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US Secretary Of State John Kerry had a positive message for the Macri administration at a meeting with business people at the Sheraton Hotel this morning: “The Macri Administration is on the right track. I come with the same optimism that Obama came with in March and am excited about the possible future of Argentina.”

Kerry is in the City of Buenos Aires for 24 hours to reportedly reinforce the fairly new relations between Argentina and the US, continue developing the bilateral agenda set by Obama’s visit in March and work on the drug-trafficking agreements previously set between the two countries.

Kerry arrived past 9:30 AM at the Sheraton to give a speech to more than 200 business people from the Chamber of Commerce of the United States in Argentina (Amcham).

Trade agreements between the two countries were announced in March, but Kerry said that the promise of investments of US $20 million from companies in Argentina “is the floor, not the ceiling” in the context of future relations between the two countries.

Kerry outlined four agenda points that the US has for future relations with Argentina:

  1. Education: “It’s important that the private sector help generate excellence in education, that Argentina follow this path to create income equality.”
  2. Investment and Trade: “We support Macri’s wishes to reintegrate Argentina into the world economy, and hope that they will be the organizers of the G20 meeting in 2018. The US 20,000 million in investment is the floor, not the ceiling, if Macri continues his economic reform.”
  3. Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses: “If our goal is to advance the middle class, we must do what can to help small businesses and startups in Argentina and Latin America.”
  4. Renewable Energy: “Climate change is happening quicker than we imagined and we must place an emphasis on renewable energy that is easier and cheaper to use and will help combat climate change.”

The renewal of ties between Argentina and the US after they’d disintegrated under the previous Kirchner administration began in March, when Obama tangoed his way into the hearts of the Macri administration.

The US’s relationship with the Kirchner administration wasn’t exactly the best. Kirchner pursued an insular policy during her presidency and following Macri’s election, Argentina has begun reaching out to other countries around the world to reenter global markets.