It seems patriotism in Venezuela comes with a cost: not wiping your arse.

In case you hadn’t heard, Venezuelans are struggling to find toiler paper in the supermarket.

In the last week the lack of toilet paper has further aggravated and Venezuelans are enculados (upset) while they roam back and forth to buy what is now considered to be a luxury product. The paper shortage has become a scatological alarm, drawing attention from all over the world to the grave situation generated by the government’s open war with the private industry. In Venezuela there is now a “basic consumer goods’ black market” which also results in this idiocy. At least if it ever comes to that here, people will soon start talking about “the blue diaper”.

The government’s inability to sort this out – they promised last week they would import 50 million rolls – has led to a different strategy: using the customary socialist rhetoric, foreign minister Elías Jaua raised the ultimate dilemma of choosing between toilet paper or your country.

At this point, probably a large number of Venezuelans just want to tell Jaua to go wipe his goddamn ass.

(Story via Infobae, Photo via The Atlantic)