely be some winners. It’s a unique experience that’s sure to pique the interest (and maybe even shock) plenty of porteños this week.

The taco tasting goes through until Wednesday the 24th
Portezuelo | Vicente López 2160