Photo via YouTube.

If you were on Austral flight 2708 from Buenos Aires to Rosario last Monday, your life was in the hands of “actress” Vicky Xipolitakis, a local celeb famous for being famous. And usually naked. Basically, the Argentine version of a Kim Kardashian.

Not a pleasant thought.

Thursday night, Telenoche released a video featuring the star in the plane’s cockpit “hanging out” with the pilots during takeoff. That in itself is already a violation of international law, but to make matters worse, the two pilots — Patricio Zocchi Molina y Federico Matías Soaje — also let her control one of the accelerators.

Watch and weep, folks:

For those of you wondering just what the hell these pilots were thinking, well, one of them told the star that, “This plane is a little bit yours because we all pay taxes.” So remember to pull that card next time you feel like playing pilot on a 747.

Another hilarious/cringe-worthy moment in the video is when one of the pilots asks Xipolitakis not to show the video to anybody. “I’ll take you down with me,” he assures her, to which our young vixen responds: “You’d love to take me down.” *Shudder*

Xipolitakis took the video as well as several Twitter photos herself. This is not the first time she has tried to get access to a cockpit using her fame as an excuse (duh!), but apparently this is the first time that it’s worked. Needless to say, Twitter lost its collective shit:

Aerolíneas Argentinas stated that legal action will be taken against the star and the two pilots for violating Article 190 of the Criminal Code, part of the international standards of airplane security. The pilots have been fired, obviously, and face up to eight years in prison. Xipolitakis has been banned from flying on the airline for five years.

Friday evening, Xipolitakis released several heartfelt tweets about how sorry she was and how it’s not her fault and, best of all, how she’s the victim. She added that her “only addiction is happiness.” Good to know.

Of course, no celebrity-flying-an-airplane scandal would be complete without a little political intrigue. This is, after all, election season, so naturally, some were quick to suggest ulterior motives behind the video’s release.

You see, Mariano Recalde, the head of Aerolíneas Argentinas, is running for mayor of Buenos Aires as a Victory Front (FvP) party candidate. Cabinet Chief Aníbal Fernández suggested the video’s release was a “beautiful” smear campaign against the Kirchnerite candidate. Considering running the airline is pretty much all Recalde has on his resume, this flap is not good.

Plus, to top it all off, Xipolitakis definitely violated the “no small electronics during take-off” rule. We’ve got a real delinquent on our hands.