While we were all marveling at the terrifying hail storm that hit Mar del Plata this afternoon, completely oblivious to the fact that very soon Mother Nature and her evil twin, Climate Change, will swiftly erase us from the face of the Earth, one man’s crusade against the storm was caught by a citizen journalist who promptly sent it to C5N so the entire country could mock him admire his bravery.

Here is a man courageously defending what is clearly his most precious possession on the planet (his car) from the tennis ball-sized chunks of ice that fell from the sky. The desperate warrior seems to fend off hailstone after hailstone in an apocalyptic scene that seems taken from The Day After Tomorrow. It is unclear whether he’s swimming or trying to make snow (hail?) angels, but whatever it is, you shouldn’t miss it.

So remember: climate change is no laughing matter. Except when this happens.


“Man Vs. Nature” obviously took Twitter by storm, with people mostly laughing at the poor guy:

Oh, look at that! At least one guy said he supported his actions. Hey, it could be worse. It could be zero.

And kudos to You Tube user Julian Valdez for making me laugh out loud with his comment:

“And so the first transformer was born…”.

Clap, clap, clap, clap.