Disney is allegedly taking legal action against Vicky Xipolitakis for using its brand without the proper authorization. Oh, Vics. Photo via ciudad.cdncmd.com/

After flouting flight codes and breaking electoral regulations, our favorite criminal is at it again, this time in legal hot water with none other than the Wonderful World of Disney.

Turns out Vicky Xipolitakis wasn’t just restoring her good graces before the eyes of the Lord these past few weeks: the celeb was busy shooting her very own YouTube mini series, “Viky Mouse’s Office,” a program in which she ostensibly fulfills her dream of becoming one of Walt’s classic characters.

Here’s the trailer for those of you who are interested. Quick warning: Mickey Mouse may never be the same to you again.

Problem is, she never asked Disney for permission to include Mickey in her show and now the US-based company is allegedly taking legal action against her for using its brand without the proper authorization.

Also, objectifying Mickey is a tad weird. Limits, Vics, limits.