Photo via SanJuan8

In one of the dumbest career moves of the week, now ex-member of the Department of Social Policies — part of the Vice Governor’s Office, Ariel Gustavo Camacho, filmed himself in a swanky new sports car worth a whopping AR $750,000, thanking the taxpayers of Misiones for contributing to his new purchase.

The response, as you can probably imagine, was not great.

“I would like to share with everyone and those of you that pay your taxes, this gift of nature. I have achieved my dream. Spectacular, thanks to all of you that pay taxes.” Camacho can be heard saying on the video, while sitting in the aforementioned car – a Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0.

It didn’t take long for the video to make its way round social media in Misiones and elicit a lot of public outrage. In response, Camacho was duly removed from his position for “offensive and insulting behavior toward the people of the province.”

“It doesn’t matter to me whether this is considered a joke or not. The appropriate action will be carried out.”

Vice Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad has publicly assumed responsibility for this act despite “the political costs”, announcing on Twitter his decision to remove Camacho from his role.

However, in a WhatsApp audio that was leaked online, Camacho appears to come to his own defence, claiming that it was a member of his friendship group that ‘outed’ him, uploading to Facebook what was originally solely a joke between them.

“They screwed me over, they outed me, […] I’m in a WhatsApp group with eleven guys from San Pedro and it was someone in that group that ratted me out. Yesterday I was joking around in a rented car, we were all sending each other videos in the group, joking, I don’t own that car, no way.”

Ahuad also posted on Twitter saying that the car: “does not belong to the Department, nor to a civil servant.”

Either way, Camacho is no longer employed by the Department.