WHAT?! You didn’t know there was a serial rapist on the loose?! Well, there was. And now thanks to the residents of Villa Urquiza he may have been caught, so you can stop freaking out about it.

Seven women were raped between May and August in Palermo, Villa Urquiza, Caballito and Villa del Parque. The man’s modus operandi was always the same: he would enter a store pretending to be a customer, ask a couple of questions and leave. He would return later around noon, threaten their victims at gunpoint, force them to close the store and then sexually abuse them. In some cases he even stole a few things.

So the brave people of Villa Urquiza decided they had had enough and engaged in an intense campaign, posting warning signs all over the neighborhood with a facial composite drawn by the police, hoping to catch the guy.

Yesterday, a woman from Palermo who had been assaulted by the man while she was trying to use an ATM recognized him and called the police.

The suspect was arrested last night outside a nightclub called “Azucar”, located on Av. Córdoba 4100, in Palermo. As the police tried to arrest him, the man warned them that “he was a Government official” working for the Ministry of Justice. This prompted Security Secretary Sergio Berni to issue a statement saying that even though the man was indeed a government employee he was not a Government official. (this didn’t stop some media outlets from implying that the Government was responsible for the the rapes). Berni added that even though the man was recognized by one of the victims and all evidence suggests he may the the man they were looking for, the police “needs to be careful”

The suspect is a 54-year-old psychologist named Marcelo and according to police sources he was undergoing psychiatric treatment. He is currently in custody.

(Screen capture from C5N)