Photo via vimeo.

It’s only natural that after having lived in Buenos Aires for some time, the initial euphoria of your bustling Porteño life begins to wane. You no longer kiss your empanadas in thanks of the jamón y queso gods that be before engulfing them and Saturdays are no longer dedicated to exploring new museums or galleries (what else is Netflix Odeon for). So it’s nice to be reminded every so often why this city captivated you in the first place.

This video has been making social media rounds and you’ll get why after watching a few seconds: it pulls you out of the trenches with stunning aerial shots of the capital that highlight its beautiful architecture and sprawling parks.

Buenos Aires by Miranda Bosch Real Estate & Art from Miranda Bosch on Vimeo.

(Disclaimer: the video caters to a particular aesthetic and glosses over more popular neighborhoods. But I suggest taking it for what it is and enjoying the view.)