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Ah, domestic violence. So funny. #NiUnaMenos. Lol.

Actress, television hostess and all around Argentine diva Susana Giménez, has joked that all healthy, passionate youthful relationships involve the occasional physical altercation.

“At age 20, when I had a boyfriend, sometimes I would slap him a little, you do those things, it’s normal,” she said to Antonio Gasalla, a man who dresses as a woman for comedic purposes, and Rodrigo Lussich, a journalist, on her eponymously titled sketch show.

The comments were prompted by photos of a bruised Barbie Velez, an actress who has accused her ex-partner Fede of assault.

“Who are you lookin’ at, stupid,” said Susana jokingly, laughing heartily and moving her hand in a jaunty slapping motion, suggesting that that is how young people behave, and it’s just fine.

Susana also suggested she didn’t believe Barbie because the bruises were on her legs. “Who’s going to punch a leg like that? I don’t believe it,” she said, as though domestic violence were a kind of knightly, codified sport, with rules and an umpire.

Barbie Vélez with bruises, allegedly caused by her ex-partner.
Barbie Vélez with bruises, allegedly caused by her ex-partner.

Like clogs and Japanese reality TV shows, Susana, or “Su,” requires a lot of cultural context. Actress, model, television host, businesswoman, she’s kind of like an Argentine Oprah or Trump — which is to say, at some point she became very, very famous, basically for being herself. She has been described as the “most famous” woman in Argentine television and her personal fortune is valued at US$300 million.

Susana’s life also includes such acts as being on the front cover of her issue of her magazine, Susana (like Oprah), having her own doll and “endorsing two fragrances.”

It’s not the first time that Susana has displayed her saucy (i.e. offensive) sense of humour. Earlier this year, she said to actor Matías Alé “there’s nothing wrong with being a ladies’ man, it would be worse if you liked men.” In a separate occasion, she said she’d rather “die” than be a lesbian.

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Just in case you were persuaded by Su’s eloquent defense of violence against women, a quick reminder on the stats. In 2014, there were 277 femicides in Argentina. In the same year, 80 percent of women who reported gender violence had lived with their aggressor.

Intimate partner violence: not actually funny.