Police violence in the region has been increasing. Photo via Iguazu Noticias.

A horrible two-minute video featuring a police officer beating and threatening a young man under arrest in Tucumán is making the rounds in local media and causing public indignation, especially given ongoing unrest in the province.

La Gaceta Tucumán was the first to expose the video, which appears to have been taken by a fellow police officer on his cell phone. (We can only assume the other officer did not film the video to expose problems with police violence but rather to get some kicks out of it. Which is sad and terrible.)

The clip shows the officer slapping the boy, shaking his head violently, knocking him to the ground and shouting verbal abuse such as, “Why don’t you respect me, boy [chango, in the original Spanish]? Why do you keep breaking my balls? Why don’t you pay attention to me?” the officer says as the youth falls to the ground.

The clip was shot around four months ago, before the Tucumán election meltdown and ensuing violence, but points to an alarming trend of police brutality in the region and around the country. According to a report from the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS), police brutality has been on the rise in the last decade due to a lack of oversight and controls.

The press has not yet identified the abusive police officer.

Sadly, cases of police brutality here are not rare. A similar video surfaced of a Tucumán officer torturing another adolescent last September.